ZoNation: Glozell And Obama Interview

Am I disappointed with the president that He’s got time for Glozell, but not Netanyahu, yup, but I also see how Obama is able gain favor and power from the people despite how bad for the office he is. Hear more in this ZoNation!

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  • Sullys Pops

    As always, 100% spot on target and we’ll said. Conservatives need to reach out and get the truth out. The truth has been lost on the up and coming generation. The leftist socialism that government is to serve your lazy butt has infiltrated our institutions of learning. Their message is being spread everyday like a virus thanks to conservatives hiding and cowering. Of course I am referring to our elected officials that have bent over and taken shaft from the left just to save their seat.

    Side note, I take it as an affront that the president can make time to “pay respect” to the king of Saudi Arabia, a noted Muslim, but can’t pay any respect in France to the 12 murdered by Muslims.

    • PATRIOT.WW48

      you know that the MULATTO-MARXIST-MUSLIM….barack-the-MAGIC-NEGRO put millions of acres of Alaskan future oil land off limits because of the Saudi scum

    • Sullys Pops

      I heard the Alaskan bit on Monday but held off to get the full details instead of spreading rumor. Sure enough, half of that story is false. A little patience goes a long way.

      Also I would like to address your comment. You call Obama a “negro”. If you take issue with our President of the United States of America because of the color of his skin, may I suggest you take your hate elsewhere. I will defend our President against ignorance such as yours. Regardless of his color he is still a human being same as you or I, and deserves to be treated as such. Same with Glowzell, she too is human and deserves better than to be called a dog. We are all God’s children first and foremost. Just as the Muslim will have to answer for their hate of God’s children, you too will stand before God on judgement day and have to answer for why you too hate God’s children just the same.

  • Matlonc

    I am not a smart guy but…..what would you expect from a guy who changed his real name to a muslim one? not sure how anybody can deny he doesn’t follow islam in anyway….

    • Charie

      Barack Hussein Obama is his name so what are you talking about? Barry Soetoro? Barry is short for Barack and Soetoro was his step-father’s name. He is named for his father, Barack Hussein Obama Sr. Why not pick at something that means something? This scratching at stuff that means nothing is a waste of time and bandwidth.

    • Matlonc

      next time maybe I’ll write it with a big crayon.. HE HAS A MUSLIM NAME. don’t care where it came from and which parent was named what. You can’t argue with that just like if my last name was O’Malley which is Irish. need more examples or do you not “get” common sense?

    • oldurkey

      Are you completely mad? Your response to Charie is off-the-charts asinine! Read your original post: “what would you expect from a guy who changed his real name to a muslim one?”

      Then you come back and do a total cop-out. It’s clowns like you that give Conservatives a bad name. Well, you AND so-called PATRIOT.WW48.


    NO WAY would I even consider talking to a leftist NEGRO like that female dog. BULLETS much easier….

  • Jim

    I understand why he calls Glozell and others for interviews, but I don’t approve. It’s not that I think he’s above them, but the office he holds is. They wouldn’t be allowed to ask any real questions even if they had the desire. Everything will be scripted. I get the impression that he’s campaigning again…for what? Public approval for policy positions? Legislation? Supreme Court decisions? How does hanging with youtube stars help him?

    Maybe I really don’t get it.

  • Lara Fabans

    I want to move out of CA too but hubby thinks that would be giving up. It’s tough.

    But on to your message. Bob Burg wrote a great article on Rob Ringer’s blog:


    He basically said that the reason why Atlas Shrug didn’t have the desired effect was that it made the statists looks stupid and whenever faced with some hard truth, most people dig in their heels and hold on to their false beliefs harder. Try telling a teenager that the person they’re dating is wrong for them. Same idea.

    So yes, meeting with the average person even if it seems silly is a good idea and I wish more conservative candidates would get out there and meet with real people and dispel the idea that it’s the party of the rich.

    • Sullys Pops

      Lara, as the words of Brother Zo rang to me, I will pass them on as well. “My wife is not mine to rule. My wife is mine to serve. What good is a king who doesn’t serve.” Aside from that, your husband is correct that moving because of politics is giving up. California is an amazing state aside from the leftist b.s. I no longer live there so I appreciate the things that I don’t have at my finger tips. Magic mountain in Valencia. Joe Jost’s in Long Beach (best fricking eggs!). Huntington Beach, San Diego, Venice, Naples. The valley, Hollyweird, Griffith park. Horrible freeway system. Just keep trucking and spreading the message. If you have seen the movie God’s Not Dead, this might help. Near the end, Dean Cain’s character is talking with his mom, and she is in a bad state (other than cali lol) she tells him that Satan, will make life gravy so that the person feels no need to change cause everything is good. Meanwhile a person walking with Jesus, through trials and tribulations, is made stronger for the battle. Food for thought. Have a blessed day.

  • Scott M. Kruchell

    BAM, that 20lb sledge right on the head AGAIN. I’m working on getting the conservative messge out here, in WI. It is not as easy as it seems. Even with Gov. Walker, a Republican house and senate controlling the state house’s. The best thing we have in the Milwaukee area is Sheriff David Clarke. The only way he keeps his job is to run as a Democrat. Otherwise he is a RED BLOODED CONSERVITIVE, the only one I know of for sure in the Milwaukee county goernment

  • ronigee dawg

    Well, on the one hand I can see where you are coming from … however I would tend to disagree ‘in principal’ on another count. You can *never* win a debate with Santa Claus, my friend … so the notion that if conservatives somehow ‘engage’ the culture that something will change is simply not based in reality. Our system of government worked while “the culture” was more or less intelligent … and I am referring to “common sense” intelligence vs ‘book learning’, at this point the liberals have educated themselves into imbecility. The fact that a deranged idiot like “Glozell” carries any kind of an audience/influence is a strong indication that perhaps little can be salvaged. What WILL change things is when the house of cards inevitably falls … and a CBO lead just testified yesterday that the numbers ultimately collapse in the next decade.

  • TruckinMack

    I get the cultural thing. I post a fair amount of Conservative thought on FB, and the people who most respond to those posts are young people in their 20’s. They are eager to learn, and especially learn something no one has told them before.

    Alfonzo, while I accept you are right about Conservatives connecting with the people, I don’t think connecting with a freak show is necessarily the course to take (and in the long run actually hurts). Obama sits down with his fan boys and fan girls in the media, whether it’s David Letterman, Matt Lauer or GloZell. He is not sitting down with Fox, or Rush Limbaugh or even Alfonzo Rachel.

    Conservatives need to connect with a younger audience, and they should look for them and try to engage them. Whether it’s artisans in music, painting or the theatre, or sports figures, or kids in college or recently graduated. There are a lot of intelligent, hard working people looking for answers, or at least looking for discussion.

    In the new age of the Internet, getting your message out is easier than ever. Conservatives need to go out there and start talking.

    • bdaniel230

      One thing I have noticed, that the big donors to Conservative thought are also the ones tat charge for their thoughts. One thing that would help drive Conservative thought is to have free access to the “stars” of Conservatism. Zo is one very good representation of Conservative thought and he freely gives his opinions and beliefs without cost to he people. Yes he gives the ability to donate, but it is not required. Rush? Fox News Channel? Other than AM radio there is little access to the professionals without cost.

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