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Vote For Oppression Then Be Angry About It.
Welcome to Earth! Peace, Love, and granola! Now get out of here. The Earth’s too crowded. Hear more in this ZoNation

These liberals are why my band 20 lb Sledge writes songs like this!


I guess I’m brain-sick, but I don’t wanna fix it.
I think the reason that I’m slippin’ a grip from my mind,
is all around me all the time; a prize for the wicked
but to not be is a crime.
Praise the dictators, Curse the liberators,
Save the tree and the whale, but Kill the unborn child.
Congratulations you’re in style.
I’ll pass on The fashion of backwardness. I’m out
I think I’m goin’ crazy and I like it,
cause I don’t fit with the world but I don’t mind it.
I’m supposed to feed my body, and starve my soul
and sell out to hell but I don’t by it.
I think I’m goin’ crazy and I like it,
cause I don’t fit with the world but I don’t mind it.
I’m a lunatic for not giving in but fighting it.
I’m not worried about some falling sky.
The fallen is me and you.
So call me crazy to fight what steals the light,
and not continue to fall with you.
Day after day we’re being told we need to get some
T.V. and radio, pumpin’ out the same old tune,
With jimmies handed out in school, kids still havin’ babies,
Yet I’m the one who’s crazy. Well?
I’ll be a misfit.
Keep your enlightenment.
Assimilation to the way of the world ain’t for me.
I’m gonna fight to keep myself free.
So, call me a nut. So what? You can kiss my butt.
Let’s go crazy
Let’s get nuts
Let’s all get straight up knuckle headed
It appears so many have received
An Asomatus lobotomy.
And I feel I’m walking in a dream,
That belongs to them and not me.
I want to wake them up with me,
and let the Most High take them up with me.
Real cultural shock therapy.
You can call me crazy, and that’s fine.
You can say I’m nuts But I got my own mind.
You can call me crazy and that’s fine.
I got my mind made up on the divine
I’m not preachin’ I’m defending my position.
Check the progressives like a cancer invading our minds.
And brain washing all the time.
remember to recycle, or your mother earth is gonna die.
I know you think that I’m crazy
While you’re repeating the same ol’ things.
expecting the spiral to start changing,
That’s insane, but I’ll take the name.
Music and Lyrics by AlfonZo Rachel

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  • Kari Lynn Wellborn

    Hit it again Zo!

  • melsbabysis

    As a;ways, you’re right on the money!

  • Kurt Cook

    Earth Day- The annual event in which millionaires come out of their
    mansions, hop into their SUVs, drive out to their private jets, fly to
    some faraway state, where they take their stretch limousines out to some
    remote place where the camera crews are standing by, along with their
    air conditioners, gas-powered golf carts, and portable generators, to
    tell us proletarians how we all need to use less fuel and energy in
    order to save the planet.

  • the beeste

    This may be your best yet, ‘zo…. 😀

  • GoneFishing

    Unwritten Liberal motto: “Do as I say, not as I do.” Nothing but bloviating hypocrites.

  • Phillip Russertt

    the roomate analogy and the abortion points are especially on target. Listening to your monologues ease my frustrations of what i see liberals ranting about on the internet. Today in NY the daily news has a small blurb of Obama apologizing for killing to innocent hostages with a drone strike BUT the whole front page was about the leader of the guardian angels joking on a radio show about having thoughts of having sex with a woman that I didnt get to see because I walked by that rag quickly. I think she was an elected official of a smaller office. So basically innocent death by a president who uses drones to kill citizens is acceptable and to be brushed to the side but a guy admitting he finds a woman hot is deplorable? Theres liberal hypocrisy at its best. Keep up the fight Alonzo!!!!!!

  • Scott M. Kruchell

    I never was much for Earth Day. My dad told me it had something to do with Stalin or Lenin’s birthday. I don’t remember which and I never looked it up, because I didn’t care, especially about Communist’s. Since I have a daughter going to Public School, that has changed. I’m doing what I can to teach her the truth. It is not easy, especially when her mother and at least one half brother have fallen for the Liberal media BS.

    Thanks for the lesson Mr. Zo, I will pass it on. I did like the analogy about the roommate’s. Excellent point. Never thought about it like that. Seems quite appropriate.

    • Sullys Pops

      April 22nd is Vladimir Lenin ‘ birthday. I made sure to impress that upon my kids this year.

  • Erik Swagerty

    At least they’re all gluten free

  • Jo

    Earth Day–Agenda 21, in disguise.

  • StarTripper

    Been living in the DC area for longer than I care and for all that time Earth Day has always been the worst day for trash and litter on the Mall. By contrast, back several years ago when Promise Keepers held their Stand in the Gap rally on the Mall I was amazed at how well behaved everyone was and the Park Service employees commented that the Mall was in better shape AFTER the Promise Keepers.

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