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Weighing in on the Starbucks #RaceTogether campaign and wondering why they haven’t waved their finger at bigots like Azaelea Banks. Fortunately they’ve ended the “Race Together” coffee cup conversation invitation campaign, and just like a liberal – Howard wants a pat on the back for his well meaning intentions. Hear more in this ZoNation

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  • Ronald Collins

    Hey Zo, just so happens Starbucks, isn’t No.1,that happens to be Dunkin Doughnuts.

    • Sullys Pops

      Starbucks is number one coffee shop. Dunking is number one doughnut shop that sells coffee. Just so happens to be fantastic coffee from what my wife tells me.

  • 9Awesomeb .

    Another good one from Zo. The man simply speaks common sense. He really needs to run for office.

    • Susan Lyons

      Zo has much more sense than to want to do that. Politics is a dirty business.

    • Matthew G. Zatkalik

      Well, IMHO, Zo spends time researching ‘the facts’, ‘presenting the facts’, and exposing hypocrisy. None of these characteristics appear welcome by politicians, corporations, PACs, Congress, the House of Representatives, Mayors, and Political Parties. So, let’s not! Let us just introduce Zo to more and more of the public – our friends, co-workers and the ‘turkeys’ who gobble up the trash thrown out by the media. Use your social media to plaster Zo postings where they are not now visible.

  • Susan Lyons

    Thank you for mentioning the fact that it was blacks who sold blacks into slavery. You don’t hear the Jews crying out for reparations because their ancestors were slaves.

  • nascar62

    Some smart person should open a Conservative coffee shop. I got a name for that. ‘Bucking Stars”

  • The white liberals will never stop talking about it and black liberals will never stop doing what white liberals tell them to do! Talking points with that coffee!!

  • Starbucks – Where guilt ridden white people go to be reassured they should be guilt ridden.

  • Oak Tree Lady

    OK, this might be a new one for you, Zo – one of my ancestors had a slave (just one, he lived in a city), but he freed him BEFORE the Revolutionary War! We don’t know the race of this person, but we assume he was Black. Do I owe anything? I mean, after all, the dude was freed, in America, and not sent back to Africa or where-ever. It might have been because his father & mother were servants themselves that made him decide to set the man free. I don’t feel guilt, I think that was a good thing for him to do and I’m proud of that.

    • Sullys Pops

      You owe nothing. Your conscience should be free and clear. We can’t be held responsible for the dealings of our ancestors. You shouldn’t feel guilt for what another does. The left wants you to feel guilty. When you feel guilty, that’s when they got you. Then you will do whatever is asked to make things “right”. Just tell them to bugger off.

    • Sunshine Kid

      Why should the children/grandchildren/etc. ad nauseum have to pay for the failings of their ancestors? Come on, get a life and quit demanding that “reparations” be paid. After all, who today was even alive when these bad things were happening?

  • Bill Schaible

    Zo, really enjoyed this piece. You’re the best !

  • Sunshine Kid

    Zo nailed it with the last comment – knocking it off would calm a lot of nerves.

  • BobbyMac

    If you are going to pay reparations, I’m Irish – where is mine? Come to think of it, you better be prepared to pay just about every single nationality then. There are so many Chinese buried under the railroad tracks in the U.S. they should name the 650 railroads here to “ChinRailWays”. Did the Black community contribute to the building of America? absolutely – But they did it right next to lots of people from other places. As I said before, the Irish were particularity sold into slavery by the English. Everyone do your history homework – this goes way back before the Constitution in our country.

  • Patrick Jones

    I love my Starbucks Venti Mocha. I’ve bought hundreds of them over the years. But I can count the number of black people I’ve seen in Starbucks on one hand with fingers left over.

    How is a bunch of white people talking about race going to fix anything?

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