The Mike Brown Outrage Is About As Genuine as a Stolen Hair Extension

So, I see that people feel like there was no justice because Daren Wilson wasn’t indicted.
What’s the matter? Stores being looted and burned ain’t enough justice for ya?
Kinda greedy aren’t ‘cha?

Mike Brown was a thug and a bully with parents who should have put as much energy into raising
him right, as they did putting energy into going as far as the UN to blame others for what
went wrong.

Ignore that he was a bully and a thug, who looted a liquor store before the looting started after he was shot.
Ignore that He was out in the middle of the street before others took to the street after he was shot.

No matter what color you are, if you’re out walking in the middle of the street, a cop will stop you.

Not only was Brown in the middle of the street, Daren Wilson was following up on his description
as the guy reported to have robbed a liquor store.

He had probable cause. Mike brown reacted violently to the stop. Assault is a crime. Assaulting a cop is a crime.
You can’t just walk away from assault without answering to the law.

Was Darren Wilson supposed to just let him leave? He robbed a liquor store, assaulted the clerk, assaulted a police officer,
and demonstrated himself as a menace, and people are outraged because he was met with deadly force? Yes an unarmed person can be shot if they demonstrate lethal aggression. You don’t need a weapon to be lethally aggressive.

His actions threatened the well being of a police officer. His thuggish, unruly acts are reflected in the rioters who are destroying communities and
using his death as an excuse when they don’t even give a damn about him in the 1st place.

The rioters themselves are a testament of the kind of mentality the cops in these areas are dealing with. They bring police aggression on themselves.

Let’s burn down the business of a contributor in the community in the name of a taker in the community. That’s justice to these people?

Oh, but I’m black. I’m not supposed to say that. I’m just supposed to always make the excuses for black folks that sinks us deeper into the hole.

And if I don’t, I’m just trying to get favor from white folks. Funny, these same people don’t seem to complain about the fund raisers thrown for obama by his rich white friends.

They whine about how it’s racist that some white people disagree with his policies but it’s not racist when Obama supporters call republicans who are black, uncle toms, house n*gers,
boot lickers, white man’s whores, etc. Nah that’s not racist and offensive, only disagreeing with Obama’s policies is.

This ain’t about justice.

It’s selfishness. Plain and simple.

These people are miserable, drowning in their own selfishness.

By what Mike Brown demonstrated he would have been one of those people looting. He would have been one of those people trying to tip over cars.

It’s such a shame that they’ll cooperate in destruction, but not come together constructively.

These people shout, “Down with the oppressive system!” Yet get the government they vote for, (and they’re not voting republican.)

Yet they curse republicans, like it’s the republicans fault, when republicans aren’t even in the majority office in their communities. It’s democrats.

These riots are just catharsis, and the release of the cheap thrill of getting away with something. There is no rational to it.

It’s bad enough that the policies of the democrats and Obama are job killers, and these people rioting are angry because they feel like they got nothing to lose. (Yes, they’re job killers, if they weren’t then the democrats wouldn’t always be pushing for more unemployment benefits.)

yet they make the job market even worse as they go and destroy the very places that give jobs. They screw themselves by thinking democrats are going to make things better for them, then screw themselves even more by destroying the businesses.

And don’t give me some crap about politics having nothing to do with this, because if these looters weren’t effected by the politics of this, they wouldn’t be shouting

“F*CK that B*TCH A** N**GA, Obama!

They’re saying this because they were expecting him to make their life better. They think democrats will make their lives better, and are violently disappointed because the democrats
aren’t spoiling them the way they expect them too. So don’t give me some crap about how you want to fool yourselves into thinking politics has nothing to do with this.

It’s just your denial that wants you to keep the truth from being uncovered about how the democrat party is the party of arrested development, and that you’ve been bamboozled.

Yet if we say, the power to make your life better comes through you, not the government, we’re racist or sell outs.

Some of these shops tried to pander to the the protesters with “Hands up Don’t shoot.” art- work. Those businesses were destroyed too. I hope these people learned their lesson. Ultimately your pandering
will not be enough to stop a mob. You encouraged the entitlement mentality and you paid the price for it.

I’m so sick of people like this in the black community who make us out to be a bunch of spoiled sissies. Michael Brown and these hoodlums embody the negative stereotypes stigmatized against us.

Mike Brown wasn’t some innocent kid minding his own business. He was a violent thug and a bully.

It’s disgusting that to many blacks, they feel like “Justice” would have been a white cop indicted for shooting a black man in self defense. It doesn’t matter that Mike Brown was in the wrong.

