Cure Needed for Race Baiting, Liberalism, Oh! And Ebola.

I guess according to Jesse Jackson, Ebola is a bunch of Microscopic bigots that like to eat black people. Hear more in this ZoNation!

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  • OpenTheDoor

    Love your stuff. I had to call my wife and tell her about the bear. I did LOL.

    • janelle

      Oh,I just got it. It’s a black bear not a white polar bear. I guess I am not in tune with the racists mentality. Thank God.

    • OpenTheDoor

      Then I guess the video was made with just you in mind.
      Passive-aggressive much Janelle?

    • janelle

      Passive-aggressive for doing what? Not understanding the cartoon? What, huh? By the way, I love Zo and his videos.

    • Mythslayer

      What? That doesn’t make any sense.

  • I think that some of these people will race bait about anything. Drive a white car that is racist. Eat Ice cream that is racist and do not get me started about marshmallows. The point is people like Jesse Jackson make money on racism and they have to keep racism alive in order to do so. I truly think they do not care about racism for if they did they would be going after the Black Panthers and Louis Farrakhan as well as people white who they paint as racist but the fact they do not only proves there mission is not to stop racism but to feed it. Jesse Jackson needs to find a way to pay for his multi million dollar home after all. And shame on you liberals who claim rich people are evil but yet support parasites like Jesse Jackson who get rich off of pain and racism.

  • Just Gloria

    As always…Truth from Zo! “Oh fiddle sticks!” cracked me up! It’s been ages since I’ve heard that one.

  • brian

    We hear their words and we support them financially by making excuses for why we go to the movies they produce or star in. I went to see the movie Lucy half way into it I was so offended I left and asked for my money back. the theater manager was shocked but he gave it back.

  • AlwaysRight

    I am white. I feel so ashamed and guilty!

  • Libtards are the most thought-controlling people on the planet. They want diversity, but not diversity of opinion. They disregard any facts that do not support their positions. Playing the race card is their favorite tactic. They cannot stand a black conservative. Props to Zo for his courage, but I am willing to stand with him to state my opinion. Keep up the great work Zo!

    • Scott M. Kruchell

      I have worked with “retarded” children/ people and I think you are insulting them by using the phrase LIBTARD, ;-). These people work hard to get things done. LIBERALS DON’T and I know, I come from a VERY LIBERAL COMMUNITY.
      I TOTALLY AGREE with you. Here in Wisconsin, We have Governor Scott Walker. I have met him, we grew up in the same neighborhood, he is a good , HONEST HARDWORKING CHRISTIAN REPUBICAN FAMILY MAN. He has done great things for this state, despite all the BS the media puts out about him.
      On the other hand the Democrat, Mary Burke, whose family owns THE NON UNIONIZED, TREK BICYCLE CO. is getting all kinds of (free) money/ publicity, for? She can’t even come up with her idea’s. Yet these two are neck and neck. Don’t even get me started about the Democrat for our state Attorney General. I have heard most of the stories, they are UNBELIEVEABLE (check out WISN-AM 1130, online and on IHEART) and while she isn’t denying them, she is still a viable candidate, GO FIGURE.

  • Judge

    EBOLA, EXTRA! barry obama lies again!!!

  • Oh fiddlesticks!!

  • Gregory71

    It strikes me as funny that the only people that seem to pay any heed to Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson are black conservatives. The days of Jesse and Al being relevant to the majority of blacks have gone away like y2k. So my question for you Zo, why do you care what fools think? Don’t bother answering. The answer is as plain as the beard on your face.

  • John Ferry

    Dude, everytime I watch one of your videos 2 things always happens 1st I am floored by how acurate your statements are 2nd I am laughing so hard my spleen ruptures….oh fiddlesticks

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