Awwww, The Poor Terrorists.

Vote For Oppression Then Be Angry About It.
Wondering why Islamo-facists terrorists seem to be covered by the protection of political correctness? Notice how liberals feel more outrage for terrorists who are water boarded than they do for the person they beheaded? Hear More in this ZoNation!

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  • safebet

    Amen…again Zo!

    Let the truth be told. Too bad many consider the Holy Bible a “fairy tale”…to their peril.

    America certainly is being “transformed”. People got what they voted for…voted “it” back in office…then are surprised at all the turmoil that results…finally, blaming others in true victim fashion.

    Just as the Bible and world history reveal, all once “great” empires/nations/countries implode upon themselves. Similar to us as individuals. We were granted the gift of choice from God yet seem to think we know better since we seem to idol anything but God.

    Narrow is the path to salvation. Many will be in for a rude awakening upon the Second Coming. We’ve been warned…it is written that believers would be hated in Jesus’ name. For no one can deny.

    Stand fast good and faithful servant…stand fast.

    Like a thief in the night…

  • GoneFishing

    One of your best, Zo!! Aw heck, I haven’t seen one I didn’t like!

  • Sullys Pops

    Thank you Brother Zo. Love that you bring the knowledge. In any and all battles and wars, you have a better chance of victory when you know your enemies. You know the enemy and because of this truth,and by the blessing of The Lord, you are a great leader and teacher. You share what you know and for this, I am grateful. Thank you!

  • Larry Sheldon


  • Scott M. Kruchell

    Amen and AMEN! I have said many times, the way of LIFE is TRUTH AND THE TRUTH SHALL SET YOU FREE.

    I am a white Christian republican man, living in the inner city of the VERY LIBERAL Milwaukee, WI. I see and hear about the “victim” issue ALL THE TIME.

    There were city official’s actually proposing renaming one of our local parks, after a “victim”. The problem came when the park in question is already named for the states famed 32nd (RED ARROW) Infantry Division. This unit has served this country with distinction since the CIVIL WAR.

    The “victim” happened to be a black man that was “harassed” by a police officer because he was laying on the sidewalk in said park. The short version is that when the officer wanted this man, with mental “issues”, too “move on/ go home”, he/ the officer was assaulted with his own baton and forced to use “deadly force” to protect himself and others in the area.

    This by the way actually happened BEFORE Ferguson, MO. The actual DA’s decision came JUST BEFORE Christmas (2014). The office was cleared of any wrong doing and will not be charged. Despite the numerous and mostly peaceful protests.

    Fortunately this renaming “idea” appears to have been at least “shelved” for now. Primarily because “enough” of the community SPOKE UP.
    So in short, ENOUGH OF THE VICTIM STATUS. Take personal responsibility, grow up read your bible, go to church AND QUIT COUNTING ON THE GOVERNMENT to solve all your i’lls.

    • PoorPitifulPearl

      Scott, I lived in Milwaukee for 21 years, leaving there in 1966 and following the military because of my husband. Back then, the city appeared to be friendly and open…and we knew all the neighbors on the block and across the back alley. Those were wonderful days for kids who played outdoors all summer without supervision and without getting into trouble. You are in a minority there, but thank goodness you have Sheriff Clarke there in Milwaukee. Hopefully, there will be a lot of Christian Republicans who can stand up and change the tide and help Milwaukee and Madison and the other liberal entrenched cities go “red.” I still have relatives thereabouts…they all moved out of Milwaukee proper and live in smaller communities that are reminiscent of the old days. It’s too bad they didn’t stay in Milwaukee and take up the fight, but I can’t really blame them. They are all older now, but there is a younger generation that has grown up on the “pablum” of the left and wouldn’t know their rights from a fight. Sad….

    • Scott M. Kruchell

      Actually NO I’m not. I was born in 1968, in MILWAUKEE , the actual hospital I was born in was on 28th & Wells. That area today is rampant with prostitution, drugs and gangs. I have lived in the Milwaukee area ALL of my life.

      We could do as you say during MOST of my childhood. I honestly CANNOT say that now, at least not for the area I live in. Proof, I was recently coming home from the local library with my laptop in its bag and over my shoulder. On TWO SPERATE occasion’s I had two little kids TEN or less using TOY GUNS TO TRY and “stick” me up and give them my computer and all of my money. This is something myself and my friends WOULD HAVE NEVER THOUGHT OF. Not to mention, the parent(s) were NO WHERE TO BE SEEN.

      As a child some of my relatives lived outside of Milwaukee. I remember as a child riding to/ from these places Milwaukee’s population was just about 2.4 MILLION PEOPLE. Today, the sign just down the street from my home says 634, ???

  • Scott M. Kruchell

    This might be off the point, but I do remember in the late 80’s or early 90’s there was a “fad” of sorts. The Liberal/ progressives were referring to it as “art” and demanded it not only be funded with US TAX $$$, but PROTECTED UNDER THE 1ST AMENDMENT. This “art” involved putting the crucifix/ image of Christ in vats/ jars of urine and seamen as well as the image of the Virgin Mary made from or cover with animal “waste”. I’m not even Catholic and find it offensive.
    BUT YOU CANNOT DRAW OR MAKE ANY IMAGE OF MUHAMMAD, without facing death from these “peace loving” Muslim/ Islamist’s? Who is the “victim” and who is the INTOLERANT, racist, bigoted…?

  • CrystalDawn0603

    Very well explained. Thank you.

  • livefreeordiehard

    Read The Islamic Antichrist. The muslims anxiously await for what we call “The Beast” to receive the number upon their foreheads!

  • AlwaysRight

    I always learn something from your great videos. Thank you for what you do.

  • D Thater

    Zo, once again sir, spot on…just love the way you explain/confirm your message , no one can argue with it and not look like a fool. You sir have style. Carry on and we look forward to shaking your hand someday and taking you to dinner.

  • Ron Smorynski

    HOLY MOLY!!!!! Wow… I always knew it, they are against God and it was a satanic tome but I didn’t know the details and BAM… you be awesome. Sheese… I wish you lived in my little nanny guesthouse… 🙂

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