Police Racism on Skid Row or Justified Shootings?

ZoNation: Glozell And Obama Interview

It seems only racism on part of the police is considered, not the behavior of the suspect.
Hear more in this ZoNation!

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  • Kari Lynn Wellborn

    Another awesome message!

  • Sullys Pops

    Spot on Alfonzo! I haven’t seen the video so the short clip you showed is very enlightening to say the least. Although I have heard a lot of scuttlebutt surrounding the shooting, nobody to my recollection has mentioned a “spectator” picking up the police officers club. Also, who was the person shooting the video? Any persons life lost is tragic, no matter the color of their skin. At the same time though, when you are breaking the law, and going for the police officers gun, you should know bad things are going to happen to you regardless of skin color.



    • SilverKait

      “Comply or die”?

      If by that you mean don’t steal someone’s identity or rob or beat someone up and then complain that a p.o. stopped or even got a bit ruf with you…? In that case, yes. Comply, or there is a real possibility you could do something that eventually makes that police officer nervous enough or fearful enough of other people’s welfare (and his own) that you could end up hurt, shot, or dead.

      If by that you mean don’t act as stupid as you think other people think you are, first, by doing the crime, then by expecting not to be harassed by a police officer… If that’s what you mean, then yes; comply or you may sadly be the trigger of your own death.

    • INDYOO7

      Wow, what was I thinking. Okay how does this sound? Hoo-ray no more awful due process. Thank you officers for being judge, jury and executioners. Living in a police state is AWESOME!

    • SilverKait

      Due process? Due process starts AFTER arrest. If someone is stupid enough to rob someone, and/or beat someone up, and THEN physically resist arrest and/or assault an officer etc who stops em about what crime that someone chose to commit of own choice… that’s right, that person might not make it to the Due Process part; by way of his/her own free will path.

      But if one does make it to the Due Process part after all of that, complaints about how an officer did his job by stopping and arresting you should fall on deaf ears. If you did the crime you get to also do the time (which includes the time you are being duly stopped, questioned, and arrested by an officer of the law).

    • INDYOO7

      I’ll summarize your statement. In short police are always justified and are never to be held accountable. Did I get it right? You do realize that is the mentality of a slave to authority. Gawd it is so awesome to see this once great land turn into a bunch of cowering lackies to system. The very same people that rail against government over-reach willingly defend it when it suits them. Thanks for playing

    • SilverKait

      INDY007, No, you did not get it right. Let me make it simpler for you (though not all inclusive).

      If you are guilty of a crime, perhaps a strongarm robbery, (if you are the bad guy cops may be looking for) and you resist or run from or even assault or try to disarm a policeman who stops you for questioning… it is NOT racism and you have no legitmate reason for complaint if by your own escalation of resistance/pushback/attack you are hurt or even (God forbid) killed by that policeman as he tries to legitimately do his job while also protecting himself from your advances. No matter your color, chosen gender, height, weight,age, nationality etc.

      Reference: “I’ll summarize your statement. In short police are always justified and are never to be held accountable. Did I get it right? “

    • INDYOO7

      Here is the problem with your contention. The morgues are lined with the dead who didn’t resist, push back or attack. Oddly they are usually black. The scales of just are unbalanced when those that enforce the laws are accountable to nobody. You are right in one respect, if you are a criminal it shouldn’t matter what color, gender or nationality you should be treated equally under the law. In America that is sadly not the case. I already know you disagree. You see the world how it should be. I see it the way it is. I guess we will just have to agree to disagree.

    • SilverKait

      I notice you have calmed down. Not attempting to be sarcastic… just an observation.

      I dont think we disagree on all of it.

      The fact is I actually do understand there are cops who are incompetent, sometimes mistaken, sometimes go too far because of their own fear or the fight they had before shift with their significant other… and innocents suffer for that. The racial breakdown may even be as you say and it might even be relevant in towns and cities in which the population of black citizens is significantly lower than whites (as long as criminal activity along with resistance on part of “victim” is not a factor).

      I also understand there are some cops who are just plain bad whether in a racist way or some other way (or combo of different ways) and never should hold any office or position of authority higher than toilet swabber.

      But was not those cops or situations I was addressing. Continued

    • SilverKait

      False claims of racism (when a little research reveals “victim” was actually thug criminal) and kneejerk cop-blaming when it was “victim” who precipitated bad events is actualy what I was talking about.

      And its that kind of “I dont’t have all the facts” but am gonna talk anyway false meme which (I think) make it hard for many people to take it as seriously as perhaps we should when/if the real thing is reported.

      It has become a case of “there they go again”, Progressives making stuff up ‘without all the facts’ and playin the cop card, or the race card, or the gender card … Like the boy who cried wolf… people dont listen even if its the real thing after having been bludgeoned with the made up crap for so long; cause how do we tell the difference between a Hallmark or Tawana Brawley or Cambridge moment and the real thing?

  • Scott M. Kruchell

    Zo, maybe you haven’t been shot “because your in the shadow’s”? You know us crazy, gun toting, racist…. can’t see you/ “your kind” when your in the shadow’s. I’m sorry, was that racist. Seriously, I was trying to be funny.
    My father was a Gunners Mate 1st Class in the US NAVY. For those that don’t understand, he helped keep the guns on the ship in working order. That meant everything, from the BIG gun’s on the battleships, to the small guns/ rifles/ pistol’s that are issued for security. He taught ALL 6 (5 kids & mother) that these are tools and should be handled PROPERLY.
    Lastly, there was another “incident” here in Madison, WI. From what I have heard it happened late last night, so I have not been able to get much more then the media hype. But it sounds like the same old (now tired) story.

  • Scott M. Kruchell

    Ok seriously, Zo is right on. I have friend’s and know people that work in law enforcement. They have a VERY DIFFICULT JOB, especially with the PC BS they have to “deal” with, nowadays.
    Nothing is ever as cut and dried as it might appear. That is WHAT OUR COURTS are supposed to be for. EVERYONE is presumed innocent, TILL PROVEN guilty. At least that is what I have been brought up to believe.

    Another thing, is it just me, or is all this gun violence just happen when a LIBERAL/ Dem/ SOCIALIST occupies the White House? I don’t want to be stupid or naïve, but I just can’t remember hearing/ reading about the stuff happening when Reagan or either of the Bush’s were there.

    • Sullys Pops

      Valid question. My personal perspective is that with the removal of God from daily life and the implementation of the religion of political correctness, the current generation and up and coming generation are, to be polite in word choice, sissies! Plus your correlation with political power is spot on also. When you have an administration that relates to your “woes” and then feeds them, you end up with the snowball effect. Not to forget that when the administration can use events to play into their narrative of racial division, then the media portrays the same narrative. You have a society that is flooded with hate and anger.

  • Crusader Ron :E

    95% of blacks are Democrat. 75% of prison population is self described Democrats. Less than 10% say they are/were Republican. ERGO: The color of the skin and racism are a factor and the police are out to arrest blacks more. OR… the belief system teaches them to mistrust and hate the police…. ERGO… they get arrested and shot more.

    If i swung at a police officer, I would fully expect to be shot dead. I never swing at police! Especially with a full body twirl!

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