Is Saying Kennedy Would Be a Republican A Good Selling Point?

Vote For Oppression Then Be Angry About It.
Conservatives acknowledge that the political parties didn’t switch sides, and yet claim that Kennedy would be a Republican by today’s standards. Hear more in this ZoNation

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  • Sickupandfed

    They talk about his economic policies regarding taxes. The parties didn’t switch sides, they BOTH moved to the left. Kennedy would be a Republican today based on how the Republicans (not Conservatives) drifted to HIM, not that he would’ve drifted to them. You’re right that the Republicans shouldn’t use him as an example. All in all, he was a weak and ineffective President. Only his assassination has made him a darling of the left and a martyr. It is an illustration of how the parties as a whole have drifted to the left. Hence, the modern Conservative Movement.

  • Republic

    Instead of “wasting votes” on mediocrity, let’s do something now. If giving yourselves over to weak 2016 candidates, of course more of the same is on the way! Let’s not. Brains need to fire though, synapses need to snap up though.

    View AmericaIdea for the only GOP 2016 Dream Candidate. And decide to vote the best instead of ceding the side’s so-called principle to go follow whoever “has the best chance to win”.

  • decaffeine

    I agree with Sickupandfed. I just wanted to add something. When George W. Bush was President, I took Kennedy’s inauguration address and removed the heavily quoted “Ask not…”. I brought it into work and showed the speech to a bunch of liberals presenting it as a Bush Speech. You wouldn’t believe how badly they trashed that speech. They were especially upset about the multiple references to God and freedom. I wouldn’t say that Kennedy would be a Republican today. I would definitely say that today’s left would not accept a Kennedy today.

    • Sunshine Kid

      They are so far from being American, they wouldn’t accept Roosevelt, nor Lincoln either, although they often compare themselves to those two opposites of the political spectrum.

  • b0bb33z3r

    Laziness. That’s how.

  • Sullys Pops

    Kennedy a Republican?! So Martin Luther King Jr would be a Republican too!? He was definitely pro second amendment after all.

    • CarolinaSistah

      MLK Sr. was a Republican. MLK Jr. acted more as an Independent.

    • saile

      Yes he was. Democrats were old style KKK. Libs are the new politically correct KKK>

  • Lara Fabans

    My idea of good old days are people able to live on middle class incomes because they weren’t taxed to death. The majority of people weren’t on entitlement programs. People took responsibility for their lives. School taught to a high standard not lowest common denominator. Teaching gun ownership in school. People had options and opportunities and going to college to get into serious debt for a degree in Latin American Women Authors of the 1920s wasn’t done. People were connected to the land and had gardens. People didn’t overeat bad things. People walked more often and were healthier. That’s never happened all at once but hopefully we can bring the good stuff more front and center.

    And you’re absolutely right about Kennedy. But then no leader has been perfect…some have been less awful than others. I want to find out more about Calvin Coolidge personally, but I think the progs have written him out of history.


    Say you …………. You need to take another look at the HISTORY of “THE WAR of NORTHERN AGGRESSION’. You do know the Lincoln was sending NEGROS back to Africa, don’t you. He was stopped by John Wilkes Booth. Only 6% of Southerners owned slaves. What the hell were the other 94% fighting for??????? Come on NEGRO, how about an answer. No answer, ok here another fact for YOU think about. The 1st slave owner in AMERICA was not only BLACK-man, he went to court and demanded it. In 1654, it was time for Antony Johnson to release John Casor, a Black indentured servant. instead Johnson told Casor he was extending his time. Casor left, and was employed by a Free White man, Robert Parker. Johnson took him to court in 1654 & in 1655 THE COURT ruled Johnson could hold Casor indefinitely. Oh yea, how about the tariff the North managed to get through congress that effectively raised taxes on the SOUTH about 47%…….Come-On ‘zo’ how about one of your smart-a$$ answers.

    • thomas


      Is your point on Lincoln that Blacks should be thankful or not thankful to John Wilkes Booth? Further, I have never heard anyone suggest that Lincoln was a perfect man.

