The Chick-Fil-A Trip We Never Expected

OMGeenie! Not only does Chick Fil-A fry Chicken, they fry gay people!!!

  • Zo, that was at OUR Chick-fil-A in Fort Mill, SC, a suburb of Charlotte! I think the video was somewhat funny, but their statement at the end of the video is presented with a false premise. Chick-fil-A’s CEO, Dan Cathy, represented a VERY POPULAR stance with his comments.

  • Brad

    Very enjoyable

  • Deborah8050

    I think it is right that we honor traditional marriage between a man and a woman as a good thing. After all, it is the only human relationship in which procreation can take place and since the dawning of man on earth has been the most basic unit of human society. There are many types of human relationships, but traditional marriage is special, in that it is the cradle of humanity and therefore deserving of respect for the unique and vital relationship that it is. I understand the difficulties of the gay community, they should be allowed to enter into legal partnerships with all the rights and priviledges that married couples enjoy, but I think this insistence on redefining marriage as if traditional “marriage” is not a unique and vital institution, is a bit unreasonable, and perhaps even a little selfish. After all, there is not a gay living on this planet who is not the product of one man and one woman joined together. That’s where life begins. Honoring that special human relationship from which life begins is not intolerant. It seems to me refusing to honor or to allow others to honot the special character of traditional “marriage” is where the real intolerance lies.

    • Canadianlady


  • tonyooo

    love chick-fil-a, Great sandwich!!!

  • Is_Sense_Common

    Funny video. However, I don’t think their stance on gay marriage is unpopular. There are just a few very very noisy folks who make it seem like we’re in the minority but it’s just not true.

  • Eowyn

    Ran into an article about Chick-fil-a on the LA Times that quotes a dude named Alfonzo Rachel…was that you?

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