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Rachel Dolezal made a mockery of the NAACP (which has become a mockery of itself anyway) and the quest for racial harmony. (Even though now it’s quest is perpetual racial discourse.) Worse, she promoted the idea that skin color defines behavior. Let’s hope that Dolezal comes to grips with her identity, and the damage her crazy story has done. This is part 2. (Click here to see part 1) Hear more in this ZoNation. And if you’d like to see more perspectives like this represented in the culture, I hope you’ll support the effort to do so with my band. Music is a powerful way to move messages. It’s worked for left. Don’t you think we should start making it work more for the Right? Click the image of Uncle Sledge below to support!

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  • Phillip Russertt

    i never thought about the flesh tone perspective and its a good point. i agree. the only thing id say is the pressure to act “black” or the fact that your cousin went down the wrong road due to said pressure has to land alot of personal responsibility. its like Laurence Fishburns speech in Boyz N the Hood. He goes on to say white people put the liquor store on every corner etc. well if thats true its because they know whos buying. it may be put there but no one makes you drink it. I know you werent implying a contrary point but im tired of people of any color who choose not to take personal accountability for their decisions and actions. as always a great commentary. BTW ask chuck berry and little richard if rocknroll is for whites:)

    • Sullys Pops

      As opposed to Laurence Fishburns character named “Cream” in the movie “Band of the Hand”. Rolling in his Rolls Royce, with his pimps and hoes. Playing the middle man dealer in ghetto Miami. Great throw back movie. Mid eighties style. Miami was the place thanks to cocaine and Don Johnson. Lol

  • Scott M. Kruchell

    Actually I have thought about the flesh/ nude tone and I was called racist. I hope your cousin is better now. I said earlier, I was brought up to believe he color didn’t matter as much as the persons character & abilities.
    I also remember in the 1990’s I seemed to be popular to “act” like a black (usually thug) man. I never tried that, being a redhead & looking like Richie Cunningham makes it very difficult to even try. But I do remember how funny it was sometimes. At least until, the one idiot from a suburb of Milwaukee, trying to be “hard core” whatever they called it, came across THE REAL DEAL. I was driving my car while him & his friends were being stupid. All I remember is seeing the tipped hats and a gun barrel. Being from the area I was able to “maneuver” away from the problem without further incident. At least one of the “wanta be’s” no longer wanted to be after that.
    Sorry if I strayed from the point. I just thought I would give my own example of how people need to be who they are. It is only my opinion that we would all be better off if we let the people of Hollyweird do the pretending.

    • Matt Davis

      Funny story. A few years ago there was an outcry over Band-Aids being only Caucasian colored. Lots of wailing and gnashing of teeth by the media and race pimps, expect for one black guy. He made Band-Aids for different skin tones and he laughed and laughed and laughed all the way to the bank.

      I love that story

  • DJ Malik Stone

    Yeah…umm…Rachel Dolezal isn’t even news right now. This was posted yesterday?…and not Dylan Hood? You get your information through Pony Express or something? You had time to respond about SC but choose to post about an old story no one cares about? Seems a bit cowardly if you ask me…oh yeah, you didn’t. But still, you’re a coward anyway.

    • Dougahlos Haggerty

      Don’t you mean Dylan Roof? And how is a man considered a coward when he posts a video for all to see on the internet, and doesn’t use an alias? Rachel Dolezal doesn’t have to be in the news as much as it is a response to social media trends. Personally, I would consider it a blessing that she doesn’t get any more public attention. Save the coward talk for ISIS, and the other acts of domestic terrorists (e.g. Boston Marathon Bomber).

  • MyNameisJonas

    Zo, God Bless You and your cousin! I hope her smile is back. Masculinity and femininity shine through repentance and humility but people are too proud and vain to understand this. For someone, especially among adults, to say, “Sorry” and mean it is very rare these days.

  • Sunshine Kid

    Another outstanding commentary, Mr. Rachel! Well done. Do you think Charlie Pride sounded “white” or was just very good with his voice? Frankly, I don’t think the man viewed himself as anything other than what he was – a performer.

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