Not Really Black If You’re Not Down With Mike Brown?

Vote For Oppression Then Be Angry About It.

The Leftward mind set says that Michael Brown was a victim. If Michael Brown was a victim, he was victim of his own behavior. He glorified violence, thug life, and the objectification of women. He invited violence and he died violently. He tried to play hard and lost. And because I say such things to try to let American blacks know that this behavior keeps us down, I’m accused of not being down, when my interest is for American blacks to just raise up, and be Americans, as one nation under God. Hear more in this ZoNation!

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  • Kari Lynn Wellborn

    Well said Zo!

  • Thomas J. Zaleski

    Liberalism in its essence is pure evil, for it DENIES the
    individual, which is the FOUNDATION of a free society, in favor of the

    American citizens are entitled to only three things: Life,
    Liberty and the pursuit of happiness.
    All else must be EARNED.

    Thomas J. Zaleski

  • Getoff Mylawn

    SLedge on man, sledge on..I love all your stuff…even when it makes me take a serious look at myself.

  • Margaret Price

    Stockholm Syndrome the Demacrat way.

  • Zo dude you rock !

  • DTL

    OMG Zo , Your message is loud and clear , but I had to pause a few times to stop laughing . Always like your pull up your self attitude . Aside , my ADD likes the 5min. clips . Keep up the good fight !

  • Taiyon Demyers

    This is another prime example as to why people call you an uncle tom. for 1, white supremacist nowadays don’t use a lot of racial epitaphs. Like Lee Atwater said in the 80’s in order to appeal to racist without sounding racist you have to code up your language(it’s done for the reasons of plausible deniability ). Even if you go to David Duke’s youtube page he and his supporters don’t use a lot of racially charged epitaphs. For example instead of saying the N word constantly you call Michael Brown a thug and blame his upbringing on racial stereotypes and hip hop music (most of which is listened to white kids in college dorm rooms,) You’ll refer to the people protesting in Ferguson,(and all over the world mind you) Trayvon Martin, and Eric Gardner as a bunch of thugs and savage but won’t say a damn thing about white kids rioting in East Lansing on Michigan State’s University campus over college sports or white kids rioting in Huntington Beach over a surfing competition. Hell that word wasn’t even used to describe James Holmes and Adam Lanza and they actually killed people.

    Also that blacks are killed more often by blacks than whites line you used in this video is also a white supremacist talking point. Now granted there may be some truth to it but on the same token most violent crimes are intraracial. So despite the lies that people on the christian right have told about the knockout game (which isn’t real btw. It’s just a fantasy drawn up by some white supremacist who wrote a book called white girl bleed a lot.) The vast majority of the people who attack and kill white people are white themselves. So to use your phraseology white people are killed more often by other whites than blacks. Also speaking of white supremacist talking points the comment section to my right is full of them. (especially when it comes to the history of slavery in this country.)

    • FAC

      I do not understand the point of your first paragraph. Are you saying Zo is a racist? You agree with people calling him an Uncle Tom, so doesn’t that make you a racist? Are you aware that the KKK was started by the Liberal Democrats and the GOP was started in protest to slavery in the Midwest? Your party was started by racists and had a KKK senate majority leader who retired from Congress in June 2010 (Robert Byrd). What is your point?

      “Also that blacks are killed more often by blacks than whites line you
      used in this video is also a white supremacist talking point. “. What does that mean that it is a white supremacist talking point? How can a fact be a white supremacist talking point? It is a fact that needs addressing by Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton, Obama and other black leaders.

      Did you mean intraracial or interracial? I assume you meant intraracial. If you meant interracial, then you would be wrong because the number 1 cause of deaths among blacks aged 15-35 is homicide and 93% of those are committed by other blacks.

      Why is the knockout game not real? You believe the video you see against the police, but we are not to believe the video we see showing innocent people getting knocked out without provocation? That seems pretty selective to me.

      Regarding slavery, Republicans opposed it genius. It is the reason Frederick Douglas and Martin Luther King Jr. were REPUBLICAN. They opposed slavery (as did the North) and started a whole party to help abolish slavery called the REPUBLICAN party. Our first Republican president was Lincoln and I believe he signed the emancipation proclamation, which freed slaves.

      I do not trust the government anymore than the next guy, so i vote to have less government in my life. You do not trust them either, but you vote to have more of them. Does that make sense?

    • BlackClouds

      Zo is racist against his own people. Where is Zo talking about white on white homicide at a staggering 83%. He exists solely to tell White racists what they want to hear, something the house negro used to do in the past. Knockout game was not real as something done by any percentage of the black population, it’s damning the actions of individuals on a whole race, that’s racist.

      Republicans are modern day Dixiecrats and that talking about isn’t going to fly with anybody who knows the history. So you think Black people are dumb and would not know the history but you would be mistaken. Since the civil rights and voting rights act Republicans have courted and embedded the white racist vote, look up the Southern Strategy. Zo going to talk about that? Ofcourse not. Republicans demonize Blacks daily, that’s why they do not vote Republican. IF the Republican party would stop being racist and stop welcoming racists into their party (which won’t be in my lifetime) then they will never get the black vote. They are busy suppressing the black vote. They wish Blacks did not exist.

    • Frank Flannery

      Not even close….

    • alwaysright21

      n!ggers suck. that is all, carry on

    • Frank Flannery

      That’s what I like about you. So blunt and right to the point…

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