Examining the Word, Greed.

Like the term racist, greed is another word that’s tossed around about as much as the word “Bogus” was back in the 80’s. Which is quite fitting because these assumptions of racism and greed are pretty bogus anyway. Not to say that there isn’t racism and greed, what’s bogus is a lot of the accusations. The racism and greed is coming mostly from the projectors. I talk a little bit about greed in this latest ZoNation -Zo

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  • talonspoint

    But apparently he doesn’t want anyone to eat the rich members of the Oakland Raider organization

  • Roni

    “Eat the Rich”??? I didn’t know cannibalism was legal in the States!

  • Zo, brilliant observation on the recreational drug angle. I don’t think we should eat the rich. Eat the poor instead, there’s more of them and they tend to be fat.

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