ZoNation: I Dig Ladies, Not Feminists

zo Warning: Graphic Images. Some female protesters in Egypt did nasty stuff to the nasty ISIS flag. I can dig opposing Sharia, but this is crude, and is an example of where prideful feminism leads. It ain’t lady like. Thanks for watching my vids! If you like the message in them then You’ll have a BLAST nukin’ the liberal Narrative with my audio book of Christian Conservalicious profundus, written and read by Me! WEAPON OF A.S.S. DESTRUCTION! CLICK HERE OR IMAGE AND CHECK OUT SOME REVIEWS, AND GET YOUR COPY!!!

  • Gabe

    Did you just put this up on Facebook and then take it down? I watched it and went to share and FB said ‘you’ had removed the post. Just curious.

  • Anita K Wilson

    Zo, I have been dealing with feminists since the early 70’s when I was going to nursing school. I was told how dumb I was to not want to be a doctor. Back then they were burning their bras but at least they kept their shirts on. Now it has dissolved into the nastiness of satan that spawned the whole movement. Sad part is they have no clue how they have been manipulated. Keep up the good work.

  • You make some great points. I laughed when I heard this gal did that to the ISIS flag, but it really is something I’d hate to see any of my relatives do.

    This is a great video. BTW I like the site redesign as well.

  • Edwin Hutchins

    Who needs to do homework when you can twerk ? Classic

    • William Fuzi

      I know it’s the little catch phrases at the end of his video’s that get me every time.

  • PMGKittVonKnox

    Why do feminists always feel they need to convey their message through lewdness? Lewd behavior is generally not acceptable and it only discredits their message. I call them fools.

    • James

      I know right. Like 99% of feminists can only protest by crapping on stuff. Great point.

    • alsodanlowe

      Clearly both of you (including ‘99%’ James) have never taken the time to explore the literally millions of pages of scholarship contributed by feminists. Lewdness is not at all the standard.

    • PMGKittVonKnox

      Then radicals like these women put all feminists to shame. Why don’t other feminists stop them from embarrassing the rest? Similar to how “moderate” Muslims don’t stop radical Jihadi terrorists.

    • PMGKittVonKnox

      It may not be the standard, but they certainly get the most attention and disgust the average person.

  • Imtoooldforthis

    I disagreed with a male on a discussion site and he told me that I am a self hating feminist and he’s glad he’s gay. When I replied that I am a happily married female who does not believe in feminism and I like being a woman with children and a husband who loves me his response was that all females are feminists at heart. I then responded with Let me guess, you were married, had children and then “discovered” you are gay and now you’re angry as a hornet that you have to pay child support, alimony and your exwife won’t ever forgive you for lying to her about your preference for men. What his response was I will not even type. Not all females believe in the feminist movement. Only the dumb ones. No matter what your education level a person can still be an idiot. I figure if God can forgive them I can pity them. Until they wake up and smell the coffee they’ll hurting females across the world.

    • Gayle Schermerhorn

      I agree with you! Gays and Lesbos will never agree with you just as long as you agree with them. They are one sided.

    • urbanvrwcmom

      Leftists frost me with their thinking that they know what makes you and me tick. Just like Sherry Jones, who replied to my other post, said, they don’t know me and I most certainly don’t want to know them.

  • Andrew

    Another brilliant monologue sir.

  • urbanvrwcmom

    On another comment thread, a leftist female said that I’m not really a woman because of my conservative views. Likewise, I had a black male leftist say that I’m not really black because of the same thing the Genderstapo said. Who made these miscreants arbiters of whom people should be, just because they subscribe to differing viewpoints from that of the former?

    • Sherry Jones

      They think they made themselves arbiters. All they really are are hypocrites. I generally just ignore them. They have no idea who I am and I don’t care who they are. Love the “Genderstapo”, BTW. Mind if I use that one?

    • urbanvrwcmom

      “Genderstapo” is a play on Rush Limbaugh’s “feminazi”. Yes, feel free to use Genderstapo; spread it far and wide, make it as popular as feminazi. A name I came up with for the black leftist criminal element is “Ghettosnipe”. Obama and Holder are ghettosnipes to the max!

  • ssoldie

    I totally agree with alfonzo. I found the picture revolting.

  • M Green

    GOD BLESS YOU!!!!! That’s it! As a woman who’s grown up with the actual implementation of feminism in our culture, I can absolutely attest to how oppressive feminism is. In essence, I have to work like a man while still being a woman–so I have to work twice as hard to be counted as equal. Yeah, no thanks!

  • S. Boward

    Spot on, Zo!! From the birth of Jesus, to His careful upbringing, to facilitating His first miracle at Cana, God elevated our Holy Mother and all women far beyond anything feminism can offer. A good wife does obey her husband because Christ commanded husbands to love their wives as He loves the church, and because she can trust in her husband to always do what is best for her. This doesn’t lower a woman’s status, it enhances it, because a good husband can always trust his wife to do what is best for him. With and through God,and the love and respect a couple shows each other, they are both elevated, both as individuals and yet, as one .

  • TruStJ

    My new favorite conservative, speak on, speak out and spread the word!

  • Antonio Liles

    I have a very strong wife. She is a 20+ year veteran of the Air Force. She is more than capable of taking care of herself!

    Yet, she values that it is MY primary responsibility, as her husband and father to our children to protect them. She values that I find her attractive both physically and mentally! She values what I contribute to the well fare of our family. There is nothing sexist about it. We value each other as husband and wife, as man an woman.

    My wife is more caring, loving and understanding with our children than I am. Not that I do not absolutely love my children! She is simply better at it! Through her example, she makes me strive to be better myself! At the same time, I am larger, stronger, and more aggressive than she is. I am more prone to seek out dangers to our family and eliminate them.

    We each have our role within the family and accept them with vigor. Neither of us see anything wrong with celebrating our differences and living up to our full potential as man and woman.

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