Black + Success = Not black. Race Baiting = Ratings.

The Taboo of success with the black community continues with the new T.V. Show, Black’ish. Where A black family is worried about losing their blackness because they’ve become successful. Hear More in this ZoNation!

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  • Larry Sheldon

    There is no bottom below which they will not go, is there?

    And these are black actors, right? What is wrong with THAT picture?

    • Larry Sheldon

      Comment above made before watching the clip.

      It is worse than I imagined.

    • Marbran

      They are “light black” actors, not those darkies like from Somalia.

      I kid you not. Blacks are even bigoted towards each other. Those that have lighter skin tones look down on those with darker tones as being inferior. Look it up.

  • BO_stinks

    next up, Whitish, Orientalish, Muslimish, Jewishish….

  • I love how progressives scream about racism the loudest but always push this story to black people that if you are successful then that is to white of you. I mean their is a reason why the push it. Think about it. How else are they going to get them to play victim and keep them voting for them? By making them so poor that they cannot even afford a happy meal and what is truly evil they make them do it themselves by their own free will. Progressives or what I like to call them Regressives want to keep racism alive so they have a voting block that they can count on. That is why that is all you hear about on the news for the past 6 years because they want to divide us into race party nationality and sex so they can take our freedom away from us.

  • Oh can a liberal explain to me why this is not racist but disagreeing with Obama is?

  • Cindy

    Jefferson redo 2014

    • CrispusA

      Wow, yes, Cindy.

    • Marbran

      Haven’t seen Black-ish yat, but is it really similar?

  • CrispusA

    It might have been funnier with white rappers as the stars.

  • Brad Alan Pearson


  • merci

    We love you Alfonzo

  • SandiinMaine

    Zo, I have a question I would really love for you to answer.

    Why would the actors in this show agree to do it? I know they have to work, but why would they be in something so detrimental to their own character? Do you think they believe the premise of the show?

  • Usi Nfidel

    Zo, I hate to insult you, but, would you consider running for office?

  • TruckinMack

    Once upon a time we as a society used to politely discuss issues of race, sex, and the environment. We could do this because we were all on the same page. We wanted a better world for everyone.

    We no longer have those polite discussions. One side spreads anger and hate, while the other side runs away. It’s weird being so old to remember when life was so different.

  • Marbran

    One thing about the Cosby Show…it was SO widely accepted by all races across America, and the fictional family so beloved because of its positivity, that when Lisa Bonet starred in ‘Angel Heart’ in 1987 and pretty much acted the whole thing naked, it caused a firestorm in the media, and in political and religious circles. Bill Cosby was even interviewed many times to get his input, and it wasn’t supportive.

    Here was a TV show that was uplifting to blacks in America, and it came at a time when the 1964 Civil Rights movement was still a lived memory to many blacks, and the coming together of the races in the 70’s shone a light on what could be. The Cosby’s said to the America, “We can all live and thrive together.”

    But then something else happened. Race baiters like Al and J.J. started stirring the pot again. Politicians sowed the seeds of discord. Entertainment media took a turn downward, exalting and rewarding divisive and immoral behaviors. And that one window of opportunity, to finally put our ‘racial’ past behind us, was slammed shut.

  • Bryan Lyman

    When I saw the commercial for Blackish I thought it was a joke; I thought perhaps Chris Rock was just pulling my leg that there could actually be a TV show so out-right insulting to African Americans and their intelligence. When I found out it was real, I couldn’t believe that the rioters in Ferguson didn’t get a grant from the NAACP to travel to the studio that made this tripe and burn it to the ground. BUT WHAT THAT $&^@, people are actually saying this is a great show while calling any Black Republican they come across, the most vile insults and racial degradation. It boggles my mind that racists are calling other people racist and getting away with it; no, not just getting away with it…having people agree with them. It is like we live in opposite land…where everything is backwards from what a sane person would believe!

    • cuntsuella

      Welcome to the “Fundamentally Changed” America!

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