      Regardless of what percentage of southerners owned slaves, as Southerners became increasingly isolated, they reacted by becoming more strident in defending slavery. The institution was not just a necessary evil: it was a positive good, a practical and moral necessity. Controlling the slave population was a matter of concern for all Whites, whether they owned slaves or not. Southern clergy defended the morality of slavery through an elaborate scriptural defense built on the infallibility of the Bible, which they held up as the universal and objective standard for moral issues. As Pastor Dunwody of South Carolina summed up the case: “Thus, God, as he is infinitely wise, just and holy, never could authorize the practice of a moral evil. But god has authorized the practice of slavery, not only by the bare permission of his Providence, but the express provision of his word. Therefore, slavery is not a moral evil.” It was a corollary that to attack slavery was to attack the Bible and the word of God. Shortly after Lincoln’s election, Presbyterian minister Benjamin Morgan Palmer explained, Slavery was a question of morals and religion, and was now the central question in the crisis of the Union. The South, he went on, had a “providential trust to conserve and to perpetuate the institution of slavery as now existing.” The South was defined by slavery, he observed. “It has fashioned our modes of life, and determined all of our habits of thought and feeling, and molded the very type of our civilization.”

      As William Harris, Mississippi’s commissioner to Georgia saw it, “Our fathers made this a government for the white man, rejecting the negro as an ignorant, inferior, barbarian race, incapable of self-government, and not, therefore, entitled to be associated with the white man upon terms of civil, political, or social equality.” Lincoln and his followers, he stated, aimed to “overturn and strike down this great feature of our union and to substitute in its stead their new theory of the universal equality of the black and white races.” For Harris, the choice was clear. Mississippi would “rather see the last of her race, men, women, and children, immolated in one common funeral pyre than see them subjugated to the degradation of civil, political and social equality with the negro race.”

      These statements were not made to inspire or motivate slave owners, but the masses. And the masses, whether slave owners or not were responsive and supportive.

      Anthony Johnson actions and the fact that HE apparently had no issue with enslaving a fellow human being doesn’t make for a strong argument for anything; it simply demonstrates that men (of all races) will take maximum advantage of others, if allowed.

      Regarding the tax increase you are referring to (‘Tariff of Abominations’?); the stated intent was to protect northern manufacturing, not cripple the south. With that said, the tariffs did negatively impact the economy of the south, but only because they impacted the export of slave picked cotton and increased prices of resources or goods not available in the south. Those in Western states and manufacturers in the Mid-Atlantic States argued that strengthening the industrial capacity of the nation was in the interest of the entire country. This same reasoning swayed two-fifths of U.S. Representatives in the New England states to vote for the tariff increase.
      It may unappealing to you that the southern states lost the Civil War, but I for one will not lament over the ‘correct’ decisions made by our forefathers and I care not what Pres. Lincoln’s motivations were. It is ironic that your defense of the south may tend to negate your first point made and suggest that you may have been one of those southerners that didn’t own slaves, but would have fought for the south. The southern ‘heritage’ and lifestyle was built on the backs of slaves, that is a fact. Based on that, whether those proud to wave the stars and bars realize their own hateful and inhuman legacy is a matter for them to deal with, but first they must recognize that their illustrious and desirous ‘heritage and history’ is a fallacy.

    • PATRIOT.WW48

      What the hell is a matter with you……””””WHEN IN THE COURSE OF HUMAN EVENTS IT BECOMES NECESSARY…..”””” The South was no more tied to America than the Colonist were tied to England. Read your damn history about the scum Lincoln and all the UNCONSTITUTIONAL things he was doing. As for J.W.B. and if it was a bad thing he did. 6 of one 1/2 dozen of another. I AM for the CONSTITUTION and AGAINST those who PREVERT IT. Like Woodrow Wilson, fdr, b.j. bill, bush the young, barack the Magic Negro. sorry I did not list them all. AND P.-friggin-S. slavery would have ended on it’s own with the coming of the industrial revolution, economics would have done it.

    • thomas

      Patriot.WW48, the discussion on whether the southern states had a legitimate or legal right to secede is different than did the voices influencing the south rally those non-slave owners around the ‘heritage’ and ‘history’ of a belief in some justified and ‘godly’ white superiority. I too support the constitution, but if you want to be literal about it, are Blacks not men? All men are created equal with certain inalienable rights…
      Arguing on behalf of waiting until it was the ‘right’ time for Blacks to be freed is akin to rationalizing there was something, anything right with slavery or our fellow man.
      There have been and continue to be many actions that can be viewed as unconstitutional, and many of them are upsetting, and rightly so; however, ending slavery would not be on my list. I find it difficult to support the liberty of all with the use of an asterisk (*).

