Liberals Be-Headin’ Down The RAWNG Road.

Liberalism is a liability to America. Period. Their denial is dangerous, and their political correctness is an agent for the ruin of our republic. Going postal is turning into going Islamic. I’m sure Melissa Harris Perry would disagree. Hear more in this ZoNation!

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  • John

    *insert snarky ignorant atheist remarks about the God of the Old Testament being as evil as Muhammad*

  • Thomas J. Butman

    Yeah, Why do they do that?? Somehow they missed we are under a new contract.

  • Usi Nfidel

    Brilliant, as usual!

  • Maxamillion Mansionhouse III

    Fantastic video.
    Well said.

    You are saying the things that the mass media is scared to say!

  • 05Stang

    So mhp decides she is going to see it “in the context” of him being fired.. why?? That’s just a personal, cowardly opinion of hers that flies in the face of the preponderance of evidence that says otherwise. Next, liberal ill-logic says because there were 500 “workplace violence” deaths where we didn’t know the killers religion, we have to dismiss this one? Non-sequitur, big time.

    • Oblamer told us Al-Qaeda is dead. As a result, there are no islamic terrorist activities anymore world-wide. MHP is just following the talking points.

  • Keith Swanson

    Can we please grow up and really stop watching CNN and Fox and learn the history of Liberalism. ALL Western countries are liberal. Putin is a conservative, Obama is a neo socialist as is most of the Dems. The “Conservative” Republicans are Lassiez _Faire liberals like Adam Smith.

    Singapore and Dubai are conservative countries. You know you are in a Liberal country if your crooked bankers are fined instead of shot…

  • Just Gloria

    As always, truth from Zo! FED UP with the political correct liberal idiocy!

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