They just want to see a white person get indicted. That’s the “justice” they want. It’s warped and sad.

  • Kari Lynn Wellborn

    Looking for any reason to destroy property no matter who it belongs too. My question is how many are from Ferguson and how many were “bussed” in to cause trouble? Get article Alfonzo!

  • MNreader

    Great piece Alfonzo!!!

  • Jeremy Richards

    Reading the truth is nice, but I like to hear you saying it. When you’re speaking in your monologues you come across as very genuine, confident, and challenging and a reader might miss out that.

  • Captain Obvious

    Perfect analysis. My question about the riots is why were they allowed to happen??? Apparently the FBI and National Guard were on hand and took control of the response from the local and county police departments. Why didn’t they play a bigger part in breaking up the mobs as they started turning violent. Instead it seems they mostly stood by, corralled the group into a large section of town and let them do whatever they wanted in that area. why wouldn’t they immediately remove the trouble makers and let those who want to protest peacefully carry on?

    • Fred Doninger

      Think of this. The NG were on hand and didnt participate. They are catching hell for that. Now imagine the Field Day the leftist media would of had if they did Participate. It was a lose lose situation from the git go.

    • Syne

      Fred, I believe that mob was allowed to act with the intention of affirming any remnant of racism in the general public. IOW, the black community is relatively small, and with an increase in voices like Zo’s, it may one day wake up to its own racism and fail to be so easily bated into voting Democrat. So if they can be incited to act out the worst traits of the lingering stereotypes, perhaps that can fan the flame of racism among the vastly larger voting public. At some point in Dems losing their constituency they will sacrifice any minority (as if they haven’t already) to regain the majority white vote.

    • Pants Up, Don’t Loot

      people who have been crying about “de-militarizing our police forces” are some of the same pukes who are asking why didn’t the NG do anything?

  • Rich Kolasa

    Dead ballz on analysis!

  • James duke

    Damn Tell it brother Alfonzo !! You Rock dude !

  • Sullys Pops

    This is the truth that will NEVER be told by the mainstream media. There is no strife to be had in the truth. Holding people accountable for their actions as well as their ignorance, that’s what should ALWAYS be done. The media and leftists are perfectly happy in their dystopia of hand outs, lies, and destruction. People killing each other in droves. Leftists such as Sharpton have driven that wedge in race relations, now they are driving it further. The ignorant are perfectly happy to fall in line.

    Keep spreading the truth Brother Zo!!!

    • gates of vienna

      “There is no strife to be had in truth”.


    • Sullys Pops

      Thank you brother!

    • KnowbodyXXX

      All I had to read here were the words “mainstream media”, “leftist” and “Sharpton” to know that what you posted are scripted right wing talking points with no factual basis.

  • Rene

    In actuality you have no basis for the wide assumptions you are making in this article. You have no clue what the actual mentality of that community is. You actually have no clue what actually happened during the altercation between brown and the cop. No one does. The two things I agree with you in this article are 1. Brown should have made better life decisions 2. The segment in that community that thinks it’s OK to destroy, are idiots. Make no mistake, they are a segment in that community and in no way represent for the rest. For me I want more weight to be given in any situation where a person is murdered by a cop when they are unarmed, more thought to the jaw that allows it, I want more thought to be given to how more if these situations can end without a body bag. Most of these incidents should go to trial because at the end if the day each one is a person. Each deserves a chance. None of them should be thrown away just because you deem them a lost cause. You should speak with the constructiveness that you mentioned they should exhibit. Lead by example

    • David Michael

      Give it a rest Rene. Everybody knows that the thug kid attacked the cop, as proven by eyewitness testimony, THREE autopsies and the physical evidence. The cop defended himself against an assailant who was easily capable of overpowering him, taking his weapon, or just beating him to death. You don’t want any more “weight” to be given in shootings, that is patently obvious by your statement “where a person is murdered by a cop when they are unarmed.” There need be no more “thought to a (jaw-sic) law that allows it.” You are at best naive, at worst, ignorant. Do you even know what Missouri Penal Law states about using deadly physical force against someone who doesn’t also have a firearm? Of course you don’t. You cannot send someone to trial for a felony if there is no evidence that a felony was committed. That is what a grand jury does, and that is the rule of law. It is also a Constitutional right. You know how these situations can end without body bags? Thugs, of ANY color need to stop their crimes and violence against everybody, including cops. Cops have as much right to defend themselves as any other citizen. People like you who haven’t got the faintest idea about what you’re saying but are spouting what you were told you should say are the biggest part of this problem. Grow a mind and start thinking for yourself. Join civilization for Christ’s sake.

