Dan Joseph, Blowseph Mad Holes In Short Sighted, Self Righteous Gun Control Thinkin’

“Every single time some nut uses a gun to commit a heinous act of senseless violence, liberals immediately begin questioning whether we should reexamine the second amendment.

I went out and talked to people on the streets of DC to find out if they thought we needed to change our gun laws and if they understood the potential ramifications of doing so. -Dan Joseph

  • Scrtsqrl

    For anyone who claims another assault weapon ban will prevent another mass shooting… How did the kids shoot up Columbine during the last one?

    • Joel Trout

      And to add to that; How did Cho shoot up Virginia Tech and George Pennard shoot up Luby’s in Killeen, TX? No “assault rifles” were present in either of those shootings. As for Columbine, how bad would it have been if the shooters’ propane bombs would have detonated?

  • I want these people who say that “All guns should be banned” to face a woman who shot her would-be rapist and tell her that they feel she should have been raped. And don’t try to tell me that never happens.

  • Audrey

    People that think everyone should not have guns needs to go and find a fairy tale place to live, because it’s not here. Out laws will always be able to get guns, and for those that say, no if we do away with guns how can they, well..there was a war on drugs a while ago I remember, yet drugs are still coming in, as fast and frequently as ever, so will guns. For anyone also who says, if I’m being attacked I’ll call 911 and get help, yep, you will be able to have your death recorded by the 911 operator, because more than likely, the cops will not be able to get to your address before the criminals have killed you and taken anything of value. What we need is stiffer penalties, not this, put them in jail for a while, feed, clothe, provide cable tv, medicare/dental/psychological care, and send them to school. Benefits that a lot of the working class tax payers who pay for the jails, don’t even have. I like the idea of the 2nd amendment, I want to be able to protect my family and friends, and for those who don’t like it, maybe they need to think about moving to a place that has gun control laws, just not here.

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