ZoNation : McKinney Texas Pool Party Race Drama

As if America isn’t already treading water in racial tensions, a big pool party pooper in McKinney, Texas becomes the next media feeding frenzy. Hear more in this ZoNation! Also, If you’d like to follow up with my campaign to support the effort mentioned in the video, scroll down to click the image of UNCLE SLEDGE!

If you want to help connect conservatism to the culture then we hope you’ll support
our efforts to rock the gospel and Sledge against the liberal pop-culture narrative!
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  • NeoKnot

    You and my girl Michele A Conroy need to know each other: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCWiBZcEwu3hptaAPWJoYtzw/feed?activity_view=3

  • Brady Steele

    The officer was responding to suicide calls before and after this party. He saved a suicidal person’s life as I recall. The teens in this video were fighting on the streets in another video. In between the cop was responding to a bunch of self-entitled, violent, community pool crashing teens. He was cool as a cucumber when you consider what he was dealing with that day.

  • John Julian

    Zo, Bro, You rock!! Your message is perfectly on target. Thank you!!

  • David Monforte

    I wonder if any one has thought about what this officer was told about what he was walking into when he took this call ! Was he told it was black kids fighting or rioting,or was he told that “people were fighting or rioting ? If he was told blacks were being the problem he may have been pointed in that direction. That may have been why he was only concerned with the black kids. Also if an officer tells you to move away do what he says and not argue, If he tells you to sit still you should do so. This officer was greatly out numbered. All of those involved share the blame for what happened.

  • Scott M. Kruchell

    Love the message ZO, right on as usual. I agree & would love to contribute. But unemployment with a kid & greedy X, leaves a limited income. I pass along your awesome video’s & message’s. I also share the awesome tune’s I can from 20# Sledge.

  • WileyPost

    Zo- I hear your message and figure it’s time for me to step up…making a contrib. today- God bless you!!

  • Jim

    I have no opinion on whether this officer’s actions were right or wrong. After watching a 20 second video, I don’t have enough information to make a judgement. Right or wrong, he has resigned. I don’t blame him. The media circus and public lynching heading his way will change his life forever. The end result will be that good men and women will decide to choose a different profession. The ones who stay on the job will, more and more often, look the other way when confronted with racially charged situation. Why get involved if you’ll end up in prison…or worse…even if you’re in the right? Those jobs won’t stay empty, though. They will be filled by less than desirable candidates. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gx4jn77VKlQ

  • TruckinMack

    Carly Fiorina just advocated taking back Feminism fro the Left. Zo, I realize you are doing your part, but we all have to take racial issues away from the Left. And for that matter environmental issues, too.

    In the 60’s Conservatives and Liberals together won a lot of battles on these causes. Having won and having better things to do, the intelligent and the Conservative left these causes. (Why keep fighting battles you have already won?) We left them to the insane Left who then used the noble reputation these causes had to crap America. Needless to say, these causes have now become an embarrassment, even if historically they were a force for good.

  • Travis

    If you enjoy rap Bizzle is a great christain conservative rapper.

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