ZoNation: John Kerry, Climate Clergy

Accept the earth into your heart, and the state into your mind and pocket.

John Kerry, in typical liberal fashion being selective about scripture, and gets a pass from the “Separation of church and state” libs. Hear more in this ZoNation!

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  • Bryan Lyman

    Neo-Paganism…so true. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fg5ejLGEnZk#t=113 “Oh mighty twig, you are powerful and…twig-like!” Soon the Eco-Nazis will change the Democrats party logo from a Donkey to a tree and call their nominee “The Grand Druid”.

    • Sherry Jones

      As a Pagan myself, I would it appreciate it if you wouldn’t insult something about which you know nothing. Whatever that “neo-paganism” crap is you’re talking about, it has nothing to do with what we believe or what our priorities are.

    • BO_stinks

      actions speak louder than words.

    • Sherry Jones

      Who’s actions, exactly? Kerry’s? You’re right, they do. And by his actions he is clearly NOT a Pagan, no matter what label he or anyone else wants to put on him. No one who understands anything at all about the spiritual path of Paganism as it’s practiced today would EVER refer to Kerry as a Pagan. Or a neo-Pagan. Although I still don’t get the neo- part. What is that supposed to mean, anyway?

    • Bryan Lyman

      Neo is greek suffix for “New”, when people say Neo-“something”, they usually mean similar to the old, but with a new age twist. Thus when people call someone a Neo-Con, they are saying you are not really a conservative, you are something similar to a conservative with twisted ideals. There are Neo-Nazis, Neo-Goths, etc. So When someone says Neo-Pagan, they are saying the twisted Pagans of the new age.

    • Sherry Jones

      Right…. sorry, that’s what I get for replying to anything at 5am with only one swallow of coffee in me. I knew that, the knowledge was just buried in my still-sleeping brain. As for “twisted Pagans of the new age”, there aren’t any. If they’re “twisted” they aren’t Pagans, regardless of what they may call themselves. Calling yourself a Pagan doesn’t make you a Pagan if you don’t follow that spiritual path any more than going to a Cathedral automatically turns you into a Catholic.

    • Bryan Lyman

      I had no idea that anyone besides militant eco-terrorists had claimed the title “neo-pagan”. I am not insulting you or your belief set, whatever that may be, I wouldn’t mind one bit if you explained it to me either. That being said, I will not apologize for offending someone who uses deceit and scare tactics in the name of mother-nature to confiscate land and repress the constitutional rights of private citizens to own property. So if you do not fall into that category, do not be offended; on the other hand, if you do fall into that category, I hope you are offended and I hope you get struck by your lighting deity for your lies and communist ideals!

  • CarolinaSistah

    hahaahhaa! doody! Zo is hilarious!

  • Sherry Jones

    Alfonzo, this once I have to disagree with you as far as the whole “neo-paganism” thing. I’m a pagan myself, and it’s very frustrating when people who know absolutely nothing about what we believe today, what our priorities are today, and use the beliefs that existed as “paganism” 1000 years ago to attack us. Please learn something about modern day pagans before you insult us again. Thank you.

    • CarolinaSistah

      How did he insult you as a professing pagan?


    Long-Haired, Maggot-Infested, Dope-Smoken’- F.M.-Type, Environmentalist-Wackos. They all need their breathing ceased. Of course that would include the pagan types like sherry jones below.

  • BO_stinks

    kerry is like a mass murderer trying to tell us not to murder. He’s output pollution dozens of times more than the average american citizen. hypocrisy thy name is demoncrat.

  • BobbyMac99

    Lookup HAARP – High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program (HAARP) is an ionospheric research program, and then tell me about how we are screwing up our planet.

  • Simon J.


    Great piece, as usual. Good job pointing out the inversion of the created order behind these statements, and the hypocrisy of Democrats who scream bloody murder if we draw our morality from the Bible, but brag on how they go to it.

