A Hillary Horror Story.

Sinisturbia is a satirical, semi-suspense anthology in the vein of the
Twilight Zone and Tales From the Darkside. It uses absurdity to

illustrate the absurdity and ironies of the left wing world view. This

episode is based on The “Living Doll” episode of the Twilight Zone

featuring “Talking Tina”. In this Episode a young girl comes home from

school with a Hillary Clinton doll that is designed to shape the little

girl’s mind to the liberal narrative, as well as her classmates. The

couple has to stand together against the leftist ideals that are a big

part of what’s breaking the family and culture apart. If you would like

to see more episodes of the Sinisturbia anthology developed please make a “Bronation” or contribute at Patreon!

Story By AlfonZo Rachel and Patty Smith

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