    • KnowbodyXXX

      The cop initiated the altercation.

    • NYCMom

      Welp….you can start by protesting in NYC….an unarmed black kid was shot by a NYC cop the other night….of course that cop was black so no one has heard anything about it….Such BS.

    • KnowbodyXXX

      The cops who killed Sean Bell were also black and people still protested so think of another spin.

    • subyz

      Look up the word ‘murder’.

    • Marisol Arnold

      Rene, it is you that has no clue…LTC Allen West is a Black man who made no excuses for himself. As for Mike Brown he made bad life choices…and he paid the ultimate price. Make no mistake this young man is not a martyr. What are the people of Ferguson going to do when those business owners do not rebuild or reopen? The people of Ferguson have been duped into being political pawns and don’t even realize it. If people want to change the system then make the change…write a bill to become law. Promote the change don’t riot and loot it just makes them look completely foolish and horrendously bad. So what you are saying is that Mike Brown should have been able to beat the crap out of Darren Wilson and shoot him …I don’t care what color you are if you threaten any police officer or lay hands on them that gives them the right to cuff you , and if the threat is imminent to shoot you. A little common sense can go a long way here. They need to get the media out of Ferguson, issue a warrant for the arrest of the kid that was with Mike Brown for starting this whole mess, and also for Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton for instigating this mentality . The law for the police to wear body cameras to video all incidents would be a great place to start. Change the system and change the attitudes. Change the world’s perception of yourselves.

    • KnowbodyXXX

      Again, you’re trying to argue that any black kid who isn’t perfect deserves to be executed for it.

    • Forest C. Adcock

      ” You actually have no clue what actually happened during the altercation between brown and the cop”

      The evidence has been released, your argument is invalid. If you think that the evidence is not enough to know what happened, what do you think happens in every criminal case ever? People just like you look at evidence and decide if they think one party is guilty or not.

      As far as more weight being given to the fact that he was unarmed goes, how do you feel about assault weapons? Did you know that more people are killed each year with bare hands than assault rifles? How about assault rifles, all other rifles, and shotguns combined? Why should being armed with something that is statistically more than twenty times as likely to kill you than an AK47 mean it’s illegal to defend yourself against it with deadly force?

      (FBI has the stats, look em up if you want.)

    • KnowbodyXXX

      No, Forest, that’s not true. More murders are committed with firearms than through any other means. Comparing bare hands to “assault” weapons rather than firearms in general is your attempt at rhetorical slight-of-hand. Nevertheless, Mike Brown was not just unarmed, the evidence and the majority of witness testimony indicates that Brown was on his knees with his hands up when the two fatal shots were fired. And let’s not forget all the other victims of an extrajudicial shooting by police.

    • Barnslayer

      Right! He was just a peaceful “I’m gonna surrender now” type guy. The shopkeeper was racist for call 911 after Brown attacked him too.

    • KnowbodyXXX

      Nice dodge, Barnslayer.

    • Barnslayer

      WTF are you talking about? You have a problem with facts…troll?

    • KnowbodyXXX

      What happened at the store is no rationale for shooting him. Police aren’t judge, jury and executioner. Most of the evidence and witness testimony states that Mike Brown was surrendering when he was shot. I’m not the troll because i’m not the one trying to elicit some kind of emotional response as you are. I’m just giving the facts, real facts.

    • Barnslayer

      As I said before. I invite you to resist arrest, punch a cop and grab for his gun. It won’t matter what color you or the cop is… you will die. He got what he deserved. Be definition, the troll is one who posts opinions contrary to the beliefs of the site. That points to you.

    • Pants Up, Don’t Loot

      dear sad sack, the jig is up, the evidence has been released; it’s incumbent upon you to read it.

    • Kimberly Renee Morse Smith

      As a bi-racial female living in the South, I have say that what you’ve said is a little like
      arguing, “If you’d only behaved in a civilized manner (the cop), then Mike Brown would have simply been arrested and all this destruction would have been avoided. ”
      But the bottom line is this- and ALL people, of all races know this-
      1.You MUST obey an officer of the law-or you are subject to an @!#* whoopin’…right, wrong or indifferent. ..doesn’t matter.
      2. You are at no point justified in robbing, stealing, looting, beating-up old people, etc.
      3. If you are doing what a MAN of any age should be doing- i.e. working, running errands, minding your own business- THEN, th his wouldn’t have happened.
      Should an 18yr old be dead? Heck NO!
      But I feel THIS young man brought this on himself.
      Let’s defend the innocent. .NOT an @$$ hole who just got through stealing and roughing up an older person!

