If Mike Brown Died Like Jesus, He’s late Resurrecting Himself.

This is the kind of stupid that gets suckered by race baiting so called “Pastors” who’d compare Mike Brown’s death to the death of Jesus.

Comparing The death of Michael Brown to the death of Jesus is a stretch. If you asked Jesus how much of a stretch, He’d hold out His arms and say “About this much.” Also, you can’t compare the how without the why. Jesus selflessly died on a rescue mission. Mike Brown did not.
These race baiting pastors are low, and woe to the sheeple who applauded and embraced such nonsense. That goes for people listening to Russell Brand Too. Hear more in this ZoNation!

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  • naiher

    love this

  • hereIstand

    One of the best things I’ve heard in a long while. Thank you.

  • Clint Starrett

    Zo you’re cooler than a cucumber man

  • Yellowpinky

    He’d hold out His arms and say, “About this much”. Right on.

  • Bryan Lyman

    I find it hilarious when people try to tie unrelated things together, like, this young boy was drunk with wine before that policeman arrested him; Jesus turned water into wine…see, so this boy is like Jesus because he likes wine. OH! and he was swimming at the swimming pool yesterday, and Jesus was baptized in water…see, just like Jesus.

    What I don’t find funny is that people were bobbin’ their heads in agreement, Numbskulls!

  • laurie

    You are brilliant

  • Jim Robertson

    Thank you for being the voice of reason.


    Apparently, LBJ was right! 50 years gone and counting! Only 150 years left until maybe it is realized that the Liberals are your new “Slave masters!”


    Love your work there ZO……..Please keep going,THX

  • J_R_K

    “Jesus would be turning over in his grave, if he was still in there.” ….. LOL

    Great job, Zo. It’s a good thing you’re out there, and those like you. Sometimes it seems we’ve come to a point where the most marketable commodity in America is stupidity and there are just way to many individuals out there making a killing selling it. We need more people like you, with fully functioning brains to curb the trend.

    I learned something from this video: Russel Brands voice is more irritating than the screeching of Hilary Clinton. Thanks for keeping that clip short. I never heard of him before, but I immediately suspected that his thoughts are only entertaining to pot smoking crack heads. I might be wrong, but he sure reminded me of the “peace, love, dope” idiots of the 1960’s. You know, the Baby Boomer crowd that was hollering “Down with the establishment” when they were 17 and 18 who, when they were 47 and 48 were griping about “I just don’t know what kids to these days!” Russel Brand seems to be stuck in a time warp or something, chasing his own tail, I suppose.

    As for that preacher, he strikes me as just another Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton, Jeremiah Wright wannabe and his audience is just a conglomeration of misguided “children” listening with rapt attention to their local Pied Piper.

    • f8tule

      he wasn’t even funny when I was smoking pot… I couldn’t tell you about crack heads..
      All pot smoker’s aren’t hippies… It takes a special kind of stupid to be a hippie…
      I saw him in a movie and I think he was married to Katy Perry, until that devil worshipper ( I may be wrong, she may have come back around), came to her senses… at lease that sense.. lol..

      otherwise I have to agree with you…. on everything…
      and wish Mr. Rachel God Speed in spreading his word..
      oh, and the 20lb. Sledge Album Divine Battery Rocks….

  • Sunshine Kid

    Alfonzo is adept at unwinding and comparing stupidity with logic and still get the point across without profanity. That’s refreshing.

  • suzyshopper

    How can a parent sit there and listen to someone eulogize their son, comparing him to Jesus, all the while knowing that their son was nothing like Jesus, how do u lie too yourself, when u know that your son, really wasn’t the angel,he was portrayed as!Even I as a parent , know that my son,is not capable of always making good choices???

  • I cringed when I heard that Pastor. ugh.

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