Liberals. Tolerant and Accepting, But Not If Ya Have Down Syndrome.

Let’s examine the true colors of libs despite all that yap about tolerance, acceptance, and helping the needy. Hear more in this ZoNation!

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  • unklespunky


  • Edwin Hutchins

    Hey Zo….as dead flies give perfume a bad smell, a little folly out weighs wisdom and honor. Those guys a dead flies my friend.

  • Bryan Lyman

    It is interesting to me the amount of people who say, “I am not cut out to be a parent. If my kid had mental problems or something; I don’t think I could handle it.” and then run out and get a dog or a cat to fill the hole in their lonely lives. Some people view animals and pets as more important than humans. Don’t get me wrong I love pets, they’re great. But having a dog or a cat is like having a mentally challenged child for 15 or so years until they die. Pets are completely dependent on you from birth to death, they often can’t use the toilet, and they can’t hold a job or provide income for themselves; and they stay that way until they die and early death, in fact my wife refuses to get pets because it is sad that you can get so attached to something with such a short life-span.

    How much do you want to bet that most of these eugenics people have pets? No, I am not saying a human being with special needs is the equivalent an animal (I know you P.C. crazy idiots will try to pin that on me). What I am saying is that humanity and love are more than equations that you can simply zero-out and make yourself feel better; if you can feel companionship with a different species, I am sure you can feel the same or more with a human being regardless how “dependent” they are on you to survive. And I find it completely idiotic to push your so called “equality and betterment of all” line, when the only betterment you are thinking of is yourself. You can’t say it is heartless for someone to want someone to live if you don’t think a human being should even have a beating heart to take for a test drive in the first place. Trying to be “humane” by being in-humane isn’t going to work…sorry you cold-blooded cowardly murderers.

  • GoneFishing

    Liberalism is a series of teachable moments in hypocrisy.

  • David Bentley

    What is kind of frustrating to me is that Zo will take one person’s statement and he will morph it from one person’s statement into a statement from ALL “liberals” and rather than replying to that one person, will accuse all liberals of it. He paints with the same big ass paint brush that he vilifies Liberals for painting with. Kind of disingenuous, if you ask me… and, no, I’m not a Democrat or Liberal.

    • ziggy

      David, these are general ideals from libs. Try not to be to ignorant.

    • David Bentley

      I fail to see how I’m being “ignorant” by pointing out that making sweeping, general statements about a huge group of people is disingenuous. Great to see you enjoy respectful dialogue…

    • Jack

      you fail. liberals all repeat what they hear from their leaders. they are, by nurture, sheeple that just regurgitate the opinions of the libs in charge. now get outta here and learn something.

    • David Bentley

      I “fail?” At what? I don’t get it. Copy/Paste your statement and replace liberals/libs with conservatives/cons and the statement still sounds shallow and devoid of any perspective. You tell me to “learn something” yet you are the one exemplifying ignorance by painting entire segments of the population with the same exact brush in the same exact fashion as racists and other people with prejudiced views…. and I’M the one who needs to go learn something?

      Got it.

    • Jack

      see. you have just repeated what every liberal would say when challenged. thanks for making it easy.

    • David Bentley

      All the more confusing/hilarious as I am not a liberal.

    • Jack

      sounds like you are confused. which is hilarious. you off your meds?

    • David Bentley

      You must have me confused with someone here to banter. Moving along.

  • Laurel

    Same ‘quality of life/burden’ argument is being used to justify euthanasia as well. It appears as of late that the only life progressives want to protect is that of a bait fish or death row inmate.

  • Autism Mom

    Nearly all of us who found out our children had special needs after their birth would have said we weren’t cut out for the job, had we been consulted about the matter before conception 🙂 . I realize not everyone reading this will share my faith, but what i would say, after 15 years parenting 5 children, 2 of whom have special needs, is that all i have learned are summed up in 3 things:
    1. God chooses the parent for the child,and the child for the parent, whomever that child is.
    2. Special needs children are trapped by their disability, not broken by it. A real person is in there.
    3. How they love their lives, struggles and all. Through my tears i can see that they find life worth it, and for that reason, so do i.

  • jaws4316

    I can’t count the number of stories I’ve heard about babies being born perfectly healthy after doctors advised the Parents to terminate a pregnancy because the baby would “certainly” be born with massive and crippling disabilities. Thank God that not every Parent is foolish enough to listen to “professional” advice.

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