    • KnowbodyXXX

      ….so your solution here is for all blacks to go their entire lives without ever making a mistake. Whites do much more horrific things but are apprehended alive. Also, more witnesses confirmed Mike Brown’s friend’s story than Wilson’s. Wilson initiated the altercation because Mike Brown said something he did not like. It went like this..Wilson told them to get out the street, Mike Brown’s friends replied “we’re almost home”. That’s when Wilson said “GET THE F***K OUT OF THE STREET”. Mike Brown shouted back some curses and insults and Wilson pulled up beside him and grabbed him. Mike punched him off and that’s when will son drew his gun and shot him. Mike ran and Wilson chased him, firing more shots until Mike stopped and dropped to his knees with his hands up. That is when Wilson shot him down, walked over, stood over him and shot him in the head. If you are ok with that then imagine that being your child because next time it could be no matter how light skin he is. it can also be any relative or friend of yours. Oh, and the store owner in the video stated that it wasn’t a robbery but a misunderstanding and he supports Mike Brown. Just thought i’d throw that out there.

  • Boudreau May

    Thank you LTC.West your character that you’ve demonstrated not only in this post but all that I have read is always in accordance with the rules and or standards always legitimate. I liked the the quality of being open and honest in your expression. This is the reason (maybe not for others) that I keep coming back and always looking forward to read what you have to say and your opinions. I always feel more informed in things that matter and the Truth.

  • Jake

    Love the sentiment, but there are a few spelling and grammar mistakes which stop my train of thought mid sentence.

    • gates of vienna

      To be stopped so easily is perhaps a sign you’re not a deep thinker?

      What exactly were the mistakes which put the brakes on this train of yours? The less perfectionist among us could probably help you to muddle on through.

    • Pants Up, Don’t Loot

      so if i edit the piece for typos, etc., you’ll give it another read? of course you won’t, stop frontin’.

  • Scott

    Why weren’t Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson in Ferguson when the announcement was made last night? Oh, that’s right. They only needed to stoke the flames, and will only be back to tend to the fire when it starts dying down again.

  • Fred Doninger

    This holds true for both Blacks and Whites. Slap a Cop and you can rest assured you gonna DIE! Period! No if’s ands or Buts. An additional thought, 99% of the Black people in Ferguson was HOME protecting their Families. NOT in the streets robbing and looting.

  • Miss Liberty

    Zo hits it out of the ballpark again.

  • Frank Castle

    WOW!! Just WOW!!! PULITZER stuff right there!! NAILED IT!!

  • Guest

    The confederate flag many fly is the battle flag, but add a white border and it’s another countries flag it’s simple as that

  • JohnG

    But Zo, there isn’t enough evidence, we don’t know all sides of the story. Not only do we not the whole story, you’re also showing your bias towards the ‘white man’ Darren Wilson. Sadly, there are some conservatives (blacks and whites) that have bought into this narrative and feel that Darren Wilson should be indicted. Some blacks understandably have personal experience of racism and racial sensitivity that override common sense or have taken no sides in this tragedy.

    • Forest C. Adcock

      Stop claiming that you can’t make up your mind because you don’t know what happened. Every bit of evidence has been released and you are perfectly free to go look at it and know exactly what happened. Your excuse in invalid.

  • Natesse

    God speed, Zo. Great piece. What’s gonna happen when no man, black nor white, will vow to protect and to serve, to keep the peace, in black neighborhoods, and they kill each other off? Will that be the white man’s fault, too?

  • Bill Nye

    The house negro lives on…

    • Barnslayer

      As opposed to the obedient plantation field worker? Here’s your EBT card and cell phone. Now don’t forget to vote democrat.

    • Pants Up, Don’t Loot

      Bill Nye the ignorant racist science guy? that you?

  • John

    Open your eyes bub. You’ll get your wake up call eventually…

  • TruckinMack

    I posted this at Herman Cain, so I’m posting it here as well. Some bold and Black potential candidate or group of candidates should go to Ferguson and stage a support protest for Officer Darren Wilson. (I’m looking at you Herman Cain, Allen West, Mia Love. Bring Alphozo Rachel and his group 20# Sledge with you for musical backup.) It would be a big move and sure to ignite hate in the media, but whoever did this would definitely get lots of press. It would be a laying down the gauntlet moment for whoever went.

    (Bring a group with you to help to start rebuilding the burned out areas.)

