Sledge Response to “Dear White People PSA”

Screen Shot 2014-09-18 at 6.43.51 AMA few folks have been asking’ me about the “Dear White People PSA.
20 lb SLEDGE responds to race baiters who thrive off racism. We’re just doing our part in demolition duty to Sledge through this nonsense!

On a side note, how is that people are so quick on the draw to pull out their phones to record anything, yet nobody has footage of the confrontation between Daren Wilson and Mike Brown? That was plenty of time for someone to start recording.

  • Patrick

    Y’all rock!

  • arnie

    No you guys really Rock!

  • Claudia Bird

    When I first saw this video, I was really angry. My first thought was, ok, having black friends, or buying black cultural merchandise is just playing up to black folks, but if I buy their arm band, I’m cool and I’m supporting the cause….huh? really? And then using children in such a manner is atrocious to me. Nothing like filling their little minds with racism for the cause…. I also thought of Alfonso and was very interested in what he would have to say about it. I cannot stress enough the good works 20lbs Sledge is doing. Please keep up the good work guys, love ya!!!

  • Bryan Lyman

    ZO, I expected a “flying wife shoe” on the Sonnie Johnson, Daneen Barelli, and Harris Faulkner portions. The Dove square comment hits home…Dove is AWESOME!

  • Jeff Eller

    God bless you my brothers!!!

  • Lynelle White

    I was cool with it until you objectified the women you mentioned. These women are intelligent. They HAPPEN to be beautiful. Similarly…you guys are smart. You HAPPEN to be black. Focus on the former over the latter. That’s what you guys would want for yourselves…isn’t it? I’m sure none of these women would appreciate your “googly-eyed” stares if they were actually in the same room with you.

    • Wibbins

      How’s the weather up there on your high horse? Can they not be attracted to their intellect as well as their beauty? You’re assuming that just because they “oogled” that all they were thinking about was their bodies.

    • Lynelle White

      The weather’s fabulous up here. How’s the weather down where you are garden gnome? Please rewatch the video with your eyes open this time. The images were shown of the women and then the whole band’s EYE BUGGED OUT. And you interpret that as respecting their intellect? As far as them being attracted to their intellect as well as their beauty, that’s not how the video came across. At all. But don’t listen to me, a female. Look below and see how another commenter, who happens to be male, expected a “flying wife shoe” to be thrown when Sonny, etc. were mentioned. If you don’t know what the “flying wife shoe” is then please go and watch Zo’s other videos. I’ll be waiting right here while you do your homework and catch up to the rest of the class.

    • Riccio1967

      I would stoop to low-blows, since apparently you are an intellectual white liberated woman who doesn’t want attention from us, the male species.
      Respectfully, I wouldn’t expect any other comment from a strong independent woman. But even independent women need a man who appreciates them or ‘eyes’ them, it’s good for their self-esteem. Women appreciate the fact that their man or a man checks them out. (not in a pervert kind of way). Just appreciating the beauty of nature, how God created women in general. If this were offensive to any woman, these guys wouldn’t have done it. And it is not just external, it is also internal.

      And the ‘flying wife shoe’ comment I do not get, I assume it is about spousal abuse? Well, that also happens in white house-holds and even women on men. But I’ll check out the video’s of Zo’s.

    • Riccio1967

      I meant to write: I wouldn’t stoop to low-blows… sorry for the hick-up.

    • Lynelle White

      Riccio… God Bless you for trying, man. Let’s see. Where do I begin? First off, I’m a black woman and not a “liberated white woman” as you called it. There should be a picture to the left.

      Also, my self-esteem comes from within. Not from men finding me attractive nor does it have ANYTHING to do with what men are thinking about me. I get my self-esteem from the fact that I graduated from the Air Force Academy and became an active duty pilot. I flew all over the world for ten years and continue to serve as a reservist. I get my self-esteem from owning my own home and paying my taxes and being a productive member of society. I could go on and on, but I won’t because you’ll probably just see it as bragging. Point being — I was able to do all these things because I was SUPER SMART and WORKED HARD. Not because I was pretty, or tall, or any other physical attribute.

