Cancer Sucks Mightily. But Is Suicide the Solution?

I understand that certain things may make people feel like suicide is the solution, but when we go down that road, we open up the door to not only suicide being a solution but a convenience that can be sold by people making a business of assisting with it. Do we really want “Big Suicide”? Decisions like Brittany Maynard’s can be used as an example to promote the “right to die” agenda. Also, this is a Christian discussion on deciding on self determined death. Hear more in this ZoNation

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  • sho sho

    just couldnt watch this one… bunch a bologna…

    • Wibbins

      But you felt the need to comment

  • Rock Smash

    Amen, brother. Keep laying it down.

  • mossbergman

    Know where your coming from , but if you think suicides hard try dying a slow death from cancer or try watching one of your loved ones go that route then tell me which is harder .Morphine just makes it pain free while you slowly rot .I know suicide’s not the right answer ,but I’ve been there and cannot condemn those who chose that route.

    • Kissmy Patooti

      I don’t think a true Christian would condemn those who choose to opt out. A lot of Christians will, but I don’t think a true Christian would. They would just have love in their heart for that person and pray for their peace.

    • Wibbins

      You’re the type of Christian that thinks love is all happy butterflies and lollipops, remember Jesus also said that when you discipline your Children you love them, if you don’t you hate them. Telling someone the truth, even if it hurts in the moment, is Love, telling an alcoholic that being a drunkard is sinful is love, it doesn’t mean you can’t ALSO love that person and pray for them.

    • epyon2005

      I’m with Wibbins here,

  • Susan Lyons

    Just before my mom turned 80, she found she had cancer. She went to MD Anderson and was there for a few months. They removed the cancerous kidney and she was able to come home. After that, the usual afflictions would hit her. One right after another. Her best friend passed away and I could see the fight leave in her. When she found she had an aggressive inoperable brain cancer, she opted for taking no treatments. Her doctor told her she would have only 6 weeks. Week after week went by and we could see how she deteriorated. But while she could still communicate, she was upbeat. Mom had accepted that this was the end. She was tired of fighting and she was able to leave this world with dignity. At home and with her loved ones around.

  • Jim

    Those who believe see proof everywhere they look…but don’t need it. Those who don’t believe will never see it, no matter how definitive.

    • Wibbins

      and then some require proof such as Thomas putting his finger in the holes of Jesus’ hands.

  • ssoldie

    I agree with Alfonzo Rachel, His will be done, not mine.

  • Kissmy Patooti

    Zo, one of your best. Thanks so much.

  • LCM☝✊

    I’m a fan but “Judge not least ye be judged” Alphonzo. It’s her life and her choice. Why should she have to suffer to death. It’s humane for pets but not for people? Come on. And imagine the cost of the care and the damage to her family emotionally. I’ve suffered some major losses and I don’t endorce it but its her life and she was terminal. It’s not like she was going to get better. Just my thoughts.

    • Wibbins

      ALfonzo’s reply would be that Christians are called to judge righteously, and besides pointing out something is sin is not judging e.g condeming them to hell, that is ultimately Jesus’s job.

    • Scott M. Kruchell

      He is allowed to offer he opinion, isn’t he/ we? I thought we were still in the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA. Myself, speaking from personal experience, I know there are options out there and that most cancer is treatable. Especially if/ when detected and “dealt with EARLY.
      I think this whole thing is just a distraction/ side show, from what is REALLY WRONG OUT THERE. Yes, if this person is going to die, let them die in a way that is honorable/ suitable for them. BUT ARE THEY HERO’s? Do they really deserve front page of newspapers and magazines ACROSS THE WORLD? What makes this story any different from mine or anyone else?

