When Libs Use WWJD Against RFRA

The Bible does not tell Christians to deny goods and services to gay people, but it doesn’t tell us to cater to their lifestyle. And the 1st amendment protects our right to not be forced to cater to what is against God. Hear more in this ZoNation!

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  • Brenda

    Christ had ONE Father. Our Heavenly Father. Joseph married Christs mother, but did not have a hand in his creation. We on the other hand ALL have two fathers. Our Heavenly Father and our birth father….But Chirst…..he ONLY HAD ONE. God

    • Josey Wales

      You betcha!

  • melsbabysis

    You are the man!!!! BTW…I was born in Indianapolis.

  • Kari Lynn Wellborn

    Another awesome video Zo! Happy Easter and God Bless.

  • Diane

    This has got to be one of the most ridiculous things I’ve ever heard. My children had two “dads”,biological and stepdad, but they weren’t homosexuals and neither were Jesus’ “dads”. They also had me, their mom. Jesus is the son of God.

    • autdrew

      In my tradition, we call St. Joseph Jesus’ foster father. He was a good man who taught Jesus carpentry (a good Trade to know back then) He likely taught him some earthly father stuff like fishing.
      My tradition also teaches that St Joseph was a widower (hence the passages re Jesus’s. brothers & sisters) & why St Joseph suddenly disappears from the Gospels.People didn’t live as long and he fufillef

  • Sheriff Matt Dillon

    Another excellent video.

  • GoneFishing

    Thank you, Zo!! And Happy Easter!!

  • nascar62

    I eat at your restaurant about twice a week. BTW Thanks for the Brain Food Zo.

  • aardvark1956

    Alphonzo, you can preach at my church, sit next to me, and eat at my house A N Y T I M E, brother. AMEN!

  • autdrew

    I’ve been watching your videos for years and you just keep getting better. A Blessed Easter to my brothers and sisters in Christ!!
    He is Risen
    He is Risen indeed!!!

  • Wayne

    Alphonso I just found your videos and I am a new fan. I really enjoy your honesty and I wish my best friend on the left would check you out. I found early on that liberals do not like to hear the truth and will avoid it at all costs.

  • truthmonger

    He had two dads, but neither one of them was gay. ROFL.

    • boomer babe

      A HOMOSEXUAL was confused (physically-emotionally) between the ages of 2-4 and that could be why they use the RAINBOW for their symbol–preschool

  • timboslice213

    Zo, as always great video. I wish you posted a new one everyday

  • Crusader Ron :E

    Pastors need to watch this one!!!

    • urbanvrwcmom

      Especially the pastor’s wife and her husband I speak of in the post above yours!

  • urbanvrwcmom

    As if the godless left cared about Jesus, much less what would He do! One example of a Christian who votes Democrat, is when a pastor’s wife blazed me for homeschooling. She cited the “Render unto Caesar . . .” passage. She went on to say that “We, (black people) need the ACLU because the people who took away our rights were Christians” after I expressed my concerns about the threats to our religious freedoms. Outstanding video, Alfonzo!

    • Reba

      I’m not black but the fact that the church has continued to go along to get along with the political correct has turned me away from the church. It has not turned me away from God. One by one every church I have joined has given in to some aspect of the liberal agenda. It makes me sad and want to cry. After the last church that started changing we stopped going. I can’t attend a church that even debates among those in charge whether to except a sin because it’s become more common and excepted in the world as normal. They are afraid to call out sinners and they are afraid to mention hell and everyone in attendance is going to heaven.

    • Crusader Ron :E

      Don’t give up. Find or make a church. Do what you can. Just ask the pastor what their stance is on abortion, gay marriage, and who pushes those policies. You will know right off the bat who is their God.

    • Dave Drazek

      Try the Lutheran Church, Missouri Synod. I’ve found that there, I am among like-minded people.

    • boomer babe

      but they have to be SYNOD..i’ve heard many Lutherans are GONE to the homosexuals and abortioners as well
      if all else fails, LISTEN TO CHRISTIAN RADIO
      it kept me centered until i found a good church
      if the station has family.org
      or swrc.com, those are STRONG

    • boomer babe

      i tend to find ‘strong churches’
      those tend to be Baptist more than anything
      most of the MAINLINERS are just about GONE
      and compromise with the homosexuals

    • boomer babe

      “Anti Christ Lovers Union’
      is SPOT ON.. since they left this country, the US like an ‘unwalled city’ since 1963
      but, at least they are a broken clock–(right twice a day) when it came to Mr. & Mrs. Loving in 1967
      this was when the ‘church’ lost it, since CHRISTIANS needed to be there for them

  • Mona

    Oh my….how can liberals use Jesus to try to defend what they do? “Why do you call me ‘Lord, Lord’ and do not do what I say?”

