Jeb Bush? How’d We Get Here?

The Houston GayStopo

I reckon I gotta keep up the message of explaining that if conservatives don’t represent culturally, they’re not going to be well represented politically. Hear more in this Zonation!

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  • Scott M. Kruchell

    You have nailed it again Zo! It makes my head spin, like the Exorcist, when I hear names like Christy, Romney, Bush and/ or McCain.
    Not to “play” favorites” but it does make me proud and glad to hear names like Paul Ryan & Scott Walker. From what I see both of these men are about as close to doing what you suggest then anyone else, in the Republican party. I live in a predominately liberal area, Milwaukee, WI. It can be very difficult to get the message out. But it is working slowly, (I believe) or else we would have had Tom Barrett or Mary Burke as our governor.

    • Johnny Olson

      Paul Ryan is a big government, pro-Amnesty guy. Wrong choice.
      Scott Walker is pretty good, but I would want a pledge not to use executive orders to grant amnesty…which he also favors. That is the only position of his that I oppose (that I currently know of).

      Ted Cruz is also an excellent choice, and yes…he IS eligible.

  • Scott M. Kruchell

    By the way Zo, I like your constant and consistent use of scripture. it is informative and refreshing, THANK YOU.

  • lisa colorado

    Such a lucid point of view!

  • livefreeordiehard

    More like getting a dog turd. If this is the best they can do, I’ll stay home and let the dems take it again. And remember, if your write-in candidate is not registered in your state, your vote will not count. We need to get a candidate to register in all 50 states and then to advertise it. F the republicans (except for Ted Cruz and Jindal).

    • Sullys Pops

      Live free or die hard. You reek of hypocrisy! Your username is “live free” but then you speak of Democrats controlling this country that was built upon FREEDOM. They would do anything they could to take your freedom. The past 6 years, Americans freedoms are being assaulted daily. Right in front of your face. You settle, without even an effort of a fight, for those that want to take away every bit of your freedom. Maybe you should change your username since it is no longer fitting to you!

  • midwestMad

    I don’t understand how you can appeal to people with leftist ideas without being a leftist. I mean, conservatives that would go on those shows and such would be made fun of, not supported. Jesus didn’t modify his message to appeal to people. He lived what he preached so I don’t get what you say about him compromising his integrity. He didn’t worry about his reputation, but he never compromised his beliefs. He wouldn’t have been Jesus if he did!

    • Sullys Pops

      Valid question you ask. Jesus hung out with the unsaved. The woman at the well reference, she was Samarian, Jesus a Jew. The two didn’t mix, but He still reached across first to meet the people. He ended up with the Samarian people for 2 days. His reputation PRECEEDED him. His integrity never compromised. Even when Lucifer offered Jesus the world. Jesus couldnt be bought. That is what Brother Zo was referring to. Get out and spread the word. One at a time is always better than none.

  • “Be careful with this grip you’re trying to keep on freedom. You could choke it to death!” Boom Zo!
    Conservatives got such a grip on freedom, people becoming sure they don’t have it [freedom].

  • John Julian

    DUDE – AMEN!! NO MORE Bushes, Clintons…no algore, kerry, obama…nutshell: NO MORE SOCIALIST Non-Americans!

  • Lara Fabans

    John Stewart must have gotten scared of the idea of competition since he said he wasn’t going to renew his contract. (and I’m kidding people with no sense of humor)

    We do need to bring the message out to the masses better. I don’t know about hanging out with Twerkers, but certainly meeting with the actual people who vote….like you mentioned in your book Weapons of Ass Destruction. The conservative candidates need to get into the “scary neighborhoods” and connect. Show how living a moral life is going to help you get to a better place. Also, we need better stories for people to connect with.

  • mossbergman

    dead in the water the country won’t elect another Bush ,good Bad or Ugly too much baggage How about NM Gov’r Susana Martinez ,conservative, gun owner ,Female ,Hispanic, and has a 60+ % following of independents in her state. this girls a loaded package ,got all the bases covered


    I agree with one statement jesse Jackson made: “stay out da bush’s”

  • Johnny Olson

    Zo…you missed the real news here. Take a look at who is saying that Jeb is leading the pack.
    1. The GOP – who is pushing the most liberal of the pack.
    2. The media – who is having a slobbering love affair with the left.
    3. The left – Of course they want to declare Jeb the winner. He would be the easiest of the pack to defeat in the general.