      Zo and his band members do not walk on water. They are not above critique. I had issues with portions of the video so I said so. It’s not that women don’t want attention from men. What I’m criticizing is the MANNER in which that attention was displayed in this video. Zo and the gang making exaggerated faces like they’d just seen a porno when Sonny, etc. were mentioned IS NOT OKAY.

      I could tell you what the “flying wife shoe” bit is about but that would just be some liberal spoon-feeding on my part and I don’t roll that way. Good luck out there, Riccio.

    • Zo

      Catch up with the rest of the class? You have no class to catch up to.

    • Lynelle White

      Wow. Such wit. Such originality. No wonder you’re blocking me. This isn’t even a fair fight. And I’ll leave this board…I don’t have some sad need to get the last word in so I’ll bequeath it to you, Mr. Insecure. And to think… all this jumped off here and on FB because little old me DARED to offer criticism of one of your “videos”. And people are supposed to listen to what you have to say?! Insert eye roll *here*. Good night, ladies and gentlemen. I’m off to Blocksville.

    • naiher

      As a woman I can understand what you mean by this, but I didn’t take it as the band being disrespectful in the least. I took it as a joke…..I’m pretty sure their wives WOULD throw a shoe at them if they were truly looking at these women in this manner.

    • Lynelle White

      In the wake of all the issues going on in the NFL and the ongoing debate about how we value women in this country, I found the “joke” particularly ill-timed. But everyone’s tastes vary.

      I critiqued Alfonzo on FB for this video and he basically attacked me as “warped”. God forbid, anyone have a dissenting opinion about the content in his videos. How dare I point out that he and his crew might want to rethink how they came across when the female conservatives were mentioned. Well, he picked the wrong chic to try and bully.

    • Zo

      Wrong chic to try to Bully? I can dig it. Stupid people can be dangerous. Like people who drink and drive. you’re stupidity also shows that you can’t distinguish what an attack is. The one who attacked and mischaracterized me is you. I responded to you, and pointed out that you were wrong. You can’t handle it. That’s not an attack genius, and it’s further poof that you’re the attacker as you try to wage idle threats. You’re not intimidating at all, despite you thinking “you’re the wrong person to bully, (which I never did bully you) But your stupidity is quite frightening.

    • Lynelle White

      If I’m so stupid…why block me from responding? I guess you only want people to post who agree with everything you say. Pardon me, I thought it was a forum for debate and discussion. That’s the way we grow as a country. Not by name calling in, blocking and attempting to bully someone off a board who thinks differently than you.

      Took me all of two seconds to figure out a way around your “block”. Now who’s stupid?

    • So let me get this right? You demand respect as a woman but call yourself a racist name? That makes no sense at all. I am part Native American but yet you do not see myself calling me savage. Secondly where are you with the many music videos that depict women as sex slaves? I mean you are spending so much time attacking them for making googly eyes at women but not even one sentence on 99% of pop and rap culture. Where they are treating women far worse.

    • Lynelle White

      What racist name do I call myself? If you’re referring to my last name, that was given to me by my father and his father before that. I didn’t get to pick it out of then air. You as part Native American should understand that. As for the music videos, how do you know I’m not addressing those issues in the CORRECT FORUM where it belongs?! Why would I bring that up here? I would address those issues on sites that focus on rap and pop culture. You follow me?

    • No chic. Is racist to most people. I mean I am not saying your beef is not justified or not I am just pointing out there’s a lot worse things out there than four guys looking at women. I mean I do not know if you notice but a lot of guys do the same thing. Right or wrong it is a guy nature.

    • Lynelle White

      Hmm. I think you mean chic is sexist. Not sure what the word chic has to do with race. This forum is fun! And just because a lot of guys do something, that doesn’t make it okay. We all need to DO BETTER. Agreed?

    • Yes but I bet you do it to guys.

    • Lynelle White

      You’re delusional. No point in discussing anything with you.

    • See you deflect because you know you do it.

    • Lynelle White

      Do what? I have no idea what you’re even talking about because you haven’t even written a complete sentence. Please go back to your mom’s basement. I’m through giving you any of my attention. You are unworthy of it.

