ZoNation: Melissa Harris-Perry says, “Abortion Is Like Removing a Cancer”

Is a human embryo comparable to cancer? A child is no different than a tumor if you are MSNBC’s Melissa Harris-Perry. Hear more as Zo brings you the latest wacky progressive abortion argument.
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  • bigkick85

    God Bless you Alfonzo. The way you are able to dissect everything, really makes one think about not only the situation, but their own priorities. I’m going to spread this around as much as possible and hopefully open some eyes.

  • Howie_Roark

    So if someone killed Perry, could we classify it a “biopsy”?

  • Sullys Pops

    First off I want to know how this woman still has a job!? The hypocrisy. Second, she may just be a low rated person on a low rated “news” (propaganda) station but she still does have influence. The left is going to create this perception that a unborn child is on par with cancer, ebola, or something you would flush. That way they can spread that abortion is just like removing a disease. Nothing more, nothing less. Just more trash to throw away.
    Lastly, as far as changing precedent such as the supreme Court ruling, it really shouldn’t be that difficult. Especially if we conservatives reach out to the Catholic Hispanic “dreamers”. Just a thought.
    Amen Brother Zo!

    • rick0857

      Why does she still have a job you ask, well for starters, the network she works for also employs; the rev. al sharptongue (called Rev Al because he’s revered by al sharptongue) and chrissy (Tingles) matthews. Do you need any further explanation?

    • Sullys Pops

      It was a rhetorical statement, not necessarily a general question. Hence the exclamation point as well as the following 2 words of “the hypocrisy. ” I do appreciate that you reminded the left of their poster propagandist, all be it laughable, Sharpton and Matthews.

  • Sam

    This “journalist” is a cancer.

    • Hugo Cabret

      Does that mean we can abort Melisstha Harristh-Perry?

  • lori58

    i think she has acrually given birth to a couple of cancers

  • MrDrapes

    As always Alfonzo is spot on. He call it not as he sees it but as it is. He holds nothing back calling a spade a spade (and a witch a witch). And he is not afraid to call out the Rino’s. I love his simple straight forward logic. He blows away liberal “logic”.

    • urbanvrwcmom

      “Liberal logic” is an oxymoron. This woman puts the “moron” in it!

  • GoneFishing

    …says this nasty ‘person’ who sports tampon-earrings and was once a developing cancer…um, fetus. Just a disgusting individual.

  • Hugo Cabret

    Melisstha Harristh-Perry should fix that lisp and talk like a big girl before devaluing human life. She is the cancer which needs to be excised. Let us not forget when Melisstha mocked the adopted black child in the Romney clan with her Sesame Street tune about “which one of these is not like the other”. Racist much, Melisstha?

  • Usi Nfidel

    Thank you, Zo. I have studied the Civil War and it’s politics for forty years and came to the conclusion, long ago, that it’s root cause was the slavery issue. I have battled revisionists and Confederate apologists for years on that fact. Those who cannot equate the similarities of slavery and abortion are doomed to repeat the resulting holocaust of both institutions.

  • triangle whip

    Too bad her parents endured the [cancer] and fail to take her advise..

  • God bless you Zo! Keep speaking the truth, no matter what!

  • TruckinMack

    Excellent video today. I immediately posted the link on FB.

    It’s difficult to choose a favorite today. ‘Melissa, did you look at your unborn baby girls like they were a cancer?’ was great, but so was everything in the last 1-2 minutes. Thanks.

  • Way to be, Zo. Love ya, man.

  • Scott M. Kruchell

    Right On Zo, I whole heartedly agree with this one.
    I have a beautiful 5 year old daughter, that I had to convince my (now X) girlfriend to keep. I have NEVER had any problems supporting her (my daughter). I happily give up my wants for her needs (& a few wants).
    I have often wondered why it is easier to go for the lowest common “denominator”, when shooting for the stars is ALWAYS MORE FUN.

    • Sullys Pops

      Any human that has ever seen a child smile, or giggle. Play and be joyful, would never for a moment consider a child a cancer. ALL children are blessings from God! Congratulations.

    • Mary Mclocke

      ALL children are indeed blessings from God! Scott, she’s beautiful! Her smile melts my heart! You’re very blessed as is she to have a daddy who loves her and gives so much. I wish for you both lots of love and God’s richest blessings always. 🙂

    • Scott M. Kruchell

      Thanks, I didn’t think the picture got posted. She is the light of my life. I’m very proud of her.

    • Josh

      Nothing like daddy’s little girl!

  • urbanvrwcmom

    Leftism is a cancer.

  • Republic

    Some people should not talk on-the-air, fostering evil untold.

    The Republican Party has the Dream Candidate if invited in the 2016 program.

  • I wonder how much money planned parenthood is funneling to her. Evil creep, she is.

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