Dylann Roof Claims Blacks Are Violent Low IQ Losers, Isn’t He Projecting? | ZoNation

Dylann Roof claims Blacks are violent losers, meanwhile he himself goes into a church and executes nine black people. Is he just a hypocrite and a coward? Hear more in this ZoNation!

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  • Kari Lynn Wellborn

    Bravo Zo!!

  • FedUpWithWelfareStates

    Good points, Zo, but I feel that you are giving this Roofie POS way too much attention, as he is no more than a sick little product of our liberal society, who is nothing but a COWARD. Violent activity/behavior by any group, has to be “Shamed,” as to what the Perps are really portraying themselves to be, regardless of skin color, cultural affinity, or religion. Either be an American, or be gone…

  • Sullys Pops

    Brother Zo, right on point once again. This clown shoes goes out and takes the life of church goers. When the victims families and others said that they forgave him and prayed for him, this shut the drive by media down in an instant. Sort of like when God sent the angel to shut the Lions mouth (Daniel 6:22). Prayer is powerful.

    • MiniBooger

      I bet the Sharpton’s of the world didn’t see that one coming! They have no clue about the power of prayer and an intimate relationship with the Living God.

    • urbanvrwcmom

      What do you expect, Sharpton and his ilk are Christians in name only. They’re known by their fruits. Fruits that are completely rotten!

    • Sunshine Kid

      I simply call them “fruits”. Fits well.

  • Johnny Tremain

    Another good one Zo. On point as usual.

    Thank you for sharing your common sense perspective.

  • LibertyChick

    Zo – I so appreciate your take on things, and wish that every black person and every Democrat in America would hear you. Wish they would wake up and realize how much they are being played and used by the Socialists on both sides of the aisle…

  • AlwaysRight

    Zo, you nailed it again. Roofy is another brain-washed twenty something who went off his NEA prescribed meds. Keep at it. We all have an uphill road to educate the clueless. Thanks!!

  • Phillip Russertt

    i know ill be called crazy but i still feel this was a false flag event to push the current racial divide and antigun agenda by the liberals

    • thomas

      For the large part, the government is seeking to replace GOD in America and that is exactly what many have wanted and worked towards. Western civilization has been under attack and has failed, to this point, to show any real resistance. As many have stated before, government is not the answer. It has it’s hooks in the “people” that want or take and will continue to use their cries to “steal” from the others. I would suggest that prayer, love and compassion would get us through, but as evidenced in Charleston, SC, …the activists and politicians (government) will not allow prayer, love and compassion to rule the day and make a difference. They cannot allow that to happen and interjected themselves to make something else, their actions be the forefront of the conversation. We are now talking about a flag versus the religious out-pouring and display that took place after the horrific murders in S.C.. These activists and politicians cannot allow the people and GOD to rule the day, they must make themselves out to be the solution, not GOD or his followers. They cannot leave the people to sort things out for that shows exactly how much we don’t need the activists and politicians (government). Again, they cannot and will not allow that.

    • Veteranasm

      With this regime in power , anything is possible !!

  • Sean O’Neill

    Ha! Zo, that look on your face when you delivered that closing line.

  • urbanvrwcmom

    Of course Dylann the Villain is projecting. It’s typical of leftists. How good It Is to see God bringing forth good from this act of evil.

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