  • Scott M. Kruchell


    Cancer is NOT A DEATH SENTENCE, like it used to be. My father survived prostate cancer. The whole time he was “dealing” with it, he was going to church, bible studies and just living and enjoying his life. I can’t think of a time where it even looked like it was getting to him and he was 70 years old. While he did beat cancer ( among other things), he lost to diabetes. From what I was told, his kidney’s failed. He just went to bed, fell asleep and never woke up – at least not here. He was MY HERO, served in the US NAVY during WW2 and Korea. Went into the Air Force and served in Vietnam, I can’t help but think of him on a day like today.

  • Scott M. Kruchell

    LIFE IS A LESSON, WE WILL NEVER STOP LEARNING. How you live it is up to you.

  • Bob McHugh

    You are right, many are going to comment. All of the religious assignments you make are easy if you aren’t the one with the terminal disease. Cancer, or any terminal disease generally comes with pain it seems. Now we all are going to die at some point, the bigger problem is that the suffering that a terminal person goes through can be felt and visualized as “Hell on earth” for them, I.E. Nothing that the Doctors and Medicine can do to help, or WILL do to help, can change the outcome, or in many cases the terrible suffering one goes through (And it must be noted that many medical care “solutions” to help the patient such as Hospice, are not always available, since that is only an option near the very end). So up until that point a person can be cast away and ignored by Medicine altogether – “Not covered”. Suicide is a personal choice, and for people who see no hope or help, seems to be a viable one for them. Right or wrong, religious or not – they just want the pain to stop, the terrible, continuous, debilitating pain. Promises of being saved or of going to Hell means very little to someone when you can’t formulate a coherent thought, other than of how to stop the pain. It also doesn’t help to know what is coming next, since we have all seen the progression of most of the terminal diseases out there and know the suffering they bring. Would you be able to ride out the disease to it’s conclusion knowing the suffering you go through will be many, many, times worse? I’m not sure that I would be that strong, even with my faith. And on an associated subject, if you follow your logic of taking ones life being the one way ticket to Hell – I would argue that anything you knowingly put in your body, anything you eat, drink, or smoke that hastens your demise could be considered a suicide of sorts, anything that artificially reduces your life expectancy. Suicide, not in it’s explicit terms – but I wonder?

  • jaxx

    Where were you going with this one bother Zo? Are you saying that suicide due to a terminal illness is blasphemous? I have researched the Bible and it does not specifically forbid the taking of one’s own life. Now I know my fellow believers out there will give their interpretations saying differently, but on this one the Word is silent, as it is not on other issues. God in his wisdom knows that the flesh is weak. He also knows that spirits can be broken and faiths snapped under strains like terminal diseases. Just my opinion. God bless you. I enjoy your videos and your music as well. Keep em coming!

    • Sullys Pops

      Brother Zo explained it in 2 words “self murder”. Murder is against God’s law. You murder yourself, that is against God’s law. Since you couldn’t find it in the Holy Bible, I will help. The ten commandments were handed to Moses on Mount Saini. Exodus 20:1-18

    • jaxx

      Again this is YOUR interpretation. 900 Jews on Masada committed mass suicide rather than be taken by the Romans. The Bible does not expressly forbid it as it does other things ie: man lying with another man as with woman etc.

  • Imtoooldforthis

    Dear Zo, a little over 4 weeks ago I was diagnosed with cancer. I am currently undergoing chemo, yes that fast, because it is an aggressive cancer. I was in the emergency room last night because the muscles in my body went into spasm and didn’t come out. I BEGGED God to take me home. He chose not to. He did allow the doctors to administer medication to ease my pain and He did allow me the time to realize that I am not done on this planet. I believe that when Jesus gave his life for us it was a clear message that we are to live to the best of our ability and to only go Home when called. I do not believe that there is a preordained time in heaven with every persons date of life and death on it. I do believe that God knows when your spirit leaves your body and He is always there to greet you and guide you home. I try to live by the simple rules of the Bible. Anyone who is among the living has hope – Ecclesiastes 9:4, You are God my Savior, and my hope is in you all day long.- Psalm 25:5, Cast your cares on the Lord and he will sustain you; he will never let the righteous fall. – Psalm 55:22. I have questioned God many times in my life and whenever I have done so He has sent me a clear message that it could be worse so be thankful for the life you have and do your best with it to make God proud.