    • KnowbodyXXX

      Not gonna happen. Look at the previous mid-term elections and notice how the GOP won when they purged themselves of the extremists. What you’re suggesting will set them back a good 15 years and keep them out of power. Forget it.

    • TruckinMack

      Look at the previous presidential election and notice how a limp wristed Mittens Romney kept the TEA Party at a distance, Chose a mini-me for a Veep and couldn’t even sit down at Chik-Fil-A and thank them for a wonderful meal. Then notice how he got his but kicked.

      America is looking for a fighter, someone to take down Liberalism, not someone who will help Liberalism proceed more slowly.

    • KnowbodyXXX

      So who had a better chance of winning than Mitt?

    • TruckinMack

      Any Conservative willing to fight Liberals, and I mean fight, not sit down for a Sunday brunch.

    • KnowbodyXXX

      Romney may not have been your choice but you can’t name a single conservative candidate who polled better with independents and moderate Dems.

    • TruckinMack

      Moderate Dems? LOL. Yes, the RNC needs to get the moderate dem vote. Thx for the chuckle. I’ll write more later. On the way to Christmas shopping.

  • Barnslayer

    Poor Michael Brown. Misunderstood “gentle giant”

    • KnowbodyXXX

      And yet, a crazed white guy can gun down a few officers and still be apprehended alive. Try again, Barndweller.

    • Barnslayer

      I invite you to go ahead and punch a cop and grab his gun. You’ll be dead no matter what color you or the cop is.
      Mike Brown was a thug POS. One less hero for you to worship.

    • TruckinMack

      Nobody misunderstood this creep. He did so many things to cause his own death. I should feel bad that he died, but when someone is intent on suicide and tries to drag everyone else with him, I just don’t care.

    • Barnslayer

      I don’t think he was looking to get killed. I think he was so self-impressed that he thought he could bully anyone. His parents taught him well. And now they can cash in.

    • TruckinMack

      They should have taught him that when the police say to put your hands up, then put your damned hands up. Don’t try to take a gun from a cop. He will shoot you dead, fool.

  • rockenbach10 .

    Assaulting a cop is a crime. assaulting anybody is a crime!


    amen and finely put my pal al.your a fine rep for your race,not the kind like sharpton or jackson that feed off you buddy.

  • Pants Up, Don’t Loot

    the Michael Brown’s of the world feel that, due to slavery, the laws don’t apply to them and as such, should be permitted to live their thug life with impunity. What a bunch of sad sacks… and the self-hating liberal white people “marching” with the oppressed black man are doing so, not because they believe there was any injustice; but for the same reasons they voted for a fraud like Obama: to make themselves feel better. F-U.

  • JavonRobinson

    Zo you are so biased, dude, it ain’t even funny. You are so into your bias, that you embraced the white conservative narrative hook line and sinker. Darren Wilson was wrong in this tragedy and too I don’t believe he was justified in killing MB. As a black conservative myself, in my opinion there should of been a trial and DW deserves to go to prison. I’ll even go on record to say that DW provoked this incident and he maybe even be a racists. There is a lot we don’t know, since none of us weren’t there, since there is no trial no one can really justifiably claim otherwise. Listen to some black conservatives in your circle and they may tell you as I will. I fear for my loved ones who are black, as they face racism and fear of being shot by an overzealous white cop who decided to go vigilante by executing a 18 year black man.

    • Stephen Hromcik

      ” there should of been a trial and DW deserves to go to prison”, “I’ll even go on record to say that DW provoked this incident”, “There is a lot we don’t know, since none of us weren’t there” Ummm, pick a side. You know or you don’t…

      “since there is no trial no one can really justifiably claim otherwise” the point of the grand jury is to see if there is enough evidence to take it to court. They lean toward going to court if there is the slightest bit of evidence that a crime was committed. Since they didn’t indict him I would assume there was a good reason not to. I read some of the GJ papers, not all and anyone who says they did is lying or a speed reader. However, what I did read from the witnesses sounded just like what DW said.

  • Very well put, Al. Thanks for this.

  • George Monnat Jr


  • Christopher Thomas

    The cowards need to stop hiding behind the idea of “He wasn’t armed.” As humans, we are always armed and a threat. Especially a 6’4 300 lb. male. If a cop (or anyone) had to wait until someone had already drawn on them with a firearm, then we would have a whole lotta dead cops (and people). Bottom line, you don’t have to wait any longer than what you believe is a threat to your (or anyone else) life and/or property. Only you can decide, are you ready for the responsibility? I know most are not, it’s why they are addicted to be told what to do. Mike Brown was not a victim, he was a punk whose choices got him gunned down in the street by the law.

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