Would Snoop Agree With Stephen A. Smith On Voting Republican?

Stephen A. Smith Recommends “for one election, just one, every black person in America vote Republican”. Meanwhile Snoop Dogg (Lion) blames reagan of the explosion of gang violence. Stephen’s suggestion may be a hard sell on many in the black community, but I definitely ain’t buying’ what snoop is selling – unfortunately many do. Hear more in this ZoNation!

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  • Kari Lynn Wellborn

    “a block of cheese and a check” lmao. I know it is not funny but it is true. I had to ask for help one time as a single mother, I didn’t get it “you’re too white with the WRONG last name”. My case worker was a black woman who looked me in the eye when she said this and then told me if I was black, hispanic, or Indian I could get whatever I wanted even a three bedroom townhouse paid for by the government. All I needed was a couple of months of food stamps while I finished tech school so I could feed my daughter.

  • The_Questman

    Best video for Alfonso in a while… Every school should have to show this to kids and make them write a written report about the FACTS in this video.

  • Maurice James Foster

    One of Alfonzo’s best videos. I could watch it over and over. I wish MORE people would watch this. I will do my part. My facebook page is FULL of Alfonzo’s videos. LOL. 😉

  • George Monnat Jr

    That was a great video, and Zo’s showin’ some guns.

  • Dawn Axford Hopkin

    HEY Zo! Wait a minute! I’m a FAT person (I hate the “O” word) I love salads I eat them all the time. I’ve lost 250 lbs and I have 125 more to lose. PRAISE GOD! BUT, not all people are FAT because of what they eat but because of how their metabolism works. Mine doesn’t work, and going on diets was making me gain weight. So, I take offense to your analogy Zo. I’d say something like “getting a person who hates vegetables to try them just one time” otherwise great Video! DAWN

    • SilverKait

      Congrats on the weight loss!

      Goin on diets making you gain weight… yeah heard that can happen.

      Eat too little and some kind of starvation reflex kicks in so next time u eat ( even a little) ur body stores all the calories instead of just what u need at the moment — But if you eat less at regular intervals, body knows next meal just round the corner and feels safe burning the calories and doesnt store as much (or somethin like that?).

      Anyway, congrats again.

    • Dawn Axford Hopkin

      Thank you very much! Yes I eat small meals thru out the day. I eat nothing but fruit till noon and then I don’t mix meats and breads.

    • LibertyChick

      FYI: if you’ve ever been on anti-depressants that will cause weight gain too. I gained 30 pounds in 2 months and have had little to no results from diets/exercise over the past 10 years since then. Now I’m on the HCG diet giving myself daily injections. Not so bad. I find taking Green Coffee Extract and Garcinia help to keep my hunger and cravings down on my 500 calorie a day diet. Just want to put that out there as they don’t tell folks who go on anti-depressants that they will very likely put that weight on. So far I’ve lost 23 pounds over the past 6 weeks. Just hoping I can keep it off under normal eating when this is over…

      Congratulations on your success and best wishes for the road ahead!

    • Dawn Axford Hopkin

      No, thank God I have never been on anti depressant. Why are you only eating 500 calories a day? That doesn’t sound healthy. I did HCG and I gained back everything I lost when I went back to eating regular. This way of eating is the ONLY thing that has ever helped. It’s called “combined eating” where you don’t mix certain foods. There’s a book called Fit for life (the 1st book) by Marilyn and Harvey Diamond and that is what I follow…loosely. they promote being vegetarian but I still eat some meat. Check it out. It will make you think! You will definitely lose weight!

  • Scott M. Kruchell

    Awesome video ZO!


    Alfonzo my ears perked up when u mentioned Lee Atwater. I really wanted to hear your perspective on the race-baiting tactics of Strom Thurman, Jesse Helms, and Lee Atwater. I won’t bother wondering since you choose to ignore these giants in the conservative pantheon. I’m glad Obama has shown blacks how useless Democrats are. Now blacks can see that Republicans and Democrats are not for them. So they will have to look to themselves and find the power within.

  • SilverKait

    Zo.. wow, just wow.

  • Excellent message per usual Zo!

  • Papof6

    That was absolutely outstanding. Thank you Alfonzo, but I don’t think many black folks heard you. Too bad, it could save there lives.

  • WMD

    Another great video Zo. I have been wondering lately what ever happened with your financial situation? A long while back you talked briefly about the government, or whomever, had siezed your bank account? Don’t recall any videos addressing the resolution, if there ever was one. What happened dude? Maybe you can’t discuss it. What ever happened, hope it worked out in your favor.

  • LibertyChick

    I wish every black person in America would see this video!

    A thought to ponder is that over 2 million white men from north of the Mason Dixon Line, the majority of them Republican and non-slave owners, marched down south of that border during the Civil War to fight the Democrats to free the slaves. They mostly all registered Republican when given the right to vote knowing that was the party of racial freedom.

    Today, no words of thanks, but rather hatred from manipulators hiding and changing history and convincing black people to remain dis-empowered on Uncle Sam’s plantation. The haters of black people couldn’t have planned it better! Wait… oh yeah, they did plan it. And convinced many white people that if they don’t vote Democrat they are against black people and other minorities so they have both sides boondoggled.

    Wake up or we’ll all be serfs serving Mass’a in the land of fascism/socialism. Read the Constitution – understand what was created for us by our fore fathers to keep the people empowered and the government controlled, and understand that both parties are going socialist so be careful even within the Republican party. Unless someone is truly supporting and following the Constitution they are working the system against you and I. Their desire is to “divide and conquer” and they do it by pitting parties against parties, colors against colors, religions against religions, etc… When we divide, they conquer. Wake up!

  • LibertyChick

    Review how your elected officials are voting: each representative
    in the House, Senate and Congress, as well as the President, take an
    oath to “Protect and defend the Constitution against all enemies foreign
    and domestic”. Yet most are traitors to their oath, and you and I pay for that with less personal freedom and choice.

    I think there should be a requirement to have your votes aligned at least 90% of the time or you aren’t eligible for re-election/higher office. Here’s how those in office are voting:

    And how those in the past voted: Hillary Clinton’s score is 19% and Obama’s score is 17%

    If they are not voting in alignment with the Constitution, you will have more taxes, less freedom and Liberty, and a smaller/declining middle class with more and more folks living off the folks who do work for a living. They want more folks as takers as they will continue to vote for the givers and their “free” stuff. Just know it’s not free. You’re giving up your freedom to live beyond the poverty level for those bribes.

    Now they have taken over schools and curriculum to ensure their agenda is forwarded and engrained as early as possible. This was part of the key to Hitlers success. Most all of what they are doing is following the steps to create Communism and Naziism – either way we lose all our power as individuals.


  • bdaniel230

    I just would like people to realize the Stars and Bars is not the flag of states rights, it is the flag of the Democrat Refusal to End Slavery. Too many people, unfortunately most uneducated white people, believe it is a statement of rebellion against big government but IT IS THE SYMBOL OF THE DEMOCRAT PARTY ENDORSEMENT OF SLAVERY.

  • Laurie

    Zo, I am definitely a fan of yours. You’re a wonderful young man and I wish all the best for you in all things. God is smiling on you.

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