Brock Lawley, Calls It, “GENERATION SCREWED”

Brock, spells out a fitting commentary to a generation with a lot of people who thought that the Titanic was just a movie and not based on a real event. It’s ok, I guess. There’s people who believe the Jewish Holocaust never happened. But it’s not just the idea of people thinking that the Titanic is just a movie that makes Brock’s commentary fitting- the college age voters live in a world of make believe thinking that this president is a worthy captain of this cruise ship, but Obama and his supporters seem to forget that it’s a cruise ship. Not a sub-marine. -Zo

  • Audrey

    What he said was true, more and more people are graduating from college, yet there are no jobs out there. I’m starting to think that that is why we are still fighting overseas, because if all those soldiers come back, where are they going to work? We have immigrants coming into this nation left and right, legally and illegally, claiming benefits that our own countrymen can’t get, able to open businesses with our tax money, not having to pay taxes themselves. Our government is spending money on programs that help people to stay the mindless, unemployed people they have always been, how many generations of people have been on welfare? The government is not only taking a chunk of money for themselves, (voting themselves raises, using tax payer paid for jets to go on tax payer paid for vacations, using tax payer paid for bonuses/paychecks), but they are paying a whole group of people who have either never worked, or are too lazy to work, (true there are a few that need help) but alot of them don’t. They pay women to have kids to collect checks, people to get hurt just to draw disability, people to commit crimes just to get free medical/dental/psychological care with free cable and a chance at a better education. We were once a proud nation, we stood for what was right, my parents wanted a better life for us kids than they had, they taught us that debt was a bad thing to be in, now kids are taught, go in debt, get all you can, don’t worry about paying it back, just declare bankruptcy, don’t worry about getting a girl pregnant, let her get an abortion, or if she wants to keep it..oh well….and so on. Bottom line is people need to e responsible for their actions, especially the government, don’t overspend, and it’s like a cartoon I saw once…someone said..”what do you mean I’m out of money…I have more checks”…just because we can print more paper money doesn’t mean there is anything behind it. Wake up, if you can’t trust the people you have representing you, go out vote and change them. NOW.

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