Healthcare, Lies and Videotape – Intellectual Froglegs 11.17.14


“Welcome to the first episode since the election…
Despite America’s loud and clear rejection of Obama, his administration and the Democrats policies, Obama is more determined than ever. His prancing around like he won the election simply confirms that he does indeed believe his own BS, and that he has some serious mental issues.

But as a bonus, maybe even a gift from above—we were given Lanny Loose-Lips AKA Jonathan Gruber, AKA the MIT Genius, AKA the Obamacare Architect…. that is so smart he can’t keep his mouth shut.

We’re at six videos and counting…

We did not need the Gruber videos to know that we had been scammed—but this “MIT Smart Guy” sure does make it easier for us to prove our point.

The ones who should REALLY be upset? The ones that supported Obama and his healthcare plans…” -Joe Dan

  • Lara Fabans

    I had to pause this five or six times from laughing so hard and 2ce out of sheer disgust for realizing just how much crap we conservatives have put up with. Well done and I look forward to lots more.

  • Lucian

    Al Sharpton is ridiculous person.
    How come no more “money – that’s what I want”? I like that chick for some reason.

  • thomas

    Keep up the great work you do and by the way, F.U.

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