Stomp The U.S. Flag Challenge Is For Sissies

The Eric Sheppard Stomp the flag challenge seems to be the new dance craze. Actually there’s more bravery in asking a girl to the school dance than stepping on the American flag. Hear more in this ZoNation!

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  • Kari Lynn Wellborn

    Awesome video!! Shared!

  • Sullys Pops

    100% TRUTH! The American flag represents freedom given by God. Americans, including the ones disrespecting our American flag, represent America to the rest of the world. A person disrespecting the American flag in this manner or the like, should be bounced on their keaster out of this country. Take your oppressed butt to that better country that only you know of! Ignorant cuss!

    Thank you Alfonzo. I have my son listening to you and PJ Media in the car. That gives me the opportunity to discuss what is going on around him in his world. To square him away on the truth and misconceptions propagated by the left. Keep the show going! You are the best voice of a small group.

  • Hugh Jass

    the boys dad must be really proud of him walking on the flag to bad they have never met each other.

  • CrazyAuntJane

    I LOVE YOU ZO!!! I’d hate to wish the job on anyone but maybe we can run you for president!!

  • Ron

    You are a patriotic American. Thank You.

  • mossbergman

    YO one of your best yet . LOVE IT OTR LEAVE IT —

  • Vox_Clams

    Amen, Zo. Well said, and with style!

  • Kelly Long

    As always, Zo, you nailed it!

  • Sunshine Kid

    Nailed it!

  • AndrewDT

    Damn. You are good. Why don’t you run for President? I’d vote for you!

  • Patrick M Connors

    Love it!!!

  • Bob McHugh

    Why even give this asshat a forum at all. It just proves someone needs their 15 minutes of fame. Frankly, I would rather see you go after someone more deserving of your attention and intelligence. In the end, these people (as in asshats) will get what they deserve and ask for – misery. Because they certainly seem to be miserable all of the time, nothing is good enough for them, and they need to share that with others for some reason.

    • MikeSr

      Who y’all calling an asshat? Surely not Alphonzo Rachel.

    • Bob McHugh

      Did you even read the response? of course not Alfonso. I was merely stating why give this nobody a forum for him to protest his anti-American views by stomping of the flag. Free speech yes, but try and at least be responsible about it.

    • MikeSr

      Maybe Bob; y’all could have reread your original comment to see how anyone would have been mistaken in determining the target of your anger. Cheers;

    • Bob McHugh

      Since the second line read “Frankly, I would rather see you go after someone more deserving of your attention and intelligence” – a complement to both the pulpit he speaks from and the manner in which he does so, I guess I didn’t believe additional clarification was needed. Noted for future reference. Oh, and for the record, “Anger” is not appropriate in this case, had I been angry I would have not bothered to comment at all, since the comment itself was directed to Alfonzo as a suggestion – not to the subject of the video, who might be for some the direction of anger. For me, the person is just ungrateful and not aware of the significance the flag plays in the U.S. society.

    • MikeSr

      Okay! Sometimes the reading is in the eye of the reader. I sometimes forget this, but do accept my responsibility for not understanding the second line of your original comment. Cheers;

  • deborah elliott

    I love this guy. He’s smart. He’s right. I’m white. And, I’m not a racist, so there!!!

  • Antsoup

    Mr. Rachel, I believe you’re my new hero!

  • johngs54

    Zo, where is your share buttons???? Come on dude. Give me a button. LOL.

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