True Love. By Jay McCaney


If I love you, why would I allow you to stay in a burning house without trying everything that I can to get you out?

When I tell people that there is a God that not only is loving, but a God that is vengeful, and will seek justice, I’m not just telling people this to get them upset, or to offend them, but to let them know that there is a hell that was meant for demons that they will go to, and this place is where they will be tormented for all of eternity.

Just in case you thought hell was a figurative place, God talked more about hell then He did about heaven in the Net Testament. Hell is a real place, and is the penalty for not accepting Christ.

God doesn’t want ANYONE to go to hell. It is by a person’s choices that they CHOOSE hell.

Submit to Christ and avoid the agony of going to hell. Today is a great day to be saved.

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