The Locust of Climate Change

The plague of self righteousness takes to the streets with their holier than thou hymns of hypocrisy. Hear more in this ZoNation!

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  • Walter

    Excellent…I’m on your side. The environment is being used to divide us because it is an argument that most people can see in some areas of the world where it has been abused.
    The Council on Foreign Relations, (CFR) is using the “Environment” as the “Hot” topic to get people to conform to “One World Government”. With “One World Currency”, “One World Leadership” and “One World Military” the United Nations Peace Keepers… We are all being led
    to believe that the Environment and “Earth” issues… will be used to “conform” people to their line of thinking.
    You find it in the schools today, (teach the little ones to believe in global warming)
    when their isn’t a bit of Scientific fact that supports their “Theory”. And it is all Theory…If their “Theories” were true, where is the proof? At best they can count rings in a tree…but they can’t predict the weather 50% of the time accurately; one week in advance. What we have here are “sheeple” that want a cause to believe in… without doing any real scientific or quantitative research. Why is is that two-thirds of the climatologist (scientists) agree that their just isn’t enough research backing up the remaining one-thirds fears? We are one Asteroid away from not being here. One Volcano and One Al Gore put out more BS than all the cars driving on the roads today. Just find out who the members of the CFR are, and you will understand everything I have written. Then read about the CFR… instead of ghosts in the closet.


    Long-Haired, Maggot-Infested, Dope-Smoken’, F.M.-Type, Environmentalist-Wackos, every damn one of them need to be Jimmy Hoffa’d

    • I can too

      Atta boy, if they don’t think like you, you want them killed. (sarc)

    • PATRIOT.WW48

      ooOOH, ya got me. So as the French say “I SURRENDER”……….Just Kidding. every environmentalist-wacko needs to be Jimmy Hoffa’d

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