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Cut back on your water usage California! Don’t you know that water is needed to grow those marijuana plants people like to smoke and make brownies with? And don’t you know they need the water for the cotton mouth they get? So take it from Cher. “We can all pay more for gas, but when the waters gone we can’t bring it back if it doesn’t exist.” That’s right California. We insignificant creatures have the power to make water non existent. Hear more in this ZoNation!

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  • Edwin Hutchins

    Cher should stick to wearing thongs and shopping for beard trimmers with Chaz.

    Water does not go away, the same amount of water that existed millions of years ago, exists today. Water cannot be destroyed or created , it only changes states. The process of evaporation to precipitation to water table to evaporation and so forth is the means Earth’s water is recycled over and over.

    • mossbergman

      So according to your theory the ground water tables that are disappearing are just water that’s been evaporated when we pulled it to the surface. then it must all be in the atmosphere waiting for the conditions to flood us with rain at any given time?

    • BobbyMac

      No, it also gets relocated every time you sell a piece of fruit or vegetable out of the region. The water contained therein goes with it. Whenever you drink fresh water and flush it down the toilet, it goes into the sewer system, to be sent to the sanitary waste recovery, some comes back, some is sent to the ocean and lost. Whenever you sell meat into another region, or wine, or any product that contains water in it’s makeup, you move it. And evaporation is a huge part. He’s saying that the water is changed to a different form – maybe not as usable as the other, but it’s never destroyed unless it’s broken down into hydrogen and oxygen, which when combined and combusted produces… water again eventually. The problem is that the water aquifer is being drained faster than it can be replenished – for all uses. The biggest problem they have is that there are too many people in Cali to be supported, especially when you add the commercial aspects. Oh, and I wonder – how much water illegal aliens use, lets see, 5-7 million people, maybe more. I wonder what that adds up too – along with the food they eat. But don’t worry – Jerry Brown say’s just let em’ all in, they are welcome!!

    • mossbergman

      Well I saw in Kali where they were recycling sewer water for drinking , saw the reporter even taste it / OK just don’t tell me if your serving it

    • mossbergman

      Amen on the ” The biggest problem they have is that there are too many people in Cali to be supported, especially when you add the commercial aspects” It WAS a DESERT Mother Nature maybe trying to reclaim it.

    • BobbyMac

      But I will give you one point – growing corn for ethanol is absolutely idiotic. Growing food for fuel makes no sense when the amount of energy and basic requirement to grow it outpaces the product itself. If you could use a byproduct, like the chafe from harvest and not use the primary product, maybe. But, it would need to be in response to a lack of other resources – which is not the case now.

    • mossbergman

      Got that Right

  • livefreeordiehard

    Got that pool filled up, Cher? How much water goes to pools, fountains and lawns by the rich in Ca? Cher proved a long time how stupid she is.

  • TruckinMack

    When gas and electricity costs more, then the cost to make goods goes up. The cost to transport those goods to a store near you goes up. The cost to provide heating, cooling and lighting at that store where you buy your goods goes up. And, of course it costs the consumer more to heat, cool and light their own homes. A small increase in energy prices is more like a tidal wave for the American consumer.

    Liberals know this. They just don’t care. Whether they want to admit it or not, Liberalism has been bought and paid for by the Chinese Yuan and the Middle East Dinar. The Chinese and the Middle East are doing their best to fundamentally damage America… and Liberals cheer their every move.

    I should add that the International Fortune 500 is also doing its best to damage America, turning our country of Democracy and Capitalism into a Fascist Plaything.

  • Lara Fabans

    Cher’s a fascist pig just like Gwyneth. I’ve been telling people for months that if they really want to know the story behind the “drought” they should look into the environmentalists who flushed the reserves because of smelt. No one wants to hear the truth or face facts. And Pelosi’s lawn is still green…so much for “brown is the new green” campaigns.
    My family & friends are increasing our water usage over the last year since we knew this rationing was coming. It just punishes those who were naturally conservative to begin with. (see what I did there…)

  • mossbergman

    Stop the ethanol subs ,it takes over 4 gals of water for ea gal of ethanol ,that’s not even as efficient as the petrol it’s destroying +they’re plowing up virgin prairie to plant