    • PATRIOT.WW48

      move to the ghetto, any ghetto, take your bleeding heart with you and as the NEGROS are beating you or shooting you…….what will you call them? Thomas Sowell is a man, a brilliant man

    • thomas

      PATRIOT.WW48, the conversation was on the past, but now you want to discuss the present? OK! First off, I wouldn’t consider myself to be a “bleeding heart” anything. If simply striving to treat individuals according to the content of their character, rather than by the color of their skin makes for a “bleeding heart”, then you are right, that is me. Frankly, I choose not to put myself in situations that would put me at the mercy of any peoples, Black, White, or other; therefore, I would no more likely walk through some trailer parks as I would some “ghettos”. You see, there are bad people, Black, White and other, that is the way it is. Unfortunately, you seem to think that Blacks have some sort of monopoly on being “bad”, and with that, you demonstrate yourself to quite possibly be, a bad person. It doesn’t take much to demonstrate my point on bad people; it only requires getting out in the world once in a while. I have met many bad people and yes (to your delight), some of them have been Black, but to be honest, I would have to thing really hard about it to even come up with one instance. Of course, if I do that, I sort of have to remember what I was doing, saying, acting out or otherwise, my behavior in the situation. You see, that is what people do at times, they try to understand their role in things that occur in their lives. Those that only consider the actions of others without taking into consideration their own, would seem to have a learning deficiency. Good luck with that…

    • PATRIOT.WW48

      Well if most of them were like Thomas Sowell, Former Ambassador to the UN the Rev. Alan Keyes, Dr. Ben Carson(a former left winger), Frederick Douglas, E.T. Williams, Alfonzo Rachel(even though he is WRONG about the STARS & BARS)….If MOST Negros were Like These AMERICAN MEN, they Would NOT be STEREOTYPED. However most of them are not and you don’t seem to understand what I’ve been trying to say, or maybe I’m not saying it correctly. SO…….As the FRENCH say, “I SURRENDER”…..sorry to have bothered you so much

    • thomas

      PATRIOT.WW48, NEVER SURRENDER! My apologies if my comments were taken anything more than a discussion and my intents were not to win a discussion, just merely to have one.
      I agree with you that all of the gentlemen you mentioned are/were great representatives for America. I also agree that a persons actions and character are very important, but to honest, the true surrender would be to judge ALL by the actions or character of ONE or even SOME.
      As previously stated, there are bad, maybe even terrible people representing all races. If we judge with a wide swath, that then suggest that Black Americans had every reason to judge ALL Whites as wanting to abuse them and maybe even lynch them. I would suggest that as the equivalent suggestion to yours and we both know that is not true.
      All the best for the Holiday Season!


    In addition to what I just wrote, How About these words “”When in the course of Human Events, it becomes Necessary…….””

  • Larry Pritchett

    Good talking points Zo and very well laid out and explained by you. A black slave owner in America as spoken by others. The Africans in Africa during the slave rounding up and selling were their own worst enemies among themselves. African aggression against africans is still going on strong in Africa today. Just like it was back in that day.

  • Cyn Lee

    Democrats: What I want to Know is – What ever happened to: “Ask not what your Country can do for you, Ask what you can do for your Country”?

  • So, Zo, do you read comments? You made a point about the Rebel flag I’d not heard. Good one on its “history, though I am not in full accord with you regarding the flag being purely a symbol of hate. That favors the argument that slavery was the focal point of the war from the get-go. Coincidentally, I wrote a poem recently on a brief, fictitious Civil War scene, my first ever on the subject. Here ’tis:

    One Night In Dixie
    © Ben Burton 10-20-2014

    The dirt road was cloaked in a blanket of snow
    Spring had not reached those Tennessee hills
    As midnight approached, three Rebs manned a hole
    Near a slope where six brethren were killed

    In tattered gray suits and in dire need of shoes
    For the soles were exposing their feet
    Two whole days without food, a true skeleton crew
    The youngest was not quite sixteen

    Had a wound to his chest and his face was a mess
    None had slept since the sun disappeared
    And the moon overhead cast a light on the dead
    Frozen stiff with a bloody veneer

    The youth tried to speak through his chattering teeth
    His lips forming words without sound
    For the bite in the breeze caused his larynx to freeze
    So he whispered a plea to the ground

    “Please don’t let me die without tellin’ me why
    What’s the reason I’m fightin’ this war
    Mama’s tears never dry since we lost Dad and Cy
    And I’m all she has left from before”

    His sergeant said, “Son, I won’t shoot if you run
    For our odds of survival are long
    But I will take your gun if you flee from the front
    It might help when my bullets is gone”

    “Naw, Sarge, it’s okay, it’s my duty to stay
    And coward’s a hard brand to lose
    But I would like to say that if I had my way
    There would be no damned guns left to shoot

    “We all have our pride, but the dead from both sides
    Would advise us to seek a new peace
    Cause the ones who survive can return to their lives
    And forget all the horror they’ve seen”

    The sarge thought it best to leave bad news unsaid
    For the young lad had no way to know
    Of the nightmares ahead from the memories of death
    All the boy had to count on was hope

    Next morning at dawn came a bugler’s song
    Which was silenced by shouts from the trees
    “It’s all over, go home,” the North’s courier intoned
    “Grant accepted surrender from Lee!”

