ZoNation || Liberals’ Love Hate Relationship with Science

Vote For Oppression Then Be Angry About It.

I heard about a tweet from astrophysicist, Neil Degrasee Tyson suggesting we need unhackable systems. Sounds good. Why hasn’t anybody else thought of that sooner? From there I observe Liberal’s love hate relationship with science. Hear more in this ZoNation!

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  • Kari Lynn Wellborn

    Another great one Zo!

  • Richard Newbold

    A hack proof system is called a paper weight.

  • PChuck

    Great Video! Though your band is a great alternative for black teens, most don’t listen to metal. Another alternative to Gangsta Rap, would be Christian rapper Lecrae who sounds very mainstream but doesn’t curse.

  • Edwin Hutchins

    Where can I get one of those Thomas Sowell T’s ?

  • Lara Fabans

    It’s been bothering me lately seeing comments on FB (yeah yeah, my bad for reading them) that you never see any mass murder done by atheists. It’s just too bad that Pol Pot, Stalin and Hitler were such good Christians and Muslims right? Oh…wait….

    • Mark McDaniel

      Precisely. We don’t acknowledge the evil athieists and atheists because they don’t go around proselytizing atheism while they commit their heinous crimes on humanity.

    • oldurkey

      If this was meant as sarcasm toward Lara’s post, you blew it. BTW, can you explain the difference between those two for us? You know, “athieists and atheists.”

    • Mark McDaniel

      It was a mistype. I just meant the “evil atheists.” Also, to clarify, I’m not saying all atheists are evil. I’m simple referring to the subset of atheists who are evil.

    • Guest

      It was a mistype. I just meant the “evil atheists.” Also, to clarify, I’m not saying all atheists are evil. I’m simple referring to the subset of atheists who are.

  • jthrasher

    The issue with hack proof and security in general is that the harder it is to break into the harder it is to do many things with. Firstly if you can physically get to the computer, you can take that computer. Secondly the harder it is to hack into it remotely then the harder it is to get into if you have to reset your credentials. Even then the main flaw is still people. The most secure system in the world still fails if people do stupid things.

    Science is all well and good but only if used correctly, and by intelligent people. A while back people were talking about RFIDing kids. Sounds great, until you realize that RFID passports are hacked all the time. The RFID system is constantly on and broadcasting. One of the ways to make an unhackable system requires it to be in a box, it has no access beyond itself and getting to it physically is impossible, unless you’re meant to be there. This, of course, is a pain to deal with. People are lazy and like things to be easy. Convenience is always the opposition to security.

  • Republic

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  • Charie

    I want a Sowell shirt, too. He’s my hero!

  • Kwuam Adams

    yeah that Sowell shirt is BOMB!! Where did you get it?

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