Liberal Backwardness: Exploiting ‘F*!king’ Feminist Children

Liberals using cussin’ kids to sell T-shirts in the name of feminism. Now that’s progressive. From Hillary to Sheila Jackson lee. Liberals are just Backward like Chugging Nyquil to stay awake. Hear more in this ZoNation

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  • Christine G

    Intestines don’t produce crap. lol That’s awesome.

  • Drooperdoo

    The world has changed radically. Women in their 20s actually earn more money than male counterparts. They only start to earn less in their 30s and 40s due to reduced hours (as a result of staying home with children). When you adjust for this fact, women really do make about as much as male counterparts. There’s something so entitled about someone wanting to work 30 hours, but demanding the pay of a male who worked 40. That’s not about equality, that’s about entitlement: “I want equal pay . . . but I want to work fewer hours.”

    You can’t have it both ways.

    Likewise in the criminal justice system. Women routinely get softer punishments for the same crimes men commit. Look at the rash of female school teachers molesting students. When a male does it, he gets 10-20 years in prison. When a female does it, she gets 6 months–if any time at all. And it isn’t just with sexual crimes. When women murder, rob or commit assault, they statistically only get a fraction of the time men do. Same thing in divorces and custody battles. In 98% of the cases, women get the kids.

    When you stand back and look at modern feminists, you realize how entitled they are. They’re not an attacked minority. Statistically, they outnumber men. (So they’re not a literal “minority”.) And, when it comes to the criminal justice system, they’re not treated anywhere like how blacks and other TRUE minorities are treated. In fact, they get BETTER treatment.

    Modern feminists are increasingly revealing themselves to be petty, whiny and entitled.

    “I want the same pay as a man!”

    Did you work the same hours?

    “Well, no! But I still demand the same pay!”

    (They’re not asking for equal treatment by this point, but preferential treatment. And, statistically, they tend to get it.)

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