Congratulations Republicans!!!! Now what?

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  • Joyce Clemons

    Dang he’s good..

  • thomas

    Mr. Rachel, I agree and have recently heard commentary along the same lines, basically saying “It’s the culture Stupid”. Winning elections and losing the culture is not really getting us anywhere. Over the last six years, we have heard so much about the need for “compromise” and it seems now that Republicans are in control of Congress, we will hear it even more. Unfortunately, compromising in politics usually means compromising your principals, not on what color the Capitol Building bathrooms are painted. Not sure if you agree, but I hope that Republicans will take this opportunity to define themselves to the American people. I agree with other conservative voices that the GOP needs to put bills on Pres. Obama’s desk that demonstrate their ideals and desired direction for the country, regardless of whether Pres. Obama vetoes the bills or not. Every time they do this, they should make a presentation of it to the people, so we can all see exactly what the GOP is putting on his desk for action. Some may suggest this would be grandstanding, but I would argue it is transparency. Let the congress make the rule that bills will not be presented to the President for a timeframe after being approved by both houses. Let the GOP congress enact the rule that all bills will be read on the floor and aired on C-SPAN. Basically, the GOP should address some of those lower fruit (yet important) to demonstrate they are the party of the people.

  • Scott M. Kruchell

    AMEN!! I could not agree more.
    Want to hear something FUNNY? Here in Wisconsin, the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel (the local Democrat “news rag”) was basically, telling Governor Scott Walker he should put all of his/ republican idea’s aside and go with the “plan” the LOSER, MARY BURKE had for running this state if she had won. The REALLY FUNNY THING, if you know anything about the Wisconsin race. She DIDN’T have a plan, of her own. She PLAGURIZED from other plans, ALSO FAILED CANIDATES.
    I was listening to Rush Limbaugh, Zo and Limbaugh are right, WE CANNOT AFFORD any of the BS about “shared power”. THEY LOST, WE WON! THEY HAVE NOTHING TO SAY/ ADD. Don’t listen to anything they say. Put the preverbal foot down, STAND YOUR GROUND AND MAKE B.O. SHOW HIS TRUE COLORS, the more the better. THEY HAVE DONE THIS TO US FOR TOO LONG, NOW SHOW THEM HOW IT REALLY WORKS, ESPECIALLY NOW THAT “THE PEOPLE HAVE SPOKEN.”

  • Scott M. Kruchell


  • ssoldie

    Thank you Alfonzo, you are so right on.

  • LibertyChick

    I’d love to have a large magnet of the Frederick Douglas photo/quote to put on my car! The left is a party of cultists. They use cultist techniques to get more and more on board the the free wagon rather than taking the train to freedom. And every thing they do is calculated. The “leaders” at the top know that every one of their programs is designed to dis-empower people, especially the black people, and keep them poor and dependent. And too many people buy it.

    I was glad to see Rand Paul meeting with assorted black leaders – going where white candidates don’t usually go. I believe the key to turning America around is returning the black population to the Republican party – where they were originally, until they jumped ship in the 1960’s. I say this because all the bleeding heart white people support anything the left says/does that’s “supposed” to help the black people, while truly doing the opposite. If the blacks leave the left, the bleeding hearts will have to follow, as to not do so would leave them feeling like hypocrites.

    It’s an unfortunate culture that since it’s existance has done more to damage the black family and black communities in American history. Slavery sucked, but at least there was a sense of community among the people living together. They weren’t killing each other like they are doing these days with gang wars. Not saying that slavery was good or something we should go back to, just saying there’s been grave injustice done through these horrible social programs and cultural changes.

    The slaves wanted to escape mazza’s plantation, and yet their descendents seem perfectly happy on Uncle Sam’s plantation. What a waste of opportunity to create something better for ones self and one’s children….

    • “The slaves wanted to escape mazza’s plantation, and yet their descendents seem perfectly happy on Uncle Sam’s plantation. What a waste of opportunity to create something better for ones self and one’s children….” I am stealing this summary of yours because I find it so simple and concise. Thank you.

  • Republic

    Is due attention being given the upcoming future 2016 election?

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