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Liberals like CNN’s Sally Kohn are circling the wagons around ISIS, wagging their fingers at the imagined enemies of Islam, and citing the Bible in support of their arguments. Are they properly citing scripture, or are the using it to protect the jihadists from criticism?

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  • Emmanuel Mateo-Morales

    Hey Zo, you and the media are wrong about burning in Islam, especially where non-Muslims are concerned. Check this video out to arm yourself with knowledge against those who say ISIS burning the man alive were un-Islamic.


    • Sullys Pops

      I must say that Mr Wood does appear to know his literature. I, will say I don’t know squat about the Islamic belief system. I did catch where he called them extremists. Maybe you should forward Brother Zo to Mr Wood, when he explains that they are truly conservative Muslims, and the “extremist” label being a farce that the left loves. Follow the koran and you are a conservative muslim. Kind of follow it and you are a liberal muslim.

  • Scott M. Kruchell

    I really appreciate your honest BIBLICAL PERSPECTIVE. It is very informative and helpful. I became a Christian at 9 yrs old (1977) I went to a local “Christian” school and church (not catholic). I did graduate from that same school. I used to think it was easier said then done, to live the “proper Christian” life. I have after a LONG TIME come back to the BIBLE ( and church). THANKS TO YOU. Like I have already said, your use of scripture is informative and help/ VERY useful.
    I have QUIT TRYING and (pardon the pun) just do it. I live my life, read the Bible (go to church) and be the best conservative Christian man I can, everyday, with out making an effort. It has become so much easier. I have even shared scripture and my faith with my 5 yr old daughter. SHE LOVED IT. I just wish I could get the same reaction from her mother, .

    • Sullys Pops

      It is that as her dad, you will be the sole responsible parent for raising her in the light of The Lord. It is a large duty that has befallen you to do on your own. The worse part is your daughters mom is most likely going to have a negative impact upon her. It is a tough battle at times but you and her will make it through with The Lord beside you. May The Lord bless you and guide you every step every day.

    • Scott M. Kruchell

      Her mother claims to be saved. But the “fruits” of her spirit are not visible.
      When I do have time with my daughter, she WANTS to listen to KLOV a Christian music station. While she is listening and is singing along. It is a great thing, to see a five year old little girl so happy. Watching her, you wouldn’t know about the “situation” going on around her.

    • Sullys Pops

      Klov is a fantastic station. My son and I listen in the morning then in the afternoon it is CSN Radio. You have planted that seed that will be with her forever more. She will have a lot of adversity in life but God will always be upon her heart.

  • glassa

    What’s with the bad editing?

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