Give Sharpton The Butt Hurt Award

Al Charlatan Sharpton calls for some emergency diversity task force because diversity boasting Hollywood isn’t meeting Sharpton’s so called diversity standards. Twilight Zone, man. I’m telling you! Hear More in this ZoNation!

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  • Kari Lynn Wellborn

    Sharpton is NOT even fit to shine MLK’s shoes! Sharpton is nothing but a thug himself. As always great video Alfonzo!

  • Aimee Smith

    I stinking love you !!!!

  • Claudia Bird

    You are the man Zo!!!

  • Scott M. Kruchell

    WOW, that was so right on! From my point of view, that of a “conservative” white guy in a liberal predominately black city.
    I just have one question, aren’t the colors of the NBC Logo the same as GLAD or one of those similar organization’s?

    • Sullys Pops

      Wasn’t NBC logo the peacock? The rainbow colors on the feathers. Now the Homosexual community has commandeered the rainbow. As a kid, the belief was a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. Today’s rainbow probably brings a blu-ray of Brokeback Mountain.

  • Sullys Pops

    Separate but equal was a bad thing in the past. B.E.T. and people like Sharpton have brought it back with a vengeance. He and his ilk have created this “racial burnout” that society is feeling. Every time you turn around, race is being thrown in your face. The race baters have even dug so deep as to try to use criminals as “victims”. Society as a whole is just tired. Plus, now that Sharpton’s racist overtones have been put forth for everybody to see, not many people take him serious anymore. Not that they ever should of anyways.

  • Gregory71

    I wonder who will liberals and conservatives appoint as the Boule Boogie man when Al is dead and gone.

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