    As for the moon god part, I’ve not seen enough to convince me of that. I totally agree that it is foolish, and even blasphemous, to equate the god of Islam with the one true God. As for the word Allah, though, it is used by our brother Christians in the middle east.

    The Muslims try to claim “Allah” is a personal name for God that doesn’t have a traditional etymology, but as Christians from the region have explained to me, the word illah or illahu is the generic Arabic word for “god” (Hebrew has a similar root elah used occasionally in the Bible). Therefore, in Arabic, to say “The God” you would say al-illah, which got jammed together into Allah.

    All that being said, Muhammad grabbed liberally from the Arian heresy, Gnostic heretics’ traditions, and various pagan systems to come up with a syncretistic heresy of his own making (or of the making of whatever devil kept assaulting him in his cave), and the god he proclaims is an impostor, different from YHWH in every important level.

    Keep up the good work!

  • preachercop

    How do you not have your own show on a major TV channel? Your critiques seem to hit it out of the park. Good job.

  • Jamie

    God created us first, then the earth.

  • f8tule

    The way I see it, and remember from high school (Concordia Lutheran), we have but one God, anything else is born of Lucifer.. and this is also why I say I am faithful to Jesus and don’t call myself a Christian or any religion… It’s only a mental thing about the word Christian… but religion was also born of lucifer… so Allah(mohammed’s version – don’t spit when you say the h – lol), or however to me is nothing more than a demon sent from Lucifer, or Lucifer himself, to guide islam to take over the world… and they will.. I believe that is in the bible..

    But these make-believe bible thumpers are exactly that..make-believe… Lucifer has the most silver of tongues… so if you have Christ in your heart make sure and ask Jesus by name to let him know that you are, in fact, talking with or praying to Jesus.. it works…

    anyway,, the bible also says that the lovers of earth are not the lovers of Christ and that we cannot destroy the earth, that is something only God can accomplish..

  • Imtoooldforthis

    They are big readers of the Bible at the state department? They don’t read it they use it as t.p. He’s a liar liar liar. May God forgive him for his idiocy. I myself just feel sorry for him because he’s so lost.

  • Imtoooldforthis

    Alfonzo I have to say this. Don’t get angry with me. This planet is not our cradle it is the house of God. Man can build all the churches and places of worship they please but there will never be a house like the one that God has built for us. No matter where we walk on this planet we may see God’s work and his hand in a simple leaf. We may worship while crossing a street or sitting by a lake. God made this house so that we would always know that no matter where we are He is with us. I taught my children that this planet is God’s church and needs to be taken care of and they are teaching their children the same thing. Sound’ strange? When my grandchildren recycle their first thought is that they are helping the house of God. What better way to teach a child? Love your posts and keep up the good work.

  • Scott M. Kruchell

    I heard the statement and could not wait to hear what Zo had to say.I knew it would be good.
    Not far from where I live is a community, very well off in every regard, River Hills. They have on their sign when you go their community that they “Are the environmentally aware !”
    Being a Christian and a CONSERVATIVE Human Being, it just seems to me to be COMMON SENSE that we should take care of the Earth. There is no other place for us to go. Especially since BO, the Democrats and other liberal cronies have all but killed NASA and space exploration, among other things.
    Seriously these people are not only crazy, they are Dangerous. I bugs me to NO END that I have a “step” son that has fallen for ALL OF THIS PC BS. Even after Al Gore’s “Inconvenient Truth” joke of a movie and “Climate gate”, he is still a “believer”.
    The sad thing is he is attempting to drag the rest of our family into this. I have had to argue with my wife and discuss with my 5 year old daughter about his lies and other total bs dealing with issue. By the way, he believes the Bible is a book filled with “nice “moral” stories” and has NO REAL MEANING OR RELIVENCE IN TODAYS SOCIETY.
    He has fallen for the line that “they are all the same “god”. While at the same time he truly believes that the government has “invented god” to manipulate and control people. His example is the King James Version of the Bible.
    PLEASE PRAY FOR ME, I’m getting sick and tired of this. This with Zo, is my break from the insanity.

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