Drawing The M-Word is As Bad As The N-Word?

Cuomo tries to lecture Pamella Gellar on the offensive actions of drawing Mohamed. He likens it to saying the N-Word. Ummmmmmmm… No.
Hear more in this ZoNation!

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  • GoneFishing

    Little minds like the Cuomos – consider the source…

  • Sullys Pops

    It is disturbing how twisted the minds of the left are. To compare a drawing to a word created to suppress and destroy. I would almost be really concerned except that as the left twists the truth, Biblical prophecy is coming true. It is going to be a rough go in the future, better suit up with the Armor of God!

  • Dick_Gosinya

    I was worried it was Hank Johnson’s “M-Word”


    • WMD

      Hank is quite the statesman.
      Proof of how far this country has fallen.

    • Sunshine Kid

      Yes another great display of his mighty intelligence. You know, like Guam capsizing. (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bs23CjIWMgA)

  • You know, Zo, this is a great idea, clocking in under 3 minutes. Don’t get me wrong, I could listen to you for an hour, but sometimes, less is more. And, a lot of short lessons (hee-hee, see what I did there?) is even more. I’m trying to convert some FB clowns. Maybe they will sit still for quick Zo-isms.

    It occurs to me, Zo… I mean, like, no offense, but I’m looking at you real close, and, quite frankly, I don’t think you could scare a 5-year-old. NOT that you would want to, mind you. You’re just so dead-gummed good-guy looking, even with a beard, and that effect is NOT easy to achieve, even for a pasty white dude like me. But, like, when I see the feigned anger after you blow up the tube, I almost have to laugh. 🙂

    Another goodie. You are on your way to the Conservative Broadcasting Hall of Fame!

    BTW, have you done anything on Ben Carson? People say he has no chance, but I say he can win it. All he needs is the votes!

  • David Gray

    Cuomo is right where he belongs, Idiots Inc. otherwise known as governor of NY.

  • Slapout

    Even if it was like saying the N-word (and it’s not). It’s not like they were going up to Muslims on the street and drawing pictures, they were having an event with no Muslims when they showed up and tried to shoot people.

  • lamb4usa

    Alfonzo, as usual you hit it out of the park. I’m so glad a friend turned me on to your site. Please keep up the great work.

  • scott

    scum of the earth

  • Actually, to make a valid comparison between the two, we would need an armed and dangerous N-word Enforcement Agency to show up at events where usage might reasonably be expected . Wow, among many others, think of all the rappers in studio and in concert who would be gunned down. NOW, we’re on the same page with this knucklehead, kumo.

    • Tanner

      To be fair, if you find yourself in the wrong company, and armed and dangerous enforcement is exactly what you’ll if you attempt to use that word.

  • Sunshine Kid

    Liberals always try to look intelligent. Then they open their mouth and totally destroy themselves.

  • Conservative Not Republican

    Who says liberals aren’t in favor of drilling? Every time I think the liberals have reached the bottom of the stupidity barrel, one of them pulls out a drill and goes right through the bottom of it.

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