Hands Up, Can’t Breathe

Vote For Oppression Then Be Angry About It.
Most of these incidents resulting in the police killing a person could have been prevented. Police have to be very responsible with their authority, but we the people have to be responsible with how we conduct ourselves too. Hear more in this ZoNation!

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  • Sullys Pops

    Where there is less crime there are less cops. Cops don’t come and then comes the crime. The more crime the more cops. No crime, no need for cops. Michael Brown would have probably never run into a cop had he not just committed a crime, and then followed that crime up with an attack upon the cop. Same with the guy in New York selling cigarettes illegally. You continually break the law and the cops are going to continually make their presence known. This is reality. No matter how much you protest and burn buildings, the truth will never change. Change your community for the better first, then others will follow like dominoes.

    • KnowbodyXXX

      It’s not about police presence, it’s about police misconduct. I doesn’t matter if there was a police station on every corner, that is not excuse for extrajudicial force. However, Eric Garner’s neighborhood was not a high crime area and Ferguson’s only shooting this year was from officer Wilson. So you have no idea what you’re talking about.

    • Sullys Pops

      Let’s look at the facts of the case or better yet the TRUTH! Michael Brown had just committed a CRIME. Cops came to the scene of the CRIME. Then he proceeded to commit another CRIME by attacking the cop. Not following orders. So therefore crime after crime after crime. Attacking a cop he got shot. ANYBODY attacking a cop regardless of race deserves to get shot.The other fact Eric Garner in New York was a multiple time offender. Cops were called to the scene of a CRIME. Did he deserve to die, of course not. But he did RESIST ARREST. Considering he was a multiple time offender, he should have known the routine and done what the cop told him to do.

      To summarize, Michael Brown broke the law, cops were called to the scene. Then he broke the law some more. Eric Garner broke the law, cops were called to the scene. He broke the law some more.

      Suggestion for the future, if you are looking for a poster child for some forms of movement, find better people than criminals and thugs!

    • thomas

      KnowbodyXXX, I really think this video was made for people exactly like you in mind. Zo has several others as well that make the same point. There are cases in which police officers display misconduct or poor/questionable judgment, I don’t think anybody would disagree with that statement. It seems Zo is saying that Brown’s case doesn’t appear to be one (from the facts available) and Garner’s case does. With that said, any case that involves a Black person and White person doesn’t mean that any action by either person is taken based on the race of the other. If the default position is, all actions are taken based on race, the issue is here to stay and will never be resolved. That Sir, would be unfortunate.

  • Bryan Lyman

    The hypocrisy goes so deep: think about this. President Obama comes out and says things like, “If I had a son, he would look like Trayvon.” And Eric Holder says, “What We See in Ferguson Is Not Restricted to Ferguson.”

    President Obama is the Commander and Chief Executive Officer of the United States of America, and Eric Holder is the Chief of the Justice Department which are both in command of THE POLICE force of the United states of America. Eric Holder is the one giving those military grade weapons to the police in the first place. Then they stoke the fires of hatred against their own subordinates. That is two things, traitorous to the police you are the boss of, and cowardly for trying to placate the mob which is riled up by trying to appear like you have no connection to the police at all. This is what is called in political theater as: “selling weapons to both sides” (kinda like what Eric holder did with fast and furious, huh?)

    • Well put! The hypocrisy and the irony of it all….government employees, essentially under Holder, out to enforce TAX LAWS that Big-Government Liberals enacted!!! Yet, not many people see/understand the connections.

  • 24601

    I debated whether to point out the fact that you need to be able to take in air so that you can speak. Thought it might be insensitive. But yes – it’s absolutely true. If you can speak you can breathe.

  • KnowbodyXXX

    Zo is full of it here, which wouldn’t be the first time but i digress. The police can’t kill a person just for jerking away from them. When you’re dealing with a special needs person or a person with mental illness who is otherwise unarmed then cops can’t be doling out punishment, they have to properly restrain them and not kill them. This is what they do with whites all the time so there’s no reason why blacks can’t have the same consideration.

    • no WAY

      I assume you’re talking about Garner, where did he justify that? Did you watch Zo’s video?

      Actually he’s entirely correct. This current wave of activism will do nothing more than usher in some expensive and useless programs and reforms. And won’t do a thing to prevent more Mike Browns in the future.

      As for special treatment for “special needs” suspects, any time you would like to show the police how it should be done, I’m sure they would appreciate your expertise on the matter. Generally the police are called when other measures have failed, and they don’t have much margin for error. And even a “special needs” or “unarmed” person can be dangerous, or even deadly. I’m thinking of Adam Lanza, for instance…

    • Sullys Pops

      Let’s look at the facts though because as is always the case, You can’t argue with the truth!. Twice as many white people were shot down by cops in 2013 then blacks. Are you sure you still want the same consideration now that you know the truth!?

      Also, the black community kill each other in droves. Not just at planned parenthood either, but in the streets. Considering the facts, if your house was on fire and your toilet overflowing, you going to plunge the toilet of put out the fire first. Try putting out the fire first!

  • Dangle Berry

    tThis should never have been about race, or blame, or criminality, guilt or innocence whether the person involved on either side was a good or a bad person, or politics, and it certainly has nothing to do with abortion All of that stuff is just periphery nonsense.

    It is about doing everything possible to save lives and serve justice, because this is the civilized thing to do.

    That is what the primary function of any countries police force is, to protect and bring people to justice within the court systems. It does not work if the person to be detained gets killed.

    Try to change society if you like, but guess what no criminal is ever going to want to be arrested, the intoxicated and mentally ill will always be confused by the situation, the desperate will always try for the long shot, no matter how much you try to change society. However a civilized society should always want to see justice served in a fair and even handed way, so in order to serve the people, the police are always going to need new skills and new resources to to adapt to an ever changing society in order to detain people safely.

    Proper structured review of failed outcomes will yield information that leads to improved solutions and if looked for after each failed outcome, the solutions will adapt to societal changes, it really is that simple.

    However when, as in recent cases, no meaningful review is undertaken, so no meaningful information is yielded, improved solutions are unlikely to be found because none have been looked for, then society has been failed.

    When it means that justice can no longer be served, whether the person that died was a criminal, an innocent that was being arrested by mistake, or the arresting officer is totally irrelevant, society should be upset. Someone died after all, and worse still so did justice.

  • mikeZ

    Zo, while I agree with you 99.99% of the time, there’s one minor detail on this particular video I do slightly disagree with. From the video of the encounter I saw, it appears that the scenario didn’t begin as a choke hold as you can see the officers hand in garners chest. That being said once things went to the ground it did orogress into an effective chokehold. I have had it happen to me in training and I was almost rendered unconscious because, due to me and my training partners size and positions it was extremely difficult for him to get his arms out to release me. And while I can’t speak to exactly what happened it does appear to be a risky manuever that went very wrong.

  • ssoldie

    Thank you AlfonZO Your common sense makes my day.

  • livefreeordiehard

    Love this guy!!

  • TruthandLove

    Just came upon your website Zo, I totally enjoy your insight and wisdom. I learned more than a few things from you today. The rest I’ll verify when I get the time.

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