Part 2: Frankie Goes to Hollywood. Well, Actually it’s Zo.

Ok y’all. Here’s PART II of my commentary on the Chick Fil-A Kiss-in. protest

AND HERE’S PART I, in case you missed it, and want to view it before viewing PART II

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NOTE: This sign image was not made by Christian conservatives. The hateful content of this image was made by liberals projecting their self hatred on to someone else.

  • These freaks clearly have mental issues. These are the perfect representatives of the Democrat Party. They are barbaric and full of shame!

  • All Democrat Party is one BIG Hate Group. THEY HATE Traditional Marriage between a Man and a Woman because they want America to self-destruct, THEY HATE School Choicers and promote school failure because they desire as many uneducated and unaware voters as possible, THEY HATE the innocent unborn babies in the womb because they are RACISTS and placed Planned Parenthood Abortion clinics in the middle of Black and Hispanic neighborhoods in order to “legally” exterminate the next generation, THEY HATE Black people because they keep us all dependent on federal handouts and the Democrat party started the Klu Klux Klan and Jim Crow Laws, THEY HATE Hispanics because they kept us unaware how Obama gave over 30,000 high powered rifles to drug cartels killing over 50,000 Mexicans and Americans, THEY HATE Christians because they are responsible to inspiring church fires across America, THEY HATE masculinity so they promote sissified-maleness because male strength is a deterrent to a socialist/communist takeover of America, THEY HATE America because they refuse to protect its borders, THEY HATE America because they are willing to defend the rights of Islamic Extremists and Domestic Terrorists to kill Americans, while striping the constitutional rights away from all American citizens.

    “Obama Butchers Mexicans and Hispanics While Waging Voter Fraud in America”

  • I love it when people say they are not taking a side! By not taking a side you are indeed taking a side. Oh my someone tell the chicka with the flower in her hair that standing up to sin is not hate. Why is it liberals always need a cause or a foe to give their life meaning?

  • Excellent vid Zo…if I’m not mistaken Frank Oz voices Yoda and Grover so I’d say you were pretty spot on either way 😉

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