  • Usi Nfidel

    Zo, as usual, I loved the message. This one hit home,some how, in a different way. I wish I were a good man. But, I know the last good man died on a cross a long time ago. Thankfully, people such as yourself are around to remind me what it’s all about. Happy Easter and God Bless!

  • bondroid


  • gray_man

    These idiots don’t even understand the basics. Jesus only had one dad. God. Joseph was not his father. But he was the husband to Jesus mother. Jesus had earthly parents of man and wife.

    • boomer babe

      since he had to be raised by an earthly father.. to really feel like a human being raised by a dad…
      too many kids these days don’t even have THIS…. and are raised only by women
      i also think, the homosexual marriage thing comes from too many heteros having kids WITHOUT TWO PARENTS–either more than two, or only one

  • Scott M. Kruchell

    I could not have said it better myself. Great vid, Zo. I was raised in a Christian home. went to a Christian school and believe in GOD the Father, Jesus born of the Virgin Mary raised by Joseph & Mary, Crucified/ shed HIS BLOOD FOR ALL who believe and accept and WILL RETURN AGAIN.

    I live everyday to be the best example of a Christian man/ father to my 5yr old daughter.
    But like others here, I’m being called hypocrite by people like her mother & (half) brothers. Because I cannot accept the line that “people are just born that way”. This from a person that also claims to be a Christian and was brought up in the Catholic church, sort of (long story).
    The good news is, I have shared the purpose of Resurrection Sunday with my 5yr daughter. She truly enjoyed and could not get enough of the scripture that came along with the Resurrection Egg’s. Lastly she cannot ride in my car, WITHOUT KLOVE on the radio. Sorry Zo, she doesn’t understand 20# Sledge yet, but were working on it. 🙂

  • boomer babe

    THIS IS DEADLY.. but then,,, the METHODIST CHURCH.. has had its light PUT OUT YEARS AGO
    “in which Jesus called the LAMPSTAND”

  • Antonio Liles

    Good Day,

    Great speech! Your
    message is always spot on even when I disagree with you slightly!

    am aithiest. But, I am a conservative at the same time! This means,
    to me, that I am free to have my own beliefs and so are you. You are
    free to practice your beliefs as you see fit, as long as you do not
    infringe on the rights of others! I do not force others to believe as
    I do and at the same time they should not force their beliefs on me
    by making me do something that goes against them. Such, as you say,
    forcing you to let a gay couple use your hypothetical restaurant for
    their announcement party. You have the right to say no!

    breaks my brain that liberals want everyone to be tolerant to the
    point of forced contrition, yet at the same time they will not be
    tolerent of those they disagree with! As people, we should have the
    ability to have civil discussions about our differences. In fact, I
    welcome civil discourse upon both religion and politics. I am falible
    and I have had my mind changed in the past by civil debate!

    My wife is Christian and my children
    are being raised Christian! No, I do not find this hypocritical. I
    agree with this because the Bible teaches many values to be a moral
    and good person! It is for my children to decide the question about
    God when they become adults. But, until then, it is our
    responsibility to raise them properly so that they can be respectful,
    moral, contributing members of our Nation.

    I also agree that the state should
    have no say in marriage! To me, and I may be wrong about this,
    marriage is actually a religious ceremony and should be left there.
    The rights of inheritance should be separate from this!

    can be hard work! My wife and I fight sometimes. As do all people.
    But, we work through it. Divorce has become to easy thereby
    destroying families!

    Finally, I really am tolerant of
    everyone’s beliefs! What I am not tolerant of are actions! Those
    actions that deprive others of their freedoms are wrong and I condemn
    those actions!

    I stand for your right to believe say what you
    want! Political correctness is a noose used to stifle thought and the
    free exchange of ideas! For, no man loves the freedom of speech more
    than the one who will wholeheartedly defend your right to say
    something that he absolutely disagrees with!

    I apologize for the rambling nature of
    this post and I thank you for your time in reading it.

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