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Bill Wittle, AlfonZo Rachel, Dinesh D’souza, Andrew Klavan, and Roger Simon discussing how liberalism is a mean fungus in the hollywood entertainment industry, and how can conservatism be better represented and promoted in more interesting ways. Hear More!

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  • chefplr

    There is one concept that ya’ll missed and that is comedy. We need conservatives to use comedy to go after liberals like they go after us. They make fun of us and joke (and lie) bout what we believe in. Well making fun of liberals the same way needs to be done but we will use the truth.

  • Sullys Pops

    Such a fantastic ensemble. The 5 of you representing conservative principles. Thank you for taking the time to make this forum happen. I can’t wait to see the rest.
    The left has taken over in the realm of entertainment unfortunately. Spreading their subliminal hate,as well as in your face hate, hypocrisy, and just all around Godlessness. The producers of Family Ties wanted Alex P Keaton to be the hated conservative on the show. Michael Jackson Fox was so lovable as a human that that shown through in the character he portrayed. Thank you to those such as Denesh, and 20 lb Sledge for spreading the message to the masses. I fight my local battles, with coworkers, and some family, but you guys do it on a large scale through a medium that today’s youth can understand. Keep Sledging!


    Wah wah wah……….Hollywood is such a terrible place NOW since the liberals took over. If you want someone to REALLY blame for Hollywood blame Marcus Loew, David Sarnoff, Adolph Zuker, Jesse Lasky, W. W. Hoodkinson, and D.W. Griffith. Hollywood was never about conservative or liberal values. Its about money. You have it and they want it. Wake up people. Hollywood is nothing but capitalism on steroids. They give us what we pay for.

    • Absolute nonsense! I’ll not waste time delineating how incredibly wrong you are. Suffice to say, virtually every “war-type” movie has an extreme liberal slant. Do they do that to enhance the box office? Look at “American Sniper.”. Libs, by and large, HATE it! “Passion of the Christ?” Ditto. Using the “F” word in insane numbers cannot PPOSSIBLY increase the box office. Look at reviews on Amazon. There are literally millions of people who refuse to spend money at the box office or on DVDs like “Sabotage” because of the monotony of hearing that word used as noun, pronoun, adverb, adjective, yada yada, myself included. I mention the one movie, but you can just about take your pick. Give any kind of snappy comeback you like, fella, but that’s a F-A-C-T! You DO NOT offend large swaths of the US population (thereby losing tens of millions of dollars) unless you deem it productive to a more nefarious agenda.

    • INDYOO7

      You sound sooo butthurt. I can feel your anger! Come to the darkside. LOL! OMG! Someone needs to take a chill pill. Thanks for the laughs. Nefarious agenda!!!??? Are you serious??!!? I LOVE A GOOD CONSPIRACY THEORY! So tell me more about this nefarious agenda? Ooooh I’ll start. How about this? Hollywood was invented by the NWO to keep the masses oblivious and docile while they covertly took over the WORLD!!!! Now you go.

    • NOOO, thank you for your typical liberal BS. NOT a word about my actual point. Just go off on the usual tangent, creating straw men. Come on, YOU are the one who said hollyweird was all about the $BUCK$. I refuted it with pertinent examples. You countered with crapola.

    • INDYOO7

      Newsflash….I’m not a liberal. Hollywood is continually searching for ways to get your dollars. The proof that the movies you mentioned were made and were box office hits proves this. You mention liberal criticism and disdain for these movies. That criticism comes from the media. Not HOLLYWOOD. Those move were made by Hollywood but criticized by the media. The medias agenda is simply to deceive the masses both left and right. It serves its own agenda. How about instead of attacking the messenger you put YOUR money where your mouth is and back what you like. Then you won’t have to argue with a guy who is no more your enemy than Alfonzo is.

    • Address MY points, knucklehead!

  • LibertyChick


    I’ve said for a while that we need to make conservatism/liberty cool. And I think it’s do-able. First time I met someone from Young Americans for Liberty she was organizing pub crawls – gotta hunch that was helpful in getting some non-Libertarians coming and perhaps hearing.

    Also, we need to shine light on the reality that what people believe “liberal” and “conservative” are is backwards. Most liberals want their personal freedom, and think the liberal agenda will get and keep that for them, not realizing the liberals are being liberal with liberty, removing it from Americans. Conservatism isn’t about wearing ankle-length skirts and high starched collars, it’s about conserving our personal liberty and freedoms.

    And I like the idea of turning George Washington into a stud, and got me thinking of doing that with a real modern day hero of conservatism: Ron Paul. Get Clint Eastwood to play him, or some other older stud-man. It was heart warming in 2012 watching stadiums full of young people coming to hear Ron Paul and his messages. Despite the media blackout on showing him or even saying his name on lame-stream news, he was being found out about, but mostly word of mouth. When I heard of him it was through a relative, and knowing nothing about him went on line to research him. I was amazed at what I read – I thought “how did I not hear of this guy?”

    I watched a PBS show on the progress of women and the womens movement. It was about 90 minutes long. After all the talk about the forward movement of women, they ended with the last 10-15 minutes about Hilary Clinton, and how she worked long and hard for the cause of women. Now if I ever knew that was a show promoting Hilary I wouldn’t have watched it, but they made it about something else that left and right would watch, then slipped in their leftist crap. We need to take a page from that strategy too. They did the same thing on a show about the Constitution. Gave lots of historical info on it, then showed how the people in Iceland are re-visiting their Constitution to make it more applicable for modern day society, and then of course put into question is our Constitution out dated, and possibly also suggesting a Con-Con. They get folks to listen to things they they indicate will be historically or socially relevant, then put their liberal BS in there in such a way that their opinions sound like fact. Hilary? A role model for women? When I accept that as a role model, sticking with a lying cheating husband for my own political gain, please expose me to the world as someone not worthy of your time or vote. Or a role model for women.

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