But Black History Month Is Supposed To Make Blacks Happier! Not!

The Houston GayStopo
American blacks got black history month, and a black president, but have many of them gotten happier?
Hear more in this ZoNation!

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  • Sullys Pops

    As is as typical, you speak 100% truth Brother Zo. Thank you.
    The majority of Americans aren’t born with everything planned out and funded for them. These normal Americans rise up and do something worthwhile in life and make no excuses for the hand they were dealt. At the end of the day, we call them Americans. People that make excuses for everything, we call them democrats.

  • Thank you Brother. It ‘is’ good to be an American every month. Wholeheartedly, I appreciate your work.

  • Drooperdoo

    Love his joke about how “Hell yeah” to Christians is a shortened version of “Hallelujah!” Zo always throws in the little mini-jokes that most people overlook (but which are the reason he’s brilliant).

  • nascar62

    This Truth only hurts if you have been living & believing the lie told to you by DEMs

  • You have GOT to be kiddin’ me, Zo. You been spying on me, son? Check out this poem I wrote 2 weeks ago, y’all:

    Black History Month
    © Ben Burton 2/13/2015

    A maddening thought occurred to me
    About U.S. Black History
    The racism is obvious
    Like, what chumps chose the shortest month?
    No doubt they were Republican
    Who’d protest that a month’s too long
    They’d like to have the date revised
    To February twenty-ninth

    • Jim Franklin

      Just maybe February was chosen because that is the month Abraham Lincoln was born…..you know, the Republican that freed the slaves from the Democrats who owned them……..

    • Hopefully, you understand that this is totally tongue-in-cheek.

  • urbanvrwcmom

    Every Black History Month, contributions by black conservatives aren’t featured. For example, the late Dr. Mildred Jefferson was the first black woman to graduate from Harvard Medical School. She then went on to become one of the founders of National Right To Life. On the other hand, former Planned Parenthood president, Faye Wattleton is often in the spotlight when it comes to contributions made by black women. Wattleton refuses to debate black conservative pro-life women. Why? Wattleton had her rear end handed to her by Dr. Jefferson in a debate. No doubt, at Dr. Jefferson’s death, Wattleton wanted to dance on Dr. Jefferson’s grave.

    • Thank you for this. Honestly, I’ve never heard of either of these women. After searching, it is very easy to see who the real champion (NOT!!!) is. While finding reams of glowing (mostly) info on Wattleton, I found less than 20% on Jefferson. I would love to watch the debate you refer to. I realize that is unlikely. However, I’d hope a transcript exists. You, after all, had to get your info from somewhere. Could you please point me to it? Again, thanks to you.

    • Jim Franklin

      May I post this on my Facebook? Whether yes or no, thank you for sharing.

    • urbanvrwcmom

      By all means, post it!

    • Sullys Pops

      Of course it is no surprise that a leftist agenda takes president over the conservative fighting for the life of people. It is just another ploy of divide and concur. Keep the lower class ignorant and deceived. Enslave them yet again. It is just the same tactics the left always use. When a black person rises out of nothingness, and into the American dream of prosperity, tear him down if he has different views. It is sickening how poorly Americans treat other Americans when their views are different. I will ensure that the truth is passed on to my children. Thank you!

    • Walter Goerlitz

      How is it blacks celebrate the murder of their children to allow them to be irresponsible? I tuly believe this to be an insidious plot by liberals to destroy the black man.

    • adramaticword

      It was/is a plot to reduce, if not eliminate the black population. Just read up on Marge Sanger’s pronouncements. (founder of PP). She was Marxist, racist (anti black) DEMOCRAT, KKKer; and on and on.

    • Walter Goerlitz

      I have a very good friend who happens to be black and he says the same thing. He claims Democrats have been trying to destroy the black race since they lost the civil war.
      But seriously, if one looks at how destructive liberal policies have been for blacks, one has to wonder.

  • Sullys Pops

    A Brother in The Lord sent this to me this morning. Maybe in honor of black history month!?

    • boomer babe

      IT was one thing when he won in 2008, but when he won in 2012, it was the beginning of him messing with the foreign policy,, starting with BENGHAZI
      i also think he won in ’12 because too many christians stayed home and the weaker christians voted for him

    • Sullys Pops

      You are 100% accurate! First term, he had to lay low and play it cool to ensure a second term for himself, then for the midterm so he would have a few congress people in his corner. These final 2 years, he has nothing to loose. Our elected officials have shown that they lack conviction and scruples to kick his rear out of office.
      As far as the Christian vote and the millions that stayed home for the 2012 election or the fact that any Christian would vote for abortionist or enslavement (democrats). Before Jesus returns, that which is good will be called bad, and that which is bad will be called good!

  • Grizzly907LA

    Its not black history month. Its make whites feel guilty month.

  • Walter Goerlitz

    I really enjoy listening to you. I hope and pray you mean what you say.
    America had a slavery element from 1776 through 1865. Prior to that it was an English Colony as well as segments of her were French and Spanish colonies. America and her people fought a war to end slavery (1860-1865) with millions of people dying to free the black man.

    For the 89 years America endorsed slavery she and her people have atoned for 139 years. This great country has passed laws protecting the black man, they have made reparations in the form of legislation, entitlement, welfare, quota hiring, affirmative action, special housing, so on and so forth.

    America has had black leaders elected and even canonized.

    Today, America allows scum like Sharpton, Farrakhan, Waters, Lewis and Wright to become millionaires off of race pimping. America even elected a black president, quite unqualified for the position.

    Liberals can see no improvement in the situation from 1776 to 2015. Look at Lewis, he choses to relive those days without seeing improvement, this only proves how ignorant and wasteful trying to rationalize and appease scum like this is for America.

    Black leaders like Sowell, Williams, West, Scott are demonized for recognizing America for what she is, a great nation who has matured and offered the best opportunities for blacks who want to come into the nations fabric and be a part.

    But what do we really see, scum like Obama, Sharpton, Farrakhan, Waters, Lewis, Wright and their silly surrogate useful idiot liberals, preaching hate and discontent because America is not their skewed vision of utopia.

    The black man has a responsibility to rise from his humble beginning of a slave to be a citizen of this great country, that means he has to be a man responsible for his actions, take advantage of the opportunities afforded him and get an education, sire children stay with his wife and raise those children to be citizens and yes, pay America back for her largess. This is no different of a requirement for blacks than any other race in America.

    Yet scum that lead the democratic party and her liberals brethren think differently, they are perpetual victims held back by the mythical white racists who run America.
    When will it be time to eradicate all liberals? Now is the time, everyone should feel free to bash the skull of these kinds of scum in so they do not reproduce.

    Otherwise America dies as this scum grows Parasite Nation

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