  • LibertyChick

    Sometimes allowing someone to go is the kindest thing, and to help them do so in a humane, painless manner is an act of kindness. How come we’re kind to animals to end their suffering and can’t extend that kindness and final act of love to the people we love?

    I’ve seen families go through their entire savings to keep someone alive who no longer has a quality of life, no longer recognizes their loved ones – who 100 years ago without medical advances probably would be dead. It’s like we use all kinds of science to extend the life of those near death, but can’t even have the right to just stop it – seems there’s less money to be made by someone.

    Don’t get me wrong, the most painful thing I ever experienced is the loss of someone I lost to suicide. It’s been 30+ years and I still haven’t healed from that loss. But he wasn’t old or dying, just wanted to die, and must never have thought how much pain it would cause to others.

    My grandmother used to assist a doctor with childbirth. When a child was born with a visible disability (like Downs Syndrome or extreme deformity) that would limit the quality of that child’s life, and their family, the doctor would pinch off the baby’s nose til it died. That wouldn’t be acceptable in this day and age, but that was the early 1900’s when there were no programs for disabled people, and families needed every child to be able to help out working on the farm or doing something contribute, there wasn’t time for the individual attention needed by an extremely disabled child, and typically they were institutionalized. She was a strong Catholic and yet didn’t have a problem assisting the doctor in protecting the family from a life-long burden. Just an interesting difference in how our existence – and legal ramifications – has changed….

    • KWedel

      I really need to point out that children with Down syndrome are not “suffering” and they are not “extremely disabled” I have a seven year old daughter that has Down syndrome and autism. She is by far the happiest child I have ever known. She is very healthy and no more difficult to raise than my typical son was. She is very loved and very valued. So I take offense to your insinuation that people with Down syndrome are suffering. Please take the time to meet some people with it and you will find that they tend to be very happy people. In surveys adults with Down syndrome rated there lives as happy and satisfactory more often than the general population. The divorce rates of parents of children with Down syndrome is lower than those without.

  • cat

    Alfonza Rachel, Please do not judge people who have a terminal disease and decide to end their suffering. You dont have a clue what it it is like to know that you have a terminal disease and that your disease is eating up your brain. Suicide is a very personal choice and for sure not a easy one. So please stay out of this

  • Gregory71

    Can someone help me out. How can you be pro-life, pro-death penalty and anti-suicide?

  • PastorDave

    Hey man, spot on. It doesn’t feel good, though, so people are going to hate. My dad used to tell me. “People don’t like the truth… ever”.

  • TruckinMack

    Alphonso, I’m going with your ‘Keep on Truckin’ reference was a way of saying ‘Hi.’ So, here’s your Special Delivery – stay Crazy and I like it.

    As for suicide, I understand why those in intense physical pain and emotional hopelessness would consider ending their own life. I’m not sure what I’d do if I had to face Gus’s choice, where after living a strong, robust life, of then having to accept ending my days as a sorry and pitied invalid. Or of taking the easy way out. Even more so if my wife had passed before me. My heart goes out to those who at the last fail, with a hope that God shall forgive their hopelessness.

    What I cannot understand (other than that sheer evil has overwhelmed that person) is the shooter / suicide who first kills a loved one and then kills their self. It’s as if they are begging to be sent to the deepest circle of H e l l.

  • Sullys Pops

    Brother Zo, I have always told my children that you will constantly be faced with trials. There will be the right road and the wrong road. The wrong road will most likely be the easiest way, hence, why so may people take it. The right road though will be a lot harder and have less people if any on it. In the end when you take the right road, the payoff will be worth it. That would also apply to suicide or assisted suicide. The easy road is to be selfish and choose to destroy God’s wonderful creation. The hard road, also the right road, to tough it out. Make every moment count. That, that is the right road, and has made all the difference.

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