Where’d All These 2016 Republican Contenders Come From?

Looks like we’re not in short supply of republican contenders for
2016. We should be happy about that, Right?

If you want to help connect conservatism to the culture then we hope you’ll support
our efforts to rock the gospel and Sledge against the liberal pop-culture narrative!
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  • Sullys Pops

    Scott Walker! My personal choice. Donald Trump just threw his toupee into the running. With all these people running it becomes like a blood sport. Tear each other apart and then after the primaries we will duck around the corner and hope a Repulsive wins. The only hope I have right now is that if Hilary is the Demon – cats best offer, then they must really be hurting. As conservatives we should have a better system that what we are seeing right now among the candidates.

  • TruckinMack

    A leader? I want a warrior. I want someone ready, willing and able. I want someone who is eager to take a fight to the Liberals. The best I have seen so far is Carly Fiorina. Scott Walker is able to fight, and does well when he has to, but it seems his fights are reactive, not proactive. Carly seems to be charging out in front of everybody.

    • Sam

      Don’t miss Donald Trump’s speech he just gave announcing his presidential bid. He is a real leader and knows how to make money and run business. I like Carly Fiorina, too. She is impressive as well.

    • » gØrgØn «

      Donald trump donates more money to democrats than republicans.

    • Sam

      Donald Trump knows how to make money and jobs and business. That’s what we need to put this country back on track. He’s conservative so I don’t know which democrats you are talking about.

  • brucethompson22

    Hay Alfonzo SLEDGE ON


    Don’t know about your music, I wouldn’t listen to you guys because you all look like 4 Black THUGs…I surfed for 10 yrs. in the 60’s, if it wasn’t the Beach Boys or Jan & Dean didn’t listen to much…love your politics don’t know your music…Hated Ted Nugents music, except a couple…love his politics….maybe if you guys cleaned up a bit…Kinda like the Platters, the Coasters, or the Drifters,,,sorry for being prejudice, have always hated/dis trusted people who look like scum….guess I’m just from a different time…

    • Nella

      Never judge a book by its cover, instead read the book before making snap judgements.
      I am a similar age to you and with age comes wisdom or should! I think you are just plain rude and foolish.

    • PATRIOT.WW48

      I don’t think you really read what I wrote, but you failing to understand, I am sorry… but the bottom line is that basically I was talking about music…AND if I do NOT wish to listen to people who look like RASTAFARIAN THUGs, I WON’T…again, sorry for you not understanding what I was saying…

    • Nella

      No one is saying that you have to like their music but you don’t have to be rude and insulting about their appearance. They are all young and have you noticed that there is no foul language in their songs, a pleasant change. I DID really read what you wrote ”sorry for being prejudice, have always hated/distrusted people who look like scum…guess I’m just from a different time..” so am I, but I NEVER judge a book by its cover but by the substance of the book.

    • PATRIOT.WW48

      ooo000OOOHHHH……As the French say….” I SURENDER” now go the F__K away, leave me alone and take your ‘never judge a book’ B.S. and shove it up your ‘Long-Haired, Maggot-Infested, Dope-Smoken’, F.M.-Type, Environmentalist-Wacko back-side…./.By GOD & the Constitution I have freedom of association….I also hate hippies & artichokes, & the same goes for Illegal Messicans & ragheads

    • Nella

      Hey surfer dude, your reply really made me laugh. I don’t have a long-haired, maggot-infested, dope-smoking etc back-side, and I am not wacko. I am a white Christian woman, not from America and Alfonzo is a Christian and that makes him my brother, family. By the way what does F.M.-type mean?

    • DocMitch

      THE PLATTERS, COASTERS, OR THE DRIFTERS. LOOOOOOOOOL!!! Isn’t it obvious that this Alfonso guy is part of a larger campaign to sway younger and minority voters to the right? His ‘hip’ and ‘cool’ language, his style of dress, and his band are supposed to bring more voters into your party. I am sure he has assessed the risk of alienating some old fogey conservatives. Calling them ‘thugs’ was awesome though. The IRONY tickles me so! Little unsolicited advice: Please don’t eat your young!! LOL.

      Through my ‘black-american’ cultural lenses I think these guys look completely harmless and nice. These are the kind of guys I would be happy to date my own daughter. They sound intelligent and appear committed to their values and beliefs. I just would not want to EVER discuss politics with them at the dinner table…

    • PATRIOT.WW48

      ooo000OOOHHH, as the French say, ” I SURRENDER “

  • Scott M. Kruchell

    The culture is the key, that is how LIBERALISM got “IN”, I get that. But speaking as a person from WI, I know Scott Walker has the leadership many of us are looking for. He HAS put it on the line and won THREE TIMES. My concern is whether or not he can hang in there. But I’m not sure how much is liberal media hype/ hate for him & how much is really him/ his own doing? I know there are a lot of others. Some I do like. Others are I believe, just a “flash” in the pan. I just know this, the last thing I want is another Clinton v. Bush.

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