Affleck and Maher Lock Devil Horns Over Islam

Ben Afleck tries to come off as the Alpha Liberal on Bill Maher’s show with guest Sam Harris. Ben Afleck can’t tell the difference between opposing a people and opposing an ideology, but he’s the expert because he’s got the Bat Computer. Hear more in this ZoNation!

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  • PaladinPierce

    Ben Affleck does not seem to understand that it cannot be “racism” because Islam is a religion and not a race. Islam is a religion that many races partake of, many of which are Black people, Chinese people and including no small amount of White people.

  • Andrew

    It just goes to show you that he may get loads of money to act , but can’t understand history or just takes what he wants and makes up the rest. Oh isn’t that idiots do anyway?

  • mcgirv

    You’re absolutely right, Blithering idiots like Ben AFLAC the ” QUACK” can be dangerous and influential. I will not support him financially.

  • Careca

    Does Ben realize that he will be one of the first to lose his head if a group like ISIS took ove in the USA?

  • Jim

    I will likely still go see that movie, not because Affleck is in it, but in spite of it. He’s a blithering idiot who can’t put 2 sentences together coherently unless it’s a rehearsed script. He was completely schooled by Maher and the other guest. Maybe he’ll see some of these articles about his stupidity and do a little research. I can’t boycott every actor who says something stupid. The list would be FAR too long. I also can’t limit my entertainment to ONLY those who are perfect. There aren’t any!

  • 05Stang

    “Um..I’d like to thank my Cr..err I mean the forefathers for these rights”. That’s what I like to call the Common Core edit (or remix). By subtly changing words, liberals are attempting to rewrite history and redirect the future. Just look at how some common core textbooks “explain” the 2nd Amendment! W-o-w. What Ben is doing is laying a groundwork. By liberal logic, If the forefathers (i.e. govt) gave something, then the current govt should be able take that same thing back. Also notice how fast and blurred he said the word “inalienable”? Dangerous stuff. We have to call these people out on this bs every single time.

  • AlwaysRight

    Gee Zo, don’t you know celebs are the smartest people in the world? Look at Leo DeCaprio. He is an environmentalist AND he graduated high school! (I think).

  • heath

    dude, just spent the last 30 minutes or so watching your clips. for what’s it’s worth, keep doing what your doing. it is AWESOME! Keep spreading the TRUTH!

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