JoeDan’s Intellectual Frog Legs: Gays, Chickens & Farrakhan’s Mother Ship

Joe Dan callin’ out the libs who think they’re so intellectual, but are sitting in a pot of water that’s coming to a boil. Just like they can’t tell the water is boiling, they can’t smell their own doo doo, or maybe they can, and they just convince themselves that they like it, since self esteem is really important to ’em, and of course they’re blind to their hypocrisy. Let’s Listen to what Joe Dan Has to say about it. Support this guy! Be among the cool kids who knew about ’em before he gets trendy. ; ) -Zo

  • Zo is my aunt’s 2nd favorite nephew. Thanks mein!

  • Brad

    Very well thought out and funny. Looking for more. (Please link if possible)

  • Bible’s been taught in schools for over 200 years until them damn libs took it out of school, something about separation of church and state. Damn libs just love the constitution, next they’ll want to end slav’ry!

    • nearmoose

      Its freedom OF religion, not freedom from religion.

  • No doubt brother JoeDan, Preach it!

  • fliteking

    Great vid.

  • Ray wall

    Loved it! Good work.

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