    • Says the person who cannot do something as simple as follow a converstaion. It is funny how you still try to deflect at the same time insult me. pretending to all of a sudden not know anything. It is really sad and proves the point the ones that scream the loudest about sexism are themselves sexest.

    • Lynelle White

      I cannot follow you because your spelling, grammar and sentence structure are horrific. Is English your first language? It’s “conversation” not converstaion. And it’s “sexist” not sexest. And nobody was screaming. Ever. I made a simple observation about the video. Get over yourself and get back under the bridge, you little troll. 🙂

    • I find it funny how you trolls just start making fun of people’s spelling and grammar while ignoring the mean issues. Which means I won this debate because I proved you are a hypocrite.

    • Imtoooldforthis

      There is nothing wrong with men or women appreciating beauty when they see it. It is human nature to “look” and I thing it’s a total over reaction to condemn them for it. I’m female so let’s not start with the what a pig you are stuff. I was a part of the script and if you’re offended deal with it. As long as they are true to God and themselves that all that counts.

    • Phydeux

      Connor Kenway is a professional dog-whistle detector. He can sense a racist remark from 15 forums away, even if its not actually there.

      Feel free to ignore him, most of us who frequent Disqus do.

    • Phydeux

      Chic is a fashion term.
      Chick is slang for a woman.

    • I never knew that but still.

    • pink44

      As a conservative female, I don’t see them as taking offense to it. We aren’t going to be ok with men smacking our butts or calling us derogatory names, but to acknowledge attraction for these women in this context, seems to point just as much to intellectual attraction as physical. Liberals are constantly attacking conservatives by saying they don’t respect women for anything aside from being housewives. In the video, They mentioned intelligent, outspoken, conservative black women, as being more, which they find attractive. Finding such objectionable offense to it gives me the impression that you just wanted to take offense. They obviously acknowledge more to these women than their appearance.

      To find the joke ill-timed based on the nfl makes no sense to me. Its even offensive because it’s offensive or it isn’t. What does timing have to do with it… If you are a liberal, I get why your offended – because the opposition by liberals is almost always: that’s racist, that’s sexist, or that’s homophobic.

    • JenniferP

      Sweeite, get a grip. they did nothing ugly, just showed aprreciation. I am a grandma and saw no issue with fact that they found these highly intelligent women to also be attractive. We all like attractive people. You are creating an issue out of some poor teaching concerning what is inappropriate and aggressive.

    • Phydeux

      And men don’t roll their eyes when they hear the wives squealing with their friends over some hot male singer who likes to rip his shirt off mid-concert?

      Men don’t hold a monopoly on ogling the opposite sex or praising hotties. There’s PLENTY of pictures out there of 30 and 40-something moms holding signs offering themselves to Justin Bieber even BEFORE he was legal!

      The good thing here is that these guys aren’t just praising these women for being hot, but also for their intelligence and their conservative views. And isn’t that what women always want? Men who value them for MORE than just their body?

      Apparently appreciating a woman for her body, mind, and intellect STILL isn’t enough. What are we missing now?

  • Ira Barron

    At no point did you mention that he was shot six times.
    At no point did you mention the recording of the shots.
    At no point did you mention that Ferguson is a black majority city ran by a republican mayor.
    Fail, as usual.

    • 1956cyndi

      12 witnesses (according to non FOX MSM) say he was bull rushing, after had already fractured Wilson’s eye socket- so there is more to the story. If majority is black, then majority should getout the vote and run. If so, maybe the majority is republican, I don’t know.

    • Ira Barron

      …Wow, those internet rumors are still alive? That rumor is the worst type of racism. You’re saying that this kid was shot 6 times, yet still kept coming. As if he was some sort of animal. But then again, you did say he was “bull rushing”.

      Nope, no racism here lol

    • Ira Barron

      The whole “12 witnesses” nonsense was rejected because it didn’t meet the standards for publication (Christine Byers) btw.

    • Phydeux

      When you commit to shoot a suspect, you shoot to kill, period. You don’t go for the knees, or try for the shoulder in hopes of disabling him. You shoot to stop the threat, and if it takes 6 shots for him to stop coming at you, then that’s what it takes.

