The New Citizens of TRANSylvania

In this two parter, I examine how liberals use the issue of Rachel Dolezal identifying her self as black to justify people wanting to identify as the opposite sex. Hear more in this ZoNation!

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  • Will Henry

    LMAO Nailed it!!

  • Kari Lynn Wellborn

    Twig and berries…….cleaning off the monitor screen now. Thanks ZO! You really need to but a little warning on screen so we know NOT to drink anything while watching your spot on videos! Sledge on!!

  • Ha! Now that’s the truth!

  • Paul Skvorc

    “Urban Culture” – EGGZACKLY!

  • Bob McHugh

    Zo, I don’t know. When I was younger I had a much more
    defined image of right and wrong within the doctrine of religion, growing up
    catholic will do that too you. But as I grow older I realize that it’s
    not that simple, and I guess if you have faith that those people will be judged
    by a higher power (and if it’s wrong to be this way) – it’s not my position to
    do so. So to be compassionate in this world for people that may be
    affected or confused about their sexual identities is more important to me than
    pointing fingers. My problem, and you have alluded to this, is that I am
    sick of the “look at me” or “I’m the victim”
    narrative. Both happen – the worlds not fair, we know this. I kind
    of wish the “don’t ask, don’t tell” was a more universal practice as
    opposed to “in your face”. Still, who am I to judge? Or, it
    could be I’m just getting old and full of sh*t, it’s another possibility.

  • RenegadeMermaid

    One of your best videos yet! Thank you so much for your insights !

  • Oak Tree Lady

    I have to work every day with a trans-man. In the second I met him, shook his hand and he was introduced as a “woman engineer” I just looked into his eyes and at nothing else. In that flash of a split second I felt “this is what I think women look like” and I had the most profound feeling of insult I have ever felt in my life. It is what real insult is and in the year and a half that I’ve worked with him, he has never once said a single thing that sounded anything like what a woman would say. He acts like the most masculine, heterosexual man in the office, and is going through “the change” like a glorified cross-dresser. My daughter has a retroverted, retroflexed uterus, and adenomyosis – she goes through hell every month. For her, and all the women who suffer real physical pain and all the yuck that it is to be born a woman, I am insulted. I am a true feminine-ist and this trend of men trying to best women in being women is the worst thing that they have ever come up with. And, they get to use the women’s restroom. Just one more insult and any woman who can encourage this is just acknowledging women’s inherent “inferiority.”

    • urbanvrwcmom

      My sister supports the “rights” of trannies to use whatever facilities they choose. Perhaps, she’d think differently if, Heaven forbid, a male tranny sexually assaults one of her grand daughters while using women’s facilities said male was using.

  • 4TimesAYear

    This is what I find so maddening about Dolezal and Jenner – they both expect us to go along with their delusions. And the media is all on board with said delusion so they are pushing the delusion and television programming and commercials are pushing it too. It’s insanity.

  • Jason Evans

    right on the money with this zo as usual. i’ve been telling all the people i know that support a gay lifestyle or a transgender lifestyle the same thing about giving in to urges and desires that are wrong. being able to determine wrong from right and not just doing what you desire is what separates us from animals. animals do because they don’t have the ability to know right from wrong. we all have issues, not all of us struggle the same way but we all do. that’s why some support groups are good to attend since some people can speak directly to you about what you both have an issue with. that’s why the bible is the best thing for all of us to turn to.

    love you zo and i will always support you and your band as much as i can bro

  • urbanvrwcmom

    Your definition of urban is why it’s part of my username. It has a stylish ring in it than the politically correct “African-American”, which attempts to cancel out my partial Scottish heritage, (with which I’m pleased). My sister is among those females who supports tranny males. While hearing a gospel tune on the radio, she was angry at the performer for saying, “come out of lesbianism”. It’s not easy living under the same roof with Obama worshipping leftists!

  • Scott M. Kruchell

    I’m sorry, I’m born & raised in the inner city of Milwaukee, WI. I have seen al kinds of people do all kinds of things, both good & bad. My father was from Chicago, when Al Capone ran the place. He also served in the US Navy for almost 40 years. Him & mom brought ALL 5 of us children to be respectful of the PERSON, regardless of race, sex, whatever. Until/ unless proven otherwise (usually their own doing/ undoing).
    For me it is just a simple fact of life, I don’t judge by the color of a person skin or “orientation”. I go by whether or not they can do the job. If people don’t like me for who I am, that is their problem, not mine. I am not now, nor will I ever be PC & I don’t care.
    As for the “black face” comment, sorry this is going to age me & it does stray from the topic sort of. But my dad once had some OLD Al Jolson album’s. At least one of those album’s he was in the “black face”. Funny thing nobody ever thought anything of it (including our black friends). Till my X’s one son saw it & was IMMEDIATELY OFFENDED. Funny thing neither him or his mother are black, their Hispanic. He wasn’t even willing to listen to the facts of life (or the music) for that period of time. Actually both him & my dad shrugged it off as incompetence on the other’s side & nothing more was done. I’m just saying this because of this NAACP lady & I recently saw something on YouTube where there was a group of people trying to make those “OLD, INSENSITIVE & Politically Incorrect” cartoons of that era, more POLICTICALLY CORRECT for this “new” era. If it is ok for her, then what is wrong with Al Jolson & the other stuff from that “old time”?

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