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It’s sad when people expect you to pay them according to how many kids they have instead of how much skill they have. The living wage is a farce. A fast food job isn’t supposed to pay you a family supporting wage. If you really care about your family put that energy into learning a skill instead of putting energy into demand people pay you more for not having a skill. Hear more in this Robo-Nation. I mean ZoNation!!!

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  • Alright, got my rejuvenating dose of the Zo man and feeling better already. Hey, I got only one complaint with you, son. You are really confusing these issues with too much fact! Keep ’em coming, Fonzo! I’m still putting them on my FB page. Unfortunately, my political posts, even original ones, don’t get much traction. Though 98% of my FB friends are Conservative, very few of them are willing to stand up for those beliefs. You know, kinda like so many of our SUPPOSEDLY Conservative congresspeople.

    • Sunshine Kid

      I believe the reason for that is most conservatives don’t want to be on anybody’s short list of political prisoners to be rounded up.

    • You might have something there, kid. Yessir, you might be right up next to something, at that!

    • Sunshine Kid

      I far too old to worry about it. Of course, if they come for me, they had better be well armored! A porcupine won’t attack, but don’t mess with him.

  • scott

    yep were going to take care of all you simple minded sheeple

  • Jim

    At $15/hour, the only jobs available will be the tech specialists who service the machines and keep them stocked. There won’t be any entry level jobs for kids to get a little experience. Why would anyone pay $15/hour to an untested high school kid? I’d rather put that money in someone with a track record of excellence and a list of references. And don’t think that you’ll just be flipping burgers. You’ll be expected to earn that wage. You’ll do your own job and the work of the other 2 people that I can’t afford to hire. Don’t like it? Move on down the road and I’ll hire someone else. My guess is there will be so many people unemployed, I’ll have my pick. Someone will fill the slot that you can’t or won’t.


    a point you also missed Zo (many do) is that the higher wage puts them in a higher tax bracket which the dems also like to raise, so they’re not really getting that far ahead.

    lower the taxes(10% flat tax is the best) you have more take home, more money to spend = a healthier economy. but also lowers the per employee costs which makes it more profitable to higher more people who in turn pay more into the tax structure.SUPPLY SIDE ECONOMICS.

    that top down approach is a fatal conceit

  • Sullys Pops

    Yes sir, as that wage is increased, so will the black market for under the table pay. Especially when there are well over 120,000,000 unemployed people (illegals included/undocumented democrats). Oh, don’t forget the unions are looking to be exempted from that minimum wage. Businesses will close. Just more destruction of the American way.

  • Sunshine Kid

    Yep, wages go up and illegals will illegally work for less money, resulting in more work being done by English-deficient workers and more Americans (of all colors) out of work. Happy now, slaves?

  • Dave Thater

    Zo, basic economics 101′. Spot on as usual. Common sense to the 5th degree. They should just have counsel with you for 10 minutes, please use small words as they are very stupid. But, I digress. Gods speed sir in all your endeavors.

  • Scott M. Kruchell

    Right again ZO. I have attempted to explain this to my X’s 21 yr old son. He is being educated by the LIBERAL UW system. He quit working for Panda Express, because he was only making $9.25 p/hr. He lives at home with mom & makes almost no positive contribution to the household.
    In the mean time I have worked in the warehouse/ shipping & receiving (admittedly not a lot of skill required for some positions) for nearly 20 years and I am just NOW starting to make $15 p/hr and I have never worked for a union while doing this.
    The one thing you didn’t talk about is how the UNION’s that fought for this, want to be, if I read correctly, EXCLUDED from this. If that is true, why? Don’t the people that work for union’s make more (usually) anyway? I know when my dad worked as an electrician for Briggs & Stratton it was true. But he was skilled, so I guess that made the difference?
    My issue with this “issue” is that it makes it more difficult for people like me to get and keep a job. After all, how am I going to support my family when this all hits the fan?

    • USAForever48

      Scott, I have pretty much the same situation here. My husband’s 19 (soon to be 20) year old son came to live with us when he was 14 and he’s still here. He has graduated from high school and seems to think that he can make a living working at Jimmy John’s, Burger King or Dairy Queen. He won’t go to tech school and learn a trade that will actually pay him a decent living wage. Says he hates school. He doesn’t know it, but for his 20th birthday, I’m going to tell him that he needs to find a different place to live. He treats my home like a hotel and won’t talk to me or his father. Time for the kid to learn at the School of Hard Knocks. He’ll get smart real quick – maybe. Best wishes!

    • Scott M. Kruchell

      If I could, I would have done that A LONG TIME AGO. It is his mothers job, especially since she threw me out. Because I upset the same boy with REAL LIFE FACT’S, while he was attempting to “lecture” me about “White Privilege” after attending same. Like I said he is in the LIBERAL UW system & IRONICALLY getting grants & scholarships, because of his HISPANIC “Heritage”.
      As for me, the only time I applied for education assistance, about 20 years ago. I was QUICKLY DENIED, because MY FATHER made too much money off of his combined pension’s from the US Navy (almost 40 yrs active/ reserve duty) and Brigg’s & Stratton (26 years as an electrician). The thing that puzzles me to this day, when I think about it was, I haven’t lived with my parents since I was 18. SO WTF did that have to do with my applications?

    • johmill

      Sounds like we’re about the same age. Back then I went through something similar. I was supporting myself back then but my parents still claimed me as a dependent on their taxes and that is what caused me to have their income considered in the financial aid decision. The good news was that I had to find my own way to get through school. ended up working 1 full time and 2 part time jobs while in school to do it. It was hard work, but it made me grow up.

    • Scott M. Kruchell

      I was living in my own place in a suburb called South Milwaukee. My parents were living in another suburb about a half hour away called West Allis. I have not been claimed on their tax’s since I was 18, the year my dad “suggested” I do so.

    • mossbergman

      Good move ,the sooner he learns how life works the easier it will be later.U took him in at the least he owes U not the other way around

    • mossbergman

      A lot of that Mom & Dads fault .If they allow him to just squat at home till they die.got to be a parent not your kids best friend. see how long that would last if he moved in with his best friend for free.

  • mossbergman

    WOW way to convoluted for the liberals to understand ,the OWS crowds head will explode trying to follow that. .The Fact does remain if $8 a hr buys X amt of goods once they raise the wage to $15 and hrs and businesses make adjustments that $15 will still only buy that same X amt of goods .So really everyone looses .Retired fixed income WORKERs the most

  • johngs54

    Let’s not forget as the cost of living goes up there are ones that the income doesn’t. Like Grandma and Grandpa. As the cost of production increases so does the cost of the product. Now folks on fixed incomes are screwed. Now Grandma and Grandpa can’t afford to take the Grand kids or them selves to McDonald’s anymore. Does no one understand basic economics? Thanks greedy brats. I’m one of those Grandpas. .

    • johmill

      First, why should anyone be guaranteed the ability to eat out? I’m one of those Grandpas, too, and I can’t afford to eat out but I don’t think it’s someone else’s problem. In fact, my entire life I NEVER worked in a job where I got regular raises for the cost of living. My jobs were always performance based and if I wanted to earn more I had to produce more. And I never felt that I should get any guarantee of an increase. If I couldn’t produce more, it was my problem. That’s how life works for business owners and I don’t see them complaining that they should be guaranteed anything. In fact, they’re not only not guaranteed an increase, they’re not even guaranteed an income. Time for Americans to quit whining and be thankful for whatever they get, even if it’s not as much as last year.

  • jeeps

    Haven’t eaten that sludge in many years.

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