    Do this. Ask every republican that you know if they think that Jeb is the best choice. I doubt that you will find one that says yes.

    The claim that Bush has support is blatantly false. Exposing THAT is the story.

    • Just Gloria

      Absolute truth!

  • Jim

    It’s not the core of the Republican party who are anointing Bush. Don’t be fooled. The establishment wants to continue the gravy train they’re on. They don’t want a real conservative to have a shot. And they certainly don’t want a Constitutionalist. It’s all about power and money. Bush is liberal enough to appease them, but if he’s beaten, the dem…whoever that may be, will be about the same.

    As for ignoring them, I never said to ignore all of them. Just the idiots who say incendiary stuff to get a rise from the right. I think of them as trolls. Don’t feed the trolls.

  • Bob Honiker

    They would run Michael Bloomberg if they could get him.

  • Melissa

    I understand where you are coming from Alfonzo, and I also understand where those who say it’s beneath the office of the presidency not to go on talk shows comes from. You’re saying you have to be out in the world before the world can hear what you’re saying, and I do understand that, but keeping with what you said about Jesus and his actions, I think in this case, instead of Him associating with the “woman at the well”, it’d be like him going out to a bar and getting drunk along with the sinners. There has to be a line drawn somewhere. I do get it too that conservatives are looking like sticks in the mud, they are not going out and getting their hands dirty with what is going on today, and because of this many are not seeing them in a good light. Also I know too that we need to counterattack people like Michael Moore, it’s just that we need to do so as a total body, not just some random craze republican. We need a candidate we can stand behind, and so far, I haven’t seen one, I think that’s the main issue now.

  • TruckinMack

    You did a better job this time talking about the need for Conservatives to join into the many and varied social media.

    I agree that some TV station should have a a comedian like Jon Stewart – snarky, mean and somewhat unfair – who unmercifully attacks Liberals. Unfortunately no station wants to do this because they fall for the Liberal line that attacking Liberals isn’t funny.

    Fox almost did this, but their comedy was so tame and lame, so watered down, it was like going to a church social. We need comedians who are edgy; unafraid to attack the Left. Needless to say I am talking about people like Alfonzo Rachel. (Alfonzo, when are we going to see ZoNation on Fox, the Comedy Channel or maybe Spike TV?)

    The problem with the old guard in the RNC is they believe the Liberal hype that to win the Presidency, they need to appeal to the moderates. RAWNG!. To win the Presidency the RNC needs to get the base excited (the base being TEA party, the right and the far right Conservatives). This is marketing 101. When the base is excited, the moderates and independents will note that energy and pile on the bandwagon. On the other hand, when the base is angry and demoralized, the moderates and independents will note there is no bandwagon, so they will not climb aboard. If you want to win the Presidency, energize your base.

    PS: If you need a writer, look me up. Hollywood needs old blood because the new blood coming out of college is Liberal to the power of infinity.

    • Dyann Jackson

      Alfonzo does “a better job” at everything he says!

  • Just Gloria

    Another Bush? Another Clinton? If that’s what we are left to choose from, we as a nation are doomed. Being ol’ Jeb’s role model is Lyndon Johnson…he just needs to run on the Democrat ticket. That would be great … Jeb & Hillary fighting one another to win the Dem’s primary. Then, whichever won could choose the other as their VP candidate.

  • LibertyChick

    The Clintons and Bush’s are both part of the Council on Foreign Relations – a leftist group determined to destroy America. The CFR LOVES when a Bush goes against a Clinton as they know either way they win. And most of our elected representatives are members, as well as the media. They should all be imprisoned for treason!

    CFR Role in Media Bias:

    Book: The Shadows of Power


  • Blake Kemp

    Zo, I highly appreciate your steadiness of INTEGRITY (see what I did their) to the Republican principles. You and Crowder have the will to check our political party when needed instead of going with the flow, you and crowder should do more clips together. Like I commented on Crowder’s YouTube subscription, from a former United States Marine to a civil servant, thank you for your service to this country.

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