    The Rebs overheard and they cringed at the words
    Only briefly, for peace came to mind
    Then they noticed the birds, a fresh cheer in their chirp
    And they laughed until they realized

    Home was three weeks away if they marched hard all day
    Over gravel and cinder and root
    Too tired to dig graves, the sarge said, “Come this way”
    They approached their dead brethren for shoes

    Then some Yanks topped the rise and were shocked by the sight
    Of the Rebs lifting shoes from their dead
    “Hey, come on, now, you guys, we can loan you supplies
    We’re at peace, won’t you join us for bread”

    Descending the hill, they danced to old reels
    Most composed with a Southerner’s pen
    Four years the blood spilled, half a million were killed
    But the States were united again

    Celebration complete, the Rebs left Tennessee
    The young soldier said, “Sarge, no more slaves
    Just one thing bothers me, they were already free
    From the bulk of those sent to their graves”

    And the sergeant replied as he gazed at the skies
    “It’s the mighty and wealthy who rule
    On this earth, they decide, while the poor pay the price
    But it’s God who determines the fool”

    • Raymond Otis Gatter

      Actually, the Southern Cross Flag or more commonly the Rebel flag has always represented Hate. It’s not an opinion. It’s fact. Slavery wasn’t why Lincoln went to war. He wanted to save the Union. The Civil War started way before 1861. Read up on your history about bleeding Kansas & the marauders like Bloody Bill Anderson from Missouri with the likes of the James Boys & the Younger brothers. How about all the fights over which states should have slavery or which ones couldn’t ans whether or not territories could be admitted as states either by permitting or not permitting slaves. Yes, there were border states that still had slavery but they didn’t secede from the Union & Lincoln’s Emancipation Proclamation only “freed” the slaves in “Rebel” territories. But there was no real way Lincoln could actually make all those rich southern plantation owners give up their slaves. It was great propaganda to incite chaos in rebel territory. Lincoln detested slavery & he would have loved nothing more than to get rid of it. But he had to say & do things to the contrary because he knew he never would have had the support needed. But the war did indeed start over slavery & the flag always represented hate. Sure, most southerners were poor & never owned slaves, but they also couldn’t be expected to not fight for their homes & what bit of good life they had or thought being a soldier may bring them a better life. But the South was still run by the filthy rich 2% who owned slaves & had all the power. The North had there problems too but they at least knew things had to change. What kept slavery going so long was that Cotton was King & most was in the South. The plantation owners & farmers kept slavery in overdrive when it should have died. A huge reason was Massachusetts born Eli Whitney’s Cotton Gin he patented in 1794. This meant they could grow more cotton and by forcing more slaves to process the cotton faster meant more money for them because they didn’t have to pay slaves, they were property. How in the hell a human could own another I will never understand. It’s disgusting. Yes,many of the men & women, even blacks who were forced or not fought for the Confederacy & claimed that flag as their own, it never really belonged to them nor did it represent them. It represented the evil, hateful slave owners. It also became THE banner for the KKK. so YES, no matter what romantic ideal you have, it has always been a banner of HATE & NOTHING to be proud of. By the way, the Southern secessionist states were all cowardice traitors, though not the people in them. Lincoln knew that, that is why he believed, when he knew victory was near & he had hoped all along, when the war was over all would be forgiven & North & South would have all their great people [everybody] work to bring the nation back together & put slavery far behind. He had hoped Frederick Douglass, & those like him as well as Southern leaders would all make the nation better & stronger. You are welcome to your opinion but you should know the facts. The war ended 150 years ago, why the hell are people trying to bring that back?

      By the way, that big “Confederate Flag” was just the Navy Jack.

    • Why the HELL are you addressing your comment to me?! My poem wasn’t intended to cover every facet of the Civil War. If it had, it would stretch down this screen for half a mile or more. I am fully aware of the history of that era. Anyone who isn’t,can easily learn simply by doing an engine search or they can return to horse and buggy days by going to the library.

    • Raymond Otis Gatter

      Then you know that your opinion is wrong. That is why it was addressed to you. You made the comment.

    • WHAAAAT opinion, you moron? There IS NO OPINION! It’s a fictional story verse. Bug off, hillbilly.

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