      I’ve heard of guys dumping entire clips into a guy hopped up on PCP, and even shots to the brain didn’t stop him. So cops do what they have to until you stop coming.

  • Ira Barron

    I liked how you swoon over all of the conservative women…but kira davis lol

  • Ira Barron
  • mike

    Typical Uncle Tom logic. It wasn’t master’s fault, we were being bad! Let’s just blame “street rats”, rap music and black culture instead looking at the root of most poverty and crime. In all seriousness, if you guys are willing to say this stuff on video, Faux News is hiring Uncle Toms and it’s a pretty lucrative position.

  • John Thelibslayer Smith

    Awesome and on point! What more can be said…..

  • Zoomie72

    Well done, Sledge.

  • jay

    Very well done! As I see it (my opinion), the issue is still fighting “the man”. While having your mouth on the gubmint teat. In other words you are being an Oxymoron. Yep. Bad behavior is “Bad Behavior”. As for the young lady (below), repeately trying to divert the issue from said behavior, to men making googly eyes, well I just gotta laugh. Typical lib/prog nonsense. You see, in all the tv, video, and movies it’s ok to do this “ogling”. What you fail to understand is that you can’t ogle these women, because they are strong, conservative, moral women. I bet you only saw the “conservative” in the previous sentence, didn’t you? The point is, anyone who is moral and conservative, can’t be a real part of our society. They are uncle tom’s, oreo’s or whatever insult du jour is popular. But guy’s, we can still enjoy beauty, wherever we find it. Whether LW Barbi likes it or not.

  • f8tule

    I think that might have been your best yet. And I like how you incorporated Sledge with it.. Y’all have awesome music, and now I see y’all are what you sing… Innocent until proven guilty has been lost by these so-called lynch mobs.. Justice doesn’t seem to be what anybody is after these days, unless that Justice makes them feel better..

    Keep up God’s work Sledge..y’all are more like 100lb. sledge to me..

    God Bless!

  • Phydeux

    I really appreciate you guys putting this video together. Someone I know on Facebook has been posting that “Dear White People” PSA and I know if I said ANYTHING against it, I’d be labeled a bigot.

    So instead, I posted a link to this page so they can see your response. Keep up the good works, and keep telling people the unvarnished truth. I hope you get a national platform EVERYONE can see one of these days. There’s a lot of people who need to hear from you.

  • Just Gloria

    I’ve been waiting for y’all to respond to that “PSA” that was so full pc bull. They proved, without a doubt, as you say…they aren’t over racism, they are very under it. As always, great message. One of the people that I look up to is Booker T. Washington. A very wise man.

  • JenniferP

    I love you guys. You are all now in my prayers. Keep up your great work!

  • Scott M. Kruchell

    I am a WHITE MAN in my 40’s. I just recently had my step son and wife try to shove PC down my throat, all I said was a black woman had a bad attitude when she took my step son for his road test. the DMV office closed at noon and his was the last test for the day and she was the only instructor available. My step son & wife are Hispanic/ Latino(a).
    The funny thing is when I asked, “What do you call her/ them?” They couldn’t answer. But I was in the “dog house” with my wife for a short while.
    My question for Zo, 20# and others, Do you really object to being called black? I do actually have black friends that only object to the way and when it is said. But have no problem in general.

  • cuntsuella

    The way the chatter in this comments section has devolved into rants on sexism is beyond laughable.
    Women, you can lay all the expectations you want on men, that doesn’t change nature. Women walk around dressed like hookers and can’t understand why men would look at them the way they do. Women place such high pressure on themselves to paint a false face on, to cover their natural appearance, then have the audacity to claim they don’t like being ogled.
    Women are truly bipolar and complete frauds!

    All of the aforementioned isn’t even the funniest part, the funniest thing is that THIS sexist discussion is so far removed from the significance of the objective video!

    White, Black, Men, Women – WHO CARES!?!
    Alfonzo and his crew were DEAD ON with their message and you clowns COMPLETELY missed the opportunity to acknowledge the real point. A wise man once said, “Don’t throw pearls to pigs!” Now we know why! The pigs will think they are white peas!

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