The Liberals Went Flying Squirrel Hunting: Gabby Douglas

FROM PJTV: “The media has been giving gold medal Olympian Gabby Douglas a difficult time. Zo wants to know why republicans are not doing more to connect with her. Michele Obama has already moved to make an impression on her for the democrat party. Liberals have been attacking Gabby for her faith. Couldn’t we introduce ourselves to her, and let her know who stands with her faith? Just sayin’. More in this ZoNation Video.

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  • Christopher

    awesome as always Zo

  • TruckinMack

    “The social graces of a flatulent hobo when it comes to ethnic differences.” Man, does that nail our countriy’s main cultural problem. White people and Black people don’t know how to sit down and have a beer and a cheeseburger together. Funny thing is, when I (a white guy) am in a multicultural situation, I usually look for a middle aged black guy to talk with (though a middle aged black woman will work, too). These guys usually offer more honest and intelligent opinions, or – like the 29 year old I just met in DC, who was complaining about the youth today – was just funny as sh-t. But I grew up in Motown, so cultural exchanges are no big deal. For most White people, there is a certain discomfort that comes with socializing outside of their very well defined circle. [Disclaimer: I just realized I look for ‘American’ Black guys. I tend to avoid people from other countries white/black/yellow/orange, because we don’t share as much in common.]

    • The hair thing was a remark made by a few posters on a some blog and was quickly rebutted by everyone. Journalists always take minor things and blow them up to look like real news so they won’t have to do any real news.

    • TruckinMack

      I’m not certain of the validity in this discussion. I have two patients who are black women who totally think young Gabby needs to work on her hair. No other patient of mine has the same thought. That’s just wierd. Zo, any insights here?

  • You, sir, have a way with words.

  • Lone Republican

    Thank you for putting this into perspective as always. I need you at my family’s Thanksgiving dinner. I get attacked every year by my Obama loving family, and I would love some back-up! 🙂

  • A few anonymous posters remarking on her hair and a couple of editors remarking on her faith is not “liberals attacking her hair and faith”, get a grip. You don’t even know the politics of the people attacking her hair, you just presume to know because they’re black. And, did you not see everybody swooping down to her defense? Your attempts at indoctrinating this girl will fail because the facts aren’t on your side. We already have awesome Dawesome working for Obama, we’ll have Gabby too and we don’t have to hassle her in the process.

  • Bev

    I don’t have the means to connect with her, Zo, but you do. Contact her and let her know we’re all praying for her.

  • fliteking

    Love Gabby and her Christian values.

    Odd, I am getting a “Proceed at your own risk . . . . site may harm your computer”.

    I run tight security, just wondered why the huge image appeared but is labelled as “gabby-douglas.jpg” .

  • maybe they are not wanting to bring her under more attacks,
    connecting her with them?

  • Love you, simply love you!

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