  • Suzi

    I remember the drought in the ’70s here in the Central San Joaquin Valley. My family were farmers, and I can’t imagine how much worse it could have been if there had been eco-terrorists trying to protect a bait fish over the farmers. So many fields are laying fallow around here, citrus orchards are being plowed down, and so many are out of work, losing their homes and farms. The big farming conglomerates sell their water down South, and the little guys don’t get enough of the rationed farm water to keep their businesses going. The weather WILL change, as it always has…but with ‘man’ messing things up by trying to ‘fix’ or ‘control’ things, it’s going to take a lot longer to bounce back. In fact, for some, there won’t be anything TO bounce back.

  • Pete Bohnhof

    Cher is an idiot, it is impossible for the world to EVER run out of water! There is a fixed amount of water on the planet, it is just in one of three forms, liquid, solid or gas. Now whether there is enough potable water for drinking, or enough liquid form in one region to meet current needs may be an issue, but “running out” of water cannot happen. Dingbat Cher should educate herself on geographic science before ‘tweeting” stupid things.

    • Fogged

      It could all be escaping the atmosphere through all of the holes in the ozone layer! /sarc off

  • frank benjamin

    Zo, you need wider exposure, bud. I mean, you’re all over it every time, but the response is dismal. You should be on Hannity or some show like that!

  • Sunshine Kid

    “If water is gone, it’s gone.” Yeah, right. All it takes to make more water is just combining some natural elements that are plentiful on this planet. Take salt water, boil it to steam and guess what will come out when the steam cools. Liberals are such jerks.

    • Sam Houston

      Matter is neither created or destroyed. Along with that moron that believes that if the US Navy were to build a Base on Guam, the islam would capsize and swamp. Never you mind that that Navy already had a Base there at one time. What fine breeding establishments…uh, I mean…schools of higher learner do this eggheads Liberals attend now?

    • Sunshine Kid

      They must attend at least the “Liberal School of Arts” with an major in two categories: “Masters of Lost Sciences” and “Illogic 101”.

  • LibertyChick

    She’s worried about the water with fracking? To me the bigger issue is the chemicals used. Each company creates it’s own “cocktail” of chemicals for the fracking process, as I understand it, and, it’s private – they don’t have to disclose what they are using or the amounts. How is the EPA down with that? The gov’t will shut down all the small businesses for environmental concerns, or fine them til they go out of business, but big companies with big campaign contributions can do as they please.

    I think it’s unfortunate that we are making environmental issues left or right, and often missing the key issues that we should all be concerned about. Just because many of us don’t believe in global warming doesn’t mean we should turn a blind eye to the threats to our environmental health, and so the health of all who depend on the environmental health – people, animals, plants, etc.

    So many folks talk about recycling, but forget the other 2 “r’s” – reducing and re-using. I think plastics are one of the worse things for the environment, and have a hunch less than 10% is recycled, and when it is, recycled into what? Not the next plastic water bottle. More and more things are coming in plastics, and most are avoidable with other choices.

  • Scott M. Kruchell

    My question, I don’t believe anyone has answered, at least not that I’ve seen or heard, is; What about Desalination plants? There is one of the worlds largest oceans, RIGHT THERE. Why can’t/ don’t you use that?

    • Sullys Pops

      I have seen the same question float around for many many years and the left will respond with, costs to much to build. I know, the irony of big spenders to say that. Believe it or not, down in San Diego area they are building one. Supposed to be up and running in like 5 years if memory serves. As you would expect though, it is costing BILLIONS! Over budget, over schedule.

    • Sam Houston

      Desalination is done by electrolysis which requires huge amounts of electricity. The EV plug in geeks and Enviro-nuts have shutdown the coal fired plants, 3 nuke plants that were not renewed, and a grid that is so strung out that it can’t take the load.

  • Candy Kay

    excuse me for being slow to find you young man ! luckily, i hang out with conservative’s, and this is how i found you ! you sir, need a larger audience ! i now feel alot better about dying knowing that you are there to pick up the slack, alphonzo !!

  • Ass Ripper


  • Sam Houston

    Waiting for the Cher PSA where she speaks passionately that by not filling your swimming pool, you could bath a family of